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61 The NeverEnding Story
62 Mexico Trilogy

This Series Contains A Hell Of A Good Stylish Action. And Antonio Banderas Is Just Awesome In This.

63 Open Season Trilogy
64 Ice Age
65 RoboCop

Robocop, Just a very underrated movie trilogy. The first and second films are great while the third is well so and so, It still should be considered and recognized on this list. - Cody1

66 The Twilight Saga

Aside from the fact that I hate this saga... aren't there more than 3 movies? - Flav

Not a trilogy.

67 Transformers

Not a Trilogy anymore, but arguably should have stayed as one.

68 Planet of the Apes

Fantastic trilogy, first one was incredible, second one was fantastic, and the third one is absolutely one of the best movies ever! - PeeledBanana

Should at least be in the top tens

My all time favourite trilogy.I just loved Ceaser.One and only trilogy which is emotionally hard hitting and well picturised.For me,it's the best trilogy by Hollywood.

69 Saw
70 The Expendables Trilogy
71 Taken Trilogy
72 Mani Ratnam's Love and Peace Trilogy

ROJA(1992),BOMBAY(1995), KANNATHIL MUTHAMITAL(2002). Films deal with happy family getting caught in terrorism, riots,violence and war.

Mani Ratnam made his trilogy with Roja(1992), Bombay
(1995) and Kannathil muthamittal A.K.A Peck in the cheek (2002) Where families are torn between Violence, terrorism, Riots and war. He gives an emotional ride of these character who search for their loved ones.

73 Millennium Trilogy

Girl with the dragon tattoo... The original not the Daniel Craig one.Brilliant but not American so unlikely to make the list.

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