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1 Kickstart My Heart Kickstart My Heart

This song is awesome. One of the best rock songs (excluding metal) ever! One of the best things about the song is the guitar work. This has to be some of the best guitar work in a rock song from the riffs which are some of the best I've heard, that awesome intro, and the solo where there are vocalizing effects coming from the guitar. You'd have to be some guitar patrician to pull something like that off. I also think their song sounds the most metal to me because of such guitar work. - PhoenixAura81

Smoking in the Boys room was the first music video I had seen from this band as a kid. Never saw the gender bending stuff before. Really was hard not to take your eyes off the video and was extremely engrained in my brain, but Kick Start my Heart is their best song. An adrenaline rush.

This song has a crap ton of adrenaline in every riff. Listening to it can cause your heart to explode in awe. Holy crap, why are you still reading this? Listen to it now.

Chicago Wolves goal song 3018

2 Home Sweet Home Home Sweet Home

The BEST song I'VE ever heard! I don't think I've ever listened to a song as much as this one. If I could see one song live it would definitely be this one. EVERY single instrument in this song is played brilliantly and the song is so original!

OMG I LOVE Home Sweet Home who wouldnt? best song in the universe OMG

My friend loves this song. In a world when everyone loves pop music that is really cool. I got into rock hearing stuff like this and Walk This Way and AC/DC stuff along with Van Halen

Just simply the best song of all time! I personally prefer the original 1985 version, although some aspects of the 1991 remake are better

3 Dr. Feelgood Dr. Feelgood

This is the song that gets stuck in my head the most. But I like it. This song kicks buttocks. I love the part where the guys voice is really deep. - kross2424

the perfect bad boy song!

Great chorus and riffs. Great party song! A true song from a better era of Rock 'n' Roll!

I love this song, I've had to listen to this song every day for the past 3 months. And I really mean every day! The guitar riff is killer, I play it all the time, the song has an awesome feel to it. One of the best hard rock songs ever written in my opinion.

4 Girls, Girls, Girls

This is the absolute best!

Price is right, sports illustrated, and victorias secret models are all gonna have a wild night. Make sure you make out with one of em.

Strippers or dancers on stage? Who doesn't wanna see that in a concert!?!

A toptrack from motley, clear singing voice and good rhythm, but should be placed in a position number 2 on the list

5 Wild Side


All the tunes on this list are great and deserve to be listed. But if you're talking about no-nonsense, rattle your teeth, straight ahead rock n' roll that'll cause your kids to be born naked, then this tune is number 1. Not only a tough guitar sound but the drum sound is awesome as well. This is the song Chuck Berry prophesied about when he sang "Hail Hail Rock N' Roll". Enough said

Take a ride on the WILD SIDE! - imagesk8r6969

Actually together with K.m.h But this one is so much better than dr. Feelgood or GGG and for sure better than the very overrated H.s.h.

6 Live Wire

Pure Badass Crue! The song that started it all

One of Motley Crue's most unique songs it is also very catchy
. Micks guitar playing is also really good on this song and Vince's voice suits the sound of the band perfectly

This is probably my favorite Crue song. This is heavy & energetic. Adrenaline fills this song to the core. It's incredible & should easily be #1. - maarilynmaanson

Better set me free
'Cause I'm hot, I'm young, running free - little bit better than it used to be LONG LIVE MOTLEY CRUE - THE GLAM METAL VETERANS & ONE OF THE HOTTEST BANDS EVER!

7 Shout at the Devil

Even Metallica fans like this one. It sounds like it could be on the Black Album.

epic song

Without this song there may be no hair metal genre. In many ways this is the best song ever put together. A rebellious rock anthem, conjuring flames and pentagrams. And where Twisted Sister might not take it anymore from the school principal or tough dad, the Crue leads their fans to believe there is no need to take crap from the devil himself.

I hear this song on guitar hero game..
Hollywood Undead try to cover this song...
But they fail... Haha
SHOUT AT THE DEVIL... - muhammadfajri

8 Looks that Kill

True. I love Motley Crue because their songs are just amazing and always sound good. LONG LIVE CRUE

I'm a 12 year old and have been listening to the best music in the world since I was taken home from the hospital. I get a lot of trash about it at school, I will say, I'm in love with Nikki. He is so perfect. My favorite song is probably Looks that Kill or girls, girls, girls. LONG LIVE THE CRUEE!

No other hard rock songs like this. Awesome riff and an amazing solo. It's badassed man...

No other song defines Crue like this song! One of a kind and will live on in the annals of Rock!

9 Too Young to Fall in Love

I love this song... This is, actually, one of my absolute favorites by Motley. IT WAS SO HARD TO CHOOSE BECAUSE THEY'RE ALL so GOOD!

This song is sick! Nice upbeat tempo and great beat. I love the guitar and the lyrics are pretty catchy.

Epic song, I first hear it on Grand Theft Auto vice city and ever since then I was crazy about it, very good song!

Fun fact: One of Tobymac's songs sounds similar to this one. And yet they considered themselves a Christian band LOL.

10 Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)

The song that won my Motley Crue commitment.

Wow. I would have guessed this as top 7. My favorite song of all time!

Should be in top 5

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11 Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)

My favourite Motley Crue song.

Number 1. Hands Down.

Explains how I feel sometimes haha

Are you seriouus? 30th place for this song? In the third place after Dr Feelgood and Home Sweet Home.

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12 Without You

It is a great song for a wedding. That was one of my wedding songs go crue

Great song! Should be in the top ten - Shake_n_Bake13

I don't mind this song

13 You're All I Need

Extremely underrated, slightly sick, and way too low on this list. - truckturner

Love this song! It's a dirty, tongue in the cheek love song. Would love to see them do this live. It's a close 2nd to home sweet home in regards to their best ballad. Way better than without you.

This should at least be in the top 10. After learning the story behind this song then listening to the lyrics, it is just impossible to not love this song. - maarilynmaanson

Great ballad... Way better than without you. Wish they would do this one live! Vince really does a great job on the vocals!

14 Smokin' in the Boys' Room

This was the first Motley Crue song I ever heard - bobbythebrony

This song is just awesome

It's fun to jam to

One of their best songs

15 Primal Scream

way to low

Just a great song- should benumber5

Should be number 10. Great song beats smokin buy a mile. Smokin' is classic song but just think Primal Scream is last song that wasn't filler like Generation Swine. Primal last song were they were kicking on all cylinders.

This song is one of the best I have heard. I was born on this kind of music and I will die with it in my heart. It has always been one of my favorite songs ever.

16 Mutherf***** of the Year

Great tune

17 Knock 'Em Dead, Kid

I can't believe that this song isn't in the top 10 at least, this is one of their most catchiest and best songs. It's so simple yet so full of awe.

Awesome song! Not my favorite but 1 of the best! I think the song is about me because I like to wrestle and I always think " Knock Em Dead Kid. "

This is one of their best songs

18 Saints of Los Angeles

This song is so awesome, unfortunatly like many songs from The Crue it didn't get a whole lot of airplay since we have a crappy music industry that has no idea about sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Even though the Crue has gotten older this song shows that they have not gotten weaker. With Micks Heavy Guitar and Tommy's amazing technique this defines modern day rock and roll

Please be old enough to remember women's big hair before you vote. Viva la mini skirts and high heels.

This song shows how well the Crue has adapted to the modern day. They were hair metal heavy hitters, but that era ended. This song shows that they can be pure heavy metal.

19 Take Me to the Top

Oh, this is their best... Come on...

The best one. Period

Wish they did more songs like this. They went too poppy later on.

This song is just the Crue! The Vince performance is so amazing, the energy, the customs and the solo guitar are also good.

20 Anarchy In the Uk

How is this not in top 20 not my favorite but still great song

gude song

21 Helter Skelter

Peace Sells... but who's buying Crue?

This deserves to be in the top 10!

Does not sing in concert
I sawd them 4 times

luve it

22 Ten Seconds to Love

Touch my gun but don't pull my trigger :D

23 Piece of Your Action

One of Vince Neil's personal favorites and mine too!

Piece down at #31. what!

Great metal song.

24 Hooligan's Holiday

Great tune..only nonVince lead in my top ten,

25 All In the Name Of...

Favorite Crue song of all time!

26 Sticky Sweet
27 Too Fast for Love

What made motley crue awesome,
Great riff, great beat and attitude.

28 She Goes Down
29 On with the Show

My favorite off to fast for love

Really great song why its not in top 10 or even top 15 is beyond me. Love this song.

Best album, best song. If you don't know better ask some body.

Best song ever! Better than home sweet home in my opinion.

30 Red Hot

Amazingly powerful, energetic and sums up the vibe that crue had in the early 80's

31 City Boy Blues

Very good song... Best song on theatre of pain that was not a single! I personally think this is better than smoking in the boys room!

32 Louder Than Hell
33 The Animal in Me

It's the perfect song, the perfect mix between a slow song and a fast one, like Sweet Child o' Mine, or UnforgivenII.

34 Raise Your Hands to Rock

Just a kick ass crue song.. not very well known.

35 Sumthin' for Nuthin'
36 Afraid
37 Starry Eyes
38 Rattlesnake Shake

Why why is at 38

39 Dancing on Glass

Most underrated song ever

40 Slice of Your Pie

Should be a lot higher

I love this song and the way it cheekily rips off the Beatles!

41 Hotter Than Hell

This is a great song. Should be here on this list somewhere - its got classic crue sound.

42 Hell On High Heels

I think that randy and motley did a great job on this song and it is under played and not ever givin a chance to be considered a good motley Crüe song

Not a Popular Song but Still a Classic.

43 Merry-Go-Round

Not even in the top 40. Come on people! It has a story to it. This, THIS is what these stupid teenagers should be listening to instead of "If I was your boyfriend" over and over again. This is beauty.

I love this song so much! It should be in the top 10 at least!

Merry go round and round!

44 Bastard

Great song. Just outside of the top 10 for me.

45 Bitter Pill

Its great song guys! Come on

46 White Trash Circus

Fun song, give it a try!

47 Come on and Dance
48 Public Enemy #1


49 Glitter

Motley is big, should be bigger. Everything they have done is so under rated. Long live the crue's music!

50 Sex

A masterpiece, newer song with beautiful soundtrack & singing, should be placed upper at this list

Will be suitable to release in a 12 inch maxi version, it has some special good guitar riffs.

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