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21 Monty Python's Life of Brian

Look on the bright side of life. - errrr

22 Unforgiven
23 Heartbreakers
24 Planet of the Apes

Best ending of then all. Should be higher.

Wow... This isn't this on top 10, if not no. 1. The greatest enemies of humanity are humans themselves. Those maniacs...

25 The Last Detail
26 Rosemary's Baby
27 Alien 3
28 High Tension
29 Monsters, Inc. V 1 Comment
30 Memento V 1 Comment
31 Oldboy

One of the best movies you will ever see

32 The Road Warrior
33 2001: A Space Odyssey

Some endings defy explanation, and love or hate this movie, (though no one hates this movie; those who think they hate it just don't understand it), this ending is 1. absolutely magnificent. No matter what one thinks of the movie as a whole, it is visually dazzling beginning to end. 2. It popularized the opening and closing score of the movie. Now one of the most iconic and recognizable in cinema, it has found countless uses in popular culture. 3. Most importantly, though, the uncertainty and lack of a straight forward meaning leaves it up for interpretation. That is why it is the greatest movie ending of all time.

How is this so low on this list. Anyone who has seen the ending will know that this is not only a visually beautiful ending, but one that will leave your head spinning for hours the first time you see it. Should be first, in my opinion.

Weird ending. - zxm

34 The Fugitive
35 The Wizard of Oz
36 Saving Private Ryan

The part where Tom Hanks shoots the Tank with a pistol was absolutely epic, and how it blew up was awesome.

37 The Godfather

Though this is not the end the christening scene was one of the best in movie history, and when Michael lies to his wife about murdering his brother in law it shows that he is one of the most evil deceiving characters of all time

V 1 Comment
38 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Everybody hate this ending only because its like a 20 endings, but common people are good and not so infinite

Which ending? - errrr

39 Saw II

very suspense and frightening.

40 The Prestige V 3 Comments
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