The Lord of the Rings


The Lord of the Rings should always, ALWAYS, be number 1. The plot is absolutely amazing. The first movie is a little lighter than the last two, but that just leaves more space for plot development and explanations. It actually matches the books (with the exception of Tom Bombadil) and it all has consistent quality. The characters are amongst the best ever created, and the battles are told realistically yet with a great fantasy aspect. The different story lines for the last two movies only serve to make them more amazing than the first movie. There are so many details that it's very easy to miss most of them the first time watching the movies. Peter Jackson did a terrific job of adapting the Lord of the Rings books into live action films. The cast is stupendous and play their characters perfectly. This is one movie trilogy that cannot be anything remotely close to bad.

I can't stand the people that say that lord of the rings is too long, and that its only about people walking for hours. First of all, there are plenty of movies in the world that are almost 3 hours long, and many of them are acclaimed and considered classic. People that say lord of the rings is boring obviously have a very short attention span, and can only watch movies with action in every scene. This trilogy is absolutely beautiful, every scene. And the soundtrack is the most moving music I've ever heard in my life. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Star Wars, and the dark knight, and all the other amazing trilogies, but lord of the rings will always be the best (in my eyes)

I love all three movies! They all are very consistent and over all the best trilogy I've ever seen. Peter Jackson did an outstanding job of interpreting the masterful work of Tolkien. Usually after the first movie in a trilogy they start going down hill. But this is not the case with this trilogy. I would say my favorite is the actually third (Return of the King). My conclusion is, this trilogy is definitely a MUST see! All I have to say is you need to have a considerable amount of time on your hands, because they are long movies, but it's definitely ALL worth while.

This works so well because it was designed to be a trilogy, not one film that was popular enough to gain two sequels. There's an overarching story, which allows the characters to spread their growth over the course of the three films. Because of this, some people don't think it should even be called a trilogy but rather one long epic. I agree.

Top class acting fantastic visual and audio effects perfect story line and a totally amazing script. You never want it to end you just want it to go on and on forever. It never gets old and plus intelligent and interesting people are LOTR fans Star Wars is just for stupid losers and geeks

It's not terrible, stupid, or overrated. It's huge, heartwarming, and phenomenal. It's one of the trilogies you have to see before you die.

Nothing even comes close to the Lord of the Rings (and Star Wars as a somewhat close second) trilogy in the amount of greatness it achieves. Acting, music, cinematography and story are just some of the aspects this trilogy executes perfectly. I believe nothing will ever surpass the flawlessness of the Lord of the Rings movies. - vr46

This is the best movie trilogy. Vote this up. No one would've vote for any other film on this list if you've seen this. Epic! Legendary! Fantastic! Awesome!

Filming all three episodes at once over a two year period was a stroke of brilliance. Not an easy task but the rewards are obvious. Consistency, seamless integration between episodes and acting and editing that surpasses all the others. A masterpiece of film making.

The Lord of the Rings is THE GREATEST MOVIE TRILOGY OF ALL TIME PERIOD The story is the best story I have ever heard of The Action is Awesome And The Music is The Best Film Score Ever Period It is way better than Star Wars.

I was going to pick Star Wars but stopped because for a moment I thought, I have never seen any scene in any other movies like the Mount Doom scene when Frodo claims, "The Ring is mine! "

Lord of the rings still the best

If I have to watch movies in the last 24 hours of my life and that I must pick only one trilogy, I would undoubtedly pick LOTR only.

Honestly, I guess no one can say they would 'hate' any one of the trilogies being listed here, because of all the work and effort put into these trilogies. But I have to say the only trilogy that succeeds in generating resonance in practically everyone's heart is LOTR. Tolkien put more than 10 years on the original books. The movies were made extensively over a course of at least 8 years with pick-up shots and endless editing. I think it's unfair to list trilogies and rank them because they are all wonderful. But if I have to watch movies in the last 24 hours of my life and that I must pick only one trilogy, I would undoubtedly pick LOTR only.

Also Middle Earth is THE BEST FICTIONAL MOVIE UNIVERSE EVER CREATED PERIOD The Star Wars Universe is Nice but its not interesting than Middle Earth And Peter Jackson is the Best Director ever period.

It's by far the only and greatest film trilogy of all time. It's consistent, has a beginning and end, memorable characters and moments, awesome cinematography, great writing and perfect directing.

The books and the movies revolutionized entertainment! - TheSudhanva

Most definitely deserves the number 1 spot. A beautiful world created by Tolkien himself and brought to life by Peter Jackson.

Meanwhile The Hobbit is kinda good but its not epic as The Lord of the Rings because The Hobbit's Story is not that interesting and its just not dramatic of a fantasy film

The comments say it all. This is a fantastic movie. Super fan of it. Love Peter Jackson for this

Never had a trilogy been so consistent in its vision. Not to mention all the other achievements and merits that just do not require repeating at this point.

You could even consider it to be one long film, it's all so well connected. Of course, I only watch the extended edition. That's the best way to see the films. - BKAllmighty

These movies are New Zealands greatest triumphs. Such a great story. This is a tale that will be cherished forever!

This is the only trilogy to have won a best picture oscar and all three of them were nominated for best picture.

Greatest trilogy ever. star wars and clerks 2 is just jealous for this movie

I can't even tell you how much this I love this trigly! I don't have a doubt in my mind that this trigly will always be fantastic and popular for decades to come. This trigly takes you on a amazing jurney, and you really connect to all the characters. Peter Jackson did a beautiful job of interpretating the sensational work of Tolkien. The trigly is so very consistent. Most triglies I've seen always decline after the first movie. This trigly is truly beautiful and outstanding. The acting is wonderful and the score is fantastic! I will always love this trigly!