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41 Håkan Carlqvist

Pulled over for a beer and still won...

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42 Glen Aguilar
43 Trampas Parker

Two world titles two different classes. In a class by him self.

44 Grant Langston

Grant and his family is a story in it's self. One of pride and love for children. Meeting Grants Dad removes all doubt why Grant is such an amazing father, husband and human being. I feel that if Grant wasn't such a nice and caring person, he would have taken many more wins, if you understand this.

Completely underrated here... one of the best that ever was

45 Tommy Searle

Complete beast NO ONE NOES

British champion 2016

The boss rode in mx2 give him a chance

46 Cooper Webb

He is going to dominate the 450's like he did in the 250's. he will ride that Yamaha to the finish line in first. Overall, blue does mean first place.

Give him credit he's still young and he's doing great but he's still got a lot to learn.

Saw Cooper win his first AMA National at Muddy Creek TN this year. He is an awesome rider! NC in the house!

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47 David Knight
48 Ronnie Renner
49 Nathan Wilson
50 Jean-Michel Bayle

Indoor or out, it didn't matter. He rode smoothly, fast and had a fantastic riding style. A great shame he turned to road racing.

Remember watching bayle as a kid he was the best he made it look so easy all time great in my eyes

Beat Evert Stanton Mc Grath, clean style on the bike, won world titles as well as US titles! Who else did that?

This is nuts,this dude is easily top five all time behind only JMc RC Stewart and even with Jeff Stanton any to disagree due to his early switch to road racing didn't see this guy dominate the early 90s with Bradshaw.shame he didn't stay for few more years or I'm sure he'd be recognized as clear no. 2.

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51 Peniston Dublea
52 Marty Tripps

Sent him race he made it look easy blue everyone away

One of the besr riders ever. Need more of this guy out there. Love vintage racing! !

53 Kiara Fontanesi
54 Kurt Caselli

Kurt is simply a class act. One of the nicest most down to earth people ever! The fact Kurt could go 100+MPH across the desert is simply mind blowing. Motocross guys wish they could do what Kurt could do!

"Do one thing everyday that scares you be remembered as a person not a racer! "

55 Lucas Lamborn
56 Clement Desalle
57 Romain Febvre
58 Ron Lechien

World championship year was untouchable


59 Jovie Saulog

Hands down best rider in the Philippines. Won both the oldest rider of the year and youngest rider of the year in the Philippines. Very humble and committed. Raced for 1 year with a broken foot. Now teaches a motocross school training up new riders. Also has a motocross shop which is one of the only ones in the Philippines. He even ships in bikes and sells them to riders. Just made his very own track. Honored to be one of his students!

60 Sébastien Tortelli

Fantastic rider multiple world champion beat everts many times and took rc to his limit

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