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81 Jailbait Jailbait
82 Heartbreaker Heartbreaker

This is one of the best tracks what you people have stopped listening to latest motorhead albums

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83 Whorehouse Blues Whorehouse Blues

just as the name suggests, again not a metal song but it has its own feel... something beyond Motorhead in all we don't want the crazy Metal to ever end but gives a feel how much it means to slow down & pick up the acoustics for a change... - somdev.banerjee

Definitely their best song... Their music takes inspiration from that blues. This song and its video are for really man and alpha women, let's be clear. Real music!

Simple Lemmy! This one is PURE LEMMY!

84 Ain't My Crime Ain't My Crime
85 The Wolf The Wolf

Brilliant song from motorhead!, I like the double bass on the drums, Philthy Taylor kicks ass!

86 Louie Louie Louie Louie

It's really cool, and easy song, it should be in first 10 top ;). I'd really like this song, and I know that from original it is made by Iggy Pop, but Motorhead version is much, much better!

87 America America
88 Locomotive Locomotive
89 Enter Sandman

Great cover of Metallica's Enter Sandman

90 Be My Baby Be My Baby

Come on men! This is one of the best Motörhead songs clearly!
I really can't stop listening to this, the solo is amazinG!
Vote up, come on! This deserves a higher position!

91 Ridin' With the Driver Ridin' With the Driver
92 Traitor Traitor
93 Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye

A Pure great motorhead song showing how they will never sell out and write what they want to write

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94 Sharpshooter Sharpshooter
95 Talking Head Talking Head
96 Instro
97 Lemmy Goes to the Pub Lemmy Goes to the Pub

Seriously? This isn't in the top 100? I know it's an alternate version of Heart of Stone, but come on, this is better than HoS in my opinion. Just an awesome rock song.

98 Devils Devils

Final track from bastards (an underrated album itself). Very underrated song (along with a lot of others such as no remorse, all for you, out of the sun, and bang to rights

99 You Better Swim You Better Swim

Just because this song is from the SpongeBob Movie, it doesn't make it bad.

Come on! This song is awesome! It should be in the top ten!

From the SpongeBob movie

Come on. This song is absolutely awesome. This should least be in the top ten.

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100 Brotherhood of Man Brotherhood of Man V 2 Comments
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