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61 Danny "Magoo" Chandler

He rode hard and crashed hard, but he gave all he had at every race

Underrated would be rated much higher on this list if he hadn't had that tragic wreck in Paris. Rip Magoo

My favorite racer as a kid. I haven't seen a racer go at it as hard as Danny did. He was awesome!

Best rider I have ever seen. RIP buddy.

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62 Josh Coppins

Possibly one of the most unlucky motocross riders to race the FIM world mx championships in Europe, He has raced pro level for 17 years finishing 2nd in the world twice as well as many GP wins and national championships. Unfortunately for Coppins, he peaked during Stefan Evert's reign as ten times world champion and had the unlucky incident in 2007 that saw his massive points lead shattered, but I still believe that Josh deserves a place on this list for his honest contribution to our great sport.

Bloody good bastard too

Yeah go nz mx

63 Matt Buyten V 1 Comment
64 Broc D Hepler

He is a very intelligent rider who knows the track when he rides it around town he can ramp really awesomely and does cool tricks

65 Mike Alessi

Mike is very misunderstood, he is a great talent. Outdoors he really can show his stuff. I would love to see any of You haters run pace with Mike.

Known for his holeshot!

Mike has slowly been overtaken by new riders in the sport, but no one can argue that his motorcross career was nothing short of spectacular, with multiple runs in the top 3 and wins against Dungey, Villopoto, Stewart and more.

66 Cameron Sinclair

Cameron Sinclair is a great motorcyclist. He is a role model towards people who have been through times of hardship and want to advance their life.

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67 Ben Townley

Ben Townley is a very talented rider. He dominated the mx2 class in 2004 with getting 19wins from memory besting Tyla Rattray and others and won a ama supercross championship in 2007 and was only a few points behind Ryan villopoto in the 2007 ama outdoor season

68 Ryan Sipes
69 Adolph Weil V 1 Comment
70 Ross Pederson

Canada's greatest Motocross rider of all time. From Medicine Hat Alberta.

Multiple time like 25 time Canadian champ in 125,250 and 500 class all in the same day! Tons of top ten finishes in the USA nationals with the best durin the 80s

71 Byron Humphreys
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