Greatest Moments in Sports History

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1 USA Hockey Defeats Soviets 1980

The movie miracle is probably a crappy ass movie. They should make a movie about the '72 summit series or Sidney Crosby's golden goal in 2010. Tell me how many of you care about hockey again? Oh yeah that's right hockey is not a priority down there. For most people in the USA it is just a flip on the screen and on the very back of the sports section. The USA was not at a standstill like Canada was in '72 and 2010.

Americans aren't known for being huge hockey fans generally, but every time there's a ranking of greatest sports moments in history, the miracle on ice is number one. That being said though, hockey experts almost unanimously agree that the greatest hockey moment ever was the 1972 Summit Series.

Best sporting moment ever for sure, especially because it was going on during the Cold War.

The best moment to ever happen in American Sports, if not International Sports, history!

2 Muhammad Ali def George Foreman

Muhammad Ali was past his prime. Everybody knew that, and he was already beaten by Joe Frasier. People thought his boxing career was over. But George Foreman. He was a beast. He was huge and could knock people out faster than Mike Tyson. He had whooped Joe Frasier and Ken Norton, two of the best boxers ever. But Ali had a plan. He knew if he stood his ground Foreman would get tired. And holy crap did he ever.

There's a clip of Foreman shooting out 4 punches a second, Ali on the ropes one foot away from him. Ali was dogging every punch. Near the end of the 8th round, Foreman was off balance. Ali took the chance and sprang off the ropes, punching Foreman on the head rapidly. Finally, with a hard punch to the jaw, Foreman was down, for the first time in his life. The Greatest Moment in Sports History.

It was something nobody expected,ali was very old and not that fast.

3 Michael Jordan's "The Shot"

Michael is the goat

4 South Sydney Rabbitohs Break Their 43-year Premiership Drought
5 Jesse Owens Debunks the Aryan Myth
6 Cubs overcome 3-1 deficit to win 2016 World Series and end 108 year drought

One of greatest comebacks in MLB history.

7 Red Sox overcome 3-0 deficit in 2004 ALCS to beat rival Yankees

Greatest comeback ever

8 Roger Bannister Finally Breaks the "Barrier"
9 Bill Mazeroski hits a walk-off home run in Game 7 of the 1960 World Series to defeat the Yankees
10 Leicester City wins the Premier League

Leicester win the EPL and it's only 11th in this list? This is exactly why the world perceive most Americans to have low IQ and are ignorant about the rest of the world.

5000-1 Odds...equivalent to D-League team coming into the NBA and going 72-9 and sweeping the playoffs

How isn't this higher? Proves that just a bunch of americans are on here

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11 Dwight Clark's "The Catch"
12 Cavaliers overcome 3-1 deficit to win 2016 NBA Finals and end Cleveland's championship drought
13 Bobby Thomson's "Shot Heard 'round the World"
14 Italy Wins the 1938 World Cup

Before the World Cup Mussolini told the Italian soccer team this: "WIN OR DIE." Uruguay and Italy were up against each other in the finals and Italy won 4-2. 11 lives were saved just from a soccer game.

If a team got a death threat from one of the worst people ever and yet they found out a way to win this is truly the greatest moment in sports history.

15 Australia Defeat USA In the 4x100m Freestyle Relay

After 36 years, Australia solidified their gold medal after setting a world record in the men's 4x100m freestyle relay during the Sydney Summer Olympics in 2000. Ian Thorpe had been trailing USA's Gary Hall, coming into the final 50 metres, but recovered and won against USA, while setting a new world record of 3:13.67.

16 Larry Bird And Magic Johnson Retire

The greatest basketballer of all time and his greatest rival retire. You just can't beat that

It was incredible because it was two incredible players retiring in the same match

17 Brazil wins Olympic Gold in soccer on a PK from Neymar
18 Red Sox Win World Series

The comeback after being down 0-3 to the Yankees was EPIC! No team was stopping them after that

19 Jackie Robinson Breaks the Color Barrier

It made the world understand that it does not matter what color you are but just how well you play

He and Branch Rickey changed American Sports history forever.
Its Joeysworld

20 Derek Redmond Finishes the 400m - 1992
21 Villanova wins 2016 National Championship on 3-point buzzer beater

Never been so excited about sports in my life.

22 Tiger Wins For His Dad

Tiger's father passed away and Tiger was crushed. That didn't stop him from winning. He won his 12th major in 2006. It was te only game he won without his dad.

23 Giants Stun Pats In the Super Bowl
24 2007 New England Patriots Go 16-0

I'm not a fan of the Patriots, but I think this is the best team the NFL has ever seen. right now there going to the superbowl at 18-0. but I think they can beat New York.

25 New South Wales Break Their 8-year Series Drought Against Queensland

After eight years of Queensland domination, the New South Wales finally broke the drought after winning the State of Origin series 2-1 in 2014. The first two games were dominated by New South Wales, having won the games at 12-8, and 6-4 respectively. Queensland later won the final game at home, 32-8, but the shield had already been transported south to New South Wales.

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