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41 Saw II

very suspense and frightening.

42 The Prestige

Such a surprising ending. - Gunnar9797

Never saw it coming...

Fantastic Ending - BeatlesFan1964

43 Titanic

I love it... How Rose dies in her sleep, returns to the Titanic in heaven with all others and Jack - Curious

Why is this not Number!?

44 Field of Dreams
45 Interview with the Vampire
46 Hot Fuzz
47 Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

It's a funny ending but I just want to cry cause it ends for ever (Homealone with kevin). - Amir031

48 The Departed

The movie which was moving at a normal pace suddenly went with the speed of a bullet train

49 Chinatown

Forget it Jake, its Chinatown.

Jack Nicholson- Greatest actor of ALL TIME!

50 Thelma & Louise
51 Pulp Fiction
52 Shutter Island

Mind twisting ending. - zxm

53 Apocalypse Now

But I admit I never quite understood the ending. It is so vague. - aeromaxx777

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54 Copycat
55 The French Connection
56 The Perfect Storm
57 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
58 The Wild Bunch
59 Furious 7

I cry so hard at the ending. It's the perfect ending and a sad way to end Paul Walker's carrer

60 Sunshine
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