Valentino Rossi


For me a strong natural talent but also race craft. He can win when he is not the fastest he has overcome arguably the strongest riders ever in MotoGP and still comes out on top on a regular basis and finally his longevity no other rider has competed at the top level for so long. This man is a true motorcycle hero he's a riders hero all the top riders in the sport know who he is and what he is capable of on the track. We are very fortunate to have been witness to his amazing skill and determination over the past 18 years GO VALE the force is strong with this one!

There is no doubt that rossi is called the doctor. There will be no more rider that could ever match the talent of rossi. Stoner is good today but the question is can he hold a record of 5 consecutive world championships and another two? The answer is no.

Valentino Rossi is just AMAZING he won tuns of races and managed to win motogp 7 times so he is the greatest, I even think he is won of the greatest people in Motorsport history. And by the way Casey stoner is great he truly is but he is not the second best motogp rider of all time he is about 12th. But just vote for Valentino Rossi.

He has won 9 titles better than anyone and he has succeeded in every race. He's best in Yamaha and he's way better than Lorenzo, but the best thing about him is he never gives up. Very soon he will get back in the rhythm of wining races and hopefully win some more championships and get revenge on Lorenzo. The DOCTOR is the best

I think that Valentino Rossi is the best thing to ever happen in Motor cycle racing. He is a character and is very humble. He always congratulates the people who race with him if they beat him and never shows anger. He is my favourite even though I am an Australian I will always be a Rossi fan! Go Rossi we need you to win another championship. Good luck for 2015.

Harmony between man and machine, look no further - Valentino Rossi and Bike #46. A feast to the eyes and music to the ears, he is magical. It is sad that a true sportsman had to lose out on the championships because of such unsporting behaviour of his rivals. A very sad day and year for MotoGP 2015. For me "The Doctor" is the real champion in the true sense of the word.

The other rider who could come close to Valentino Rossi's style of riding would be none other than Kevin Schwantz.

I just can simply say that VALE is the best motogp rider ever. This year is the toughest year for him I guess, but I do believe that he will be better next year and even compete for the world champion title. It will be sweet if he can make his titles into double digits.

We won 5 titles in a row changing from Honda to a uncompetitive Yamaha and continuing wining in the process. Such a huge collection of wins did take a toll and he started getting downhill after Assen 2006. But even not being at his best anymore he still won back-to-back titles in 2008 and 2009 beating Lorenzo, Stoner, Pedrosa. And 17 years after his first victory he is still capable of winning.

He got one thing that not everyone has; Inspiring passion.
Can you explain those feelings every time he duels his rivals? Every time he takes every turns and hairpins and overtake his opponents in those tight spaces?
Every time he crosses the finish line, all I can say is just "you're still The Doctor, Vale.."

Rossi just does it. Other riders like Casey come and go and you never get to see if they had the consistency to keep winning. Rossi does. He never loses his natural ability or will to fight for the win. Rossi will be talked about in 50 years time... I've forgotten Casey What's his name already..

A true champion. How many riders do you know can last over so many years and still race like his ass was on fire. By the way he didn't kick Marquez off his bike, it was a reflex action caused by him leaning on him. Marquez, grow up on get over it. Bring on the last round and let them race it out and we'll see who wins?

When he passed on yellow flag and was penalized with 10s and went on and won the race by 15 seconds, a race that until then was very close at the front, that showed me that he is special. He is the real MotoGP marker. Give him a fast bike, buy some popcorn and have fun watching him.

Unlike the days when G. Agostini was racing, the sport today is much different, much more "advanced". Whether we are talking about the bikes themselves or the safety gear and track improvements etc. The riders require more skill to push these bikes to the limit. The amount of concentration and reaction times are more critical, these guys have to be bang on every lap, every race, year after year. Therefore I would have to put my vote on Valentino who has proven to win more titles at a higher level of racing in this sports history.

A master at battles around corners, and came in 2nd place back to back 2014 2015 at 35&36 years of age. 9 time world Champ, 112 career wins as of 2015, he is so dominant and remains a threat for all riders on the track! Competes with the younger generation of today and still wins! A 10th championship would be poetry!

He's the man to beat, there is no one thinking that well in a race, he's always strong in a race. And certainly when he comes back to Yamaha next year! He's the doctor! World title 10 coming up soon! Greetings R.G.

To quote Tina Turner, Rossi is 'simply the best'. Not only can the man ride a motorcycle better than anyone else, he's been doing it for years. He is also a great ambassador for the sport, and an inspiration to us all.

Who else has won every class in such style, with competition ( sorry Giacomo but you didn't have the competition )
Casey has only won when he has been on the fastest bike, it's my opinion

Statistically and fan base. This man has the greatest backing of die hard fans of any rider ever. Stats and Charisma I'll scream for #46 until he exits the circuit. That number will be remembered for all time.

Valentino rossi is a real life hero.. The best man on two wheels ever found on earth, the one who can make the impossible to possible. He is the king of bikes

What we need at motogp is a rider of the riders that can be a bit crazy ride crazy do crazy stuff like.I. to anyone he wants then laugh to everyones face and make funny bets with other riders he is the best of the best plus he has a life! He is the one the only "THE DOCTOR"

Best rider I've ever seen. This man would have been just as big a success in F1 or rally racing simply because of his immense talent. He was born for racing

Valentino is the man, he is the best. One of a kind rider that has significant talent that no others have.. I hope I can meet him someday and ride with him

Got to be the best of all time... When he changed from Honda to yamaha and won the title just amazing to go from on manufacture to another and preform the same is no easy feet

King of kings, greatest of greats, and we will never ever see a racing god like the doctor valentino rossi in this entire universe

He is fun to watch. Been watching him since '01 and he never fails to deliver. His racing career is like a movie. Coming from Honda to Yamaha winning the first ever back to back race with different manufacturer. Then going to Ducati for 2 dreadful years but even though he never won, you can still see his patience and his passion to be at the top. He was pushing hard and yes he was battered a lot of times. A lot of people said he will never win a race. Back to Yamaha on 2013, won in Assen. Sweet. 2nd in the Championship on 2014 and 2015 (y'all know what happened). Still beating the younger guns in 2016 and we will see his greatness until 2018