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21 Too Fast for Love

What made motley crue awesome,
Great riff, great beat and attitude.

22 On with the Show

Really great song why its not in top 10 or even top 15 is beyond me. Love this song.

Best album, best song. If you don't know better ask some body.

Best song ever! Better than home sweet home in my opinion.

My favorite off to fast for love

23 Anarchy In the Uk

How is this not in top 20 not my favorite but still great song

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24 Piece of Your Action

Piece down at #31. what!

Great metal song.

25 Hooligan's Holiday V 1 Comment
26 All In the Name Of...

Favorite Crue song of all time!

27 Sticky Sweet
28 Helter Skelter

Peace Sells... but who's buying Crue?

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29 Red Hot

Amazingly powerful, energetic and sums up the vibe that crue had in the early 80's

30 Merry-Go-Round

Not even in the top 40. Come on people! It has a story to it. This, THIS is what these stupid teenagers should be listening to instead of "If I was your boyfriend" over and over again. This is beauty.

I love this song so much! It should be in the top 10 at least!

Merry go round and round!

31 City Boy Blues

Very good song... Best song on theatre of pain that was not a single! I personally think this is better than smoking in the boys room!

32 Afraid
33 Louder Than Hell
34 The Animal in Me

It's the perfect song, the perfect mix between a slow song and a fast one, like Sweet Child o' Mine, or UnforgivenII.

35 Raise Your Hands to Rock

Just a kick ass crue song.. not very well known.

36 Sumthin' for Nuthin'
37 Starry Eyes
38 She Goes Down
39 Rattlesnake Shake V 1 Comment
40 Dancing on Glass

Most underrated song ever

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