Top Ten Greatest Movie Characters

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161 Hector Barbossa - Geoffrey Rush
162 Peter Parker / Spider Man - Tobey Maguire V 1 Comment
163 Jack Skellington - Chris Sarandon Jack Skellington - Chris Sarandon

Jack Skellington deserves 1st place I mean how much of you people have seen Nightmare before christmas that proves my point

DANG it 341 place he should be in 1st place

Bruh Jack Skellington should literally be at least in the top 20s I don't know wats going on but please show some love and put him on the top 20s thanks

V 1 Comment
164 Paul Blart - Kevin James

Everything Blart said cracked me up

165 Iorek Byrnison - Ian McKellen Iorek Byrnison - Ian McKellen
166 Bucky Barnes - Sebastian Stan Bucky Barnes - Sebastian Stan
167 Vincent Vega - John Travolta Vincent Vega - John Travolta

With Samuel Jackson's Jules they have one of the greatest duoes in film history!

168 Edmund Pevensie - Skandar Keynes
169 Inspector Clouseau - Peter Sellers
170 Mr. Brown - Hugh Bonneville
171 Fred C. Dobbs - Humphrey Bogart

Portraying a slow but sure transformation from an ordinary, down on his luck guy to a desperate murderer, Bogart is electrifying in the role. How did he not win an Oscar for this? - SourNote2014

172 Bruce Wayne / Batman - Ben Affleck
173 Marty McFly - Michael J. Fox V 1 Comment
174 Dr. King Schultz - Christoph Waltz


175 Hans Gruber - Alan Rickman
176 Spider-Man - Tom Holland
177 Time - Sacha Baron Cohen
178 James Harcourt - Ed Speleers
179 Alexandra Ascot - Joanna Bobin
180 Snowball - Kevin Hart
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