Greatest Military Branches in the World


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21 Philippine Special Forces
22 People's Liberation Army Ground Force

Has many soldiers, will win simply because of sheer numbers.

23 British Parachute Regiment
24 Iranian Sepah Qods

They are every where Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen and etc. Middle East's most powerful branch of Sepah can be most organised and anti-terrorism one all around the word.

25 Special Air Service
26 Special Services Group Pakistan

It is considered to be in the top 3 elite groups in the world with a very hard training and experience it is the best but that's not all SSG also has BRAVERY which is better then having good economy...ALLAH HO AKBAR!

The best

27 Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF)

They are the most trusted organisation in the country. They try to serve the nation by their level best.

28 The Gurkhas

They can kill anyone with just a swing of their arm

29 Guardia Civil

They are an elite military force. They should be on first place.

30 Nepali Army
31 Irish Ranger Wing
32 Carabinieri
33 Việt Kông

They beat America, France, China, and England plus they never lost a war

34 Imperial Japanese Navy
35 Naval Service of the United Kingdom
36 Alpini

They can operate everywhere, not only on mountain. They are specialized on mountain combat in all-weather situation, and are the best trained in the world for this.

37 Special Boat Service (SBS)

Better trained than anybody, the only branch that comes close is the SAS but the SBS are as well trained on land as the SAS are whereas the SAS aren't as well trained in the water as the SBS. They don't have as big a budget as the US military but they make up for it with skill and all-round hardness.

38 Botswana Defense Force
39 Pakistan Army

Today people will judge them by Money equipment etc but their training and bravery is unbeatable they have never lost against India since independence

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