How I Became a Fan of My Favorite Music Artists

TheFourthWorld Hello guys! It's me TheFourthWorld. And for my first post, I'm going to be talking about my favorite musical artists and how I became a fan of them (because why not). So, let's start!

Actually, this post was supposed to be posted a few days ago. However, when I tried putting pictures and tried formatting on this post, it never got saved because of how slow the internet was.

1. Michael Jackson (Year I became a fan of him: 2009)
The first time I heard of him: After watching a news about Michael Jackson's death on June 25, 2009, my mom bought his albums and DVDs of his music videos and movies. When my sister and I saw the DVDs and CDs, we asked her who the guy on the cover was. And she said, "Michael Jackson."

How I became a fan of him: My mom let my siblings and I watch the DVDs and listen to the albums. And I loved his songs, music videos, and movies. I watch his music videos and movies and listen to his songs all the time with my sister when I was like 5 years old or something (until we lost the DVDs and CDs). And I became a fan of him.

Extra stuff: I even remember a conversation with my sister about our most favorite song from Michael Jackson. My favorite was "Billie Jean" and my sister's favorite was "Dirty Diana". But now, it changed. Both of our most favorite song from him is "Rock With You".

2. Adele (Year I became a fan of her: 2011)
The first time I heard of her: My dad always brings us to the DVD and CD store. Sometime in 2011, we went there and we looked at the CDs. My mom decided to buy a CD of Adele's songs. She showed it to my sister and I and told us, "Kids, this is Adele. Her songs are very good."

How I became a fan of her: My dad played the CD in our car and my sister and I listened to the songs. And we loved them. And that's how I became a Daydreamer.

Extra stuff: My favorite song was "Rolling in the Deep" while my sister's favorite was "Someone Like You".

3. Maroon 5 (Year I became a fan of them: 2012)
The first time I heard of them: Sometime in 2012, we went to the DVD and CD store and bought a CD of the hits of 2012 so far. Once we were in the car already, my dad played the CD and after a few songs played, "One More Night" played. After hearing the song, we thought that it was really good and we asked our dad to repeat the song. We also asked him who was the song by and he replied, "It's Maroon 5, kids."

How I became a fan of them: My mom and dad were watching The Voice and when my dad noticed my sister and I watching too, he pointed at the screen when Adam Levine was shown on the screen and said that he was the lead singer of Maroon 5. We asked him what his name was and he said, "Adam Levine". My sister and I became more interested in Maroon 5 and decided to search them on YouTube. We then realized that we knew some of their songs all along. This includes "Moves Like Jagger", Payphone", and "Love Somebody". And that's how I became a Marooner.

Extra stuff: I randomly sang "Love Somebody" one time when I didn't know it was from Maroon 5 yet. Then, when my sister and I found out it was by Maroon 5, of course, I was surprised.

4. Katy Perry (Year I became a fan of her: 2013 or 2014)

The first time I heard of her: How I got to know her was probably the same as you guys. The first time I heard of her was when I heard "I Kissed a Girl" in 2008. And probably, I knew who sang that song because she was so popular and I hear her name all the time.

How I became a fan of her: Sometime in 2013 or 2014, my sister and I were playing random songs from artists we know. Then I played "Firework", "I Kissed a Girl", "California Gurls", and her other songs. I don't know how, but I just became a fan of her after that.

Extra stuff: I always watch her music video of "Hot N Cold" in either 2013 or 2014. I just found the music video amusing.

5. Queen (Year I became a fan of them: 2015)
The first time I heard of them: My sister and I were rooting for this guy (I'll just call him Noah because I forgot his name) to win in reality a show called "Your Face Sounds Familiar". Noah acted as Freddie Mercury for an episode. We watched it, and of course, since we were rooting for him and we didn't know who he was acting as, we asked our dad who he was imitating. He said, "He's acting as Freddie Mercury. He's the lead singer of my favorite band, Queen."

How I became a fan of them: I was making a playlist for my dad, and so I asked him what his favorite songs were. He included songs from Queen such as "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Another One Bites the Dust", "Radio Gaga", and their other songs. And then I realized that I actually knew some of their songs way before that day. I knew them because I heard those songs on the radio. And that's how I became a fan of them.

Extra stuff: I thought Bohemian Rhapsody was a funny song. It's because of the "Mama Mias" and stuff like that.

6. Ed Sheeran (Year I became a fan of him: 2017)
The first time I heard of him: I heard the songs "Don't" and "Thinking Out Loud". I searched who it was from and I saw that it was from Ed Sheeran.

How I became a fan of him: My sister and I heard his other songs like "Castle On the Hill", "Perfect", and his other songs. We became even more interested in him and we decided to listen more of his songs. And we became a Sheerio.

Extra stuff: I don't think he looks like Rupert Grint at all.

7. Charlie Puth (Year I became a fan of him: 2017)
The first time I heard of him: During recess time in school, my classmates were playing his song "See You Again" when it was released. I looked at the title and saw the name "Charlie Puth".
How I became a fan of him: I was trying to get updated with new songs by searching artists I know and looking if there's a new song from them. I searched Charlie Puth and saw the song "Attention". At first when I heard it, I thought it was funny for no reason and made fun of it with my sister. But then POOF! My sister and I magically became fans of him.

Extra stuff: I always make fun of Charlie Puth's name with my sister. We just think that it's an ugly name.

8. Bruno Mars (Year I became a fan of him: 2018)
The first time I heard of him: While I was watching TV with my sister, it was commercial break and a music video was shown. It was "Nothin' On You" by B.O.B. and Bruno Mars. How we know their names was because B.O.B mentioned it at the near end of the song.

How I became a fan of him: The reason why I became a fan of Bruno was because of the song "Finesse." While I did like his older songs like "The Lazy Song", "Grenade", and his other songs, those songs didn't really make me a fan of him. But when I first heard "Finesse" on YouTube, it made me check out his album "24K Magic." I loved the album and decided to check out his other albums. Then, I became a Hooligan.

Extra stuff: I think his new hairstyle does not suit him. #BringBackHisIconicHat

9. John Legend (Year I became a fan of him: 2018)
The first time I heard of him: When "All Of Me" was really popular in 2013, I searched who sang the song and saw that it was from John Legend.

How I became a fan of him: My dad gave his phone to my sister and I. We checked our new phone out and saw that there were two songs downloaded on the phone. The songs were "That Girl is Gone" and "P.D.A." I already knew the song "That Girl is Gone", but not "P.D.A." And so I tapped on the song. However, the song was only for 30 seconds (it was because it was supposed to be a ringtone). Because my sister and I were interested with the song, we searched it on YouTube and after hearing it, we loved the song. And I became a fan of John Legend.

Extra stuff: I make fun of John Legend for no reason by calling him "Legend of Johns".

Well, that's all. What about you guys? How did you become fans of your favorite artist/s?


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