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41 You Better Run You Better Run
42 Dead Men Tell No Tales Dead Men Tell No Tales

This honestly should be higher than 38. Like come on! I think Dead Men Tell No Tales should be in the top 10's! That's just my opinion.

Hard, as nails rock like the bomber album wihich is their best in my humble opinion. You believe lemmy like he is stood over you with a luger pointed at you

43 Till the End Till the End V 1 Comment
44 Rock Out Rock Out

Just the name says it all, whenever I hear this song, I rock out to it! I personally think it should be in the top 10's. Rock out! Vote for this awesome song!

This song rocks the world outta me... I can't stop beating an invisible guitar! VOTE THIS ONTO TOP TEN!

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45 Dust and Glass Dust and Glass
46 Iron Horse Iron Horse

Never gets old. This is their signature song. It embodies their entire image. What the hell is this doing all the way down here? Bring it up to number one.

Always been my favourite head tune. Has a visceral beauty about it lemmie and Eddie always capable of as first class musicians and masters of their craft but they sort of sacrificed the craft for the thrash along the way

This is the song that I listen to when I go for a long bike ride... Freakingly awesome!

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47 In the Year of the Wolf

This song is the greatest I love the guitar and drums. It's one of the best songs about werewolves

48 Love Me Like a Reptile Love Me Like a Reptile
49 1916 1916

One of the most underrated Motorhead songs.. Great tribute to the soldiers that fought for us. - Haze

One of the most meaningful songs to military members in history. Its shameful to be this low.

Really 65? This has to be at least #5! This is without a doubt the most devastating song ever written.

Best lyrics ever...

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50 (Don't Need) Religion (Don't Need) Religion

One of the greatest motorhead riffs ever made, along with BOMBER

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51 Evolution

Heavy songs, wild and awesome. motorhead kick ass

The best and hardest motörhead song ever, my favorite song since 2004!
This song have so much of negative energy and power, that I should to transform in a raging beast when I hear it! ;-)

52 Sweet Revenge Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge! Hell of a song! This should be in the top 10's in my opinion! Motorhead should play this song! I would love to hear them play this song soon! Vote! - johnpaularguelles

I think this song should be higher than 77. Probably in the top 20's. It's one of my favorite Motorhead songs of all-time. - johnpaularguelles

Nothing' really to say other than Sweet Revenge is one of my all-time favorite Motorhead songs.

53 Built for Speed Built for Speed
54 Broken Broken
55 Just 'Cos You Got the Power Just 'Cos You Got the Power

Quite a good song, I don't care how long it is. - IronSabbathPriest

56 Devils In My Head Devils In My Head
57 The Hammer The Hammer
58 Shoot You In The Back Shoot You In The Back
59 Deaf Forever Deaf Forever

My Personal favorite, the lyrics are about vikings, and are so badass

My personal favorite. Kinda psychedelic, just great.

This song is one of my favourites. The riff is amazing and the lyrics are so badass. - IronSabbathPriest

In my opinion yes this is not my favorite Motörhead song but 66?! What's wrong with you!?

60 Going to Brazil Going to Brazil

It's energetic, it's fun. Makes me want to go to Rio immediately. Besides, it has a vicious dirty rock and roll riff.

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