The Beatles

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The Beatles were an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960. The members consisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. They were soon known as the foremost and most influential act of rock era. Rooted in skiffle, beat, and 1950s rock and roll, the Beatles later experimented more.


The Beatles changed the way I look at life. They also inspired me to continue playing music. Every single song on every single album is a rock and roll masterpiece. Some of my favorites include:
Hey Jude, Let It Be, Helter Skelter, Come Together, A Day In The Life, And Your Bird Can Sing, Eleanor Rigby, Yellow Submarine, I Wanna BE Your Man, It Won't Be Long, Paperback Writer, I Saw Her Standing There, In My Life, and Twist and Shout.

The beatles are so overrated! They aren't even the best band in the British invasion, so forget about the best band ever. Look at what they did compared to everyone else. The beatles never did anything particularly incredible or awe inspiring, they just were kinda first in the British Invasion. Next was the Who, who came out with legendary albums like Tommy and Who's Next and gave birth to the best bassist of all time and one of the best drummers of all time. Then was the stones, who really defined what rock and roll is and wrote such poetic songs like gimme Shelter and sympathy for the devil. They also introduced the idea of a front man like Mick Jagger. Then Led Zeppelin showed up, and what haven't they done? They layed the foundations for metal to be made, they wrote hit after hit after hit, all in more styles than can be counted, they gave birth to 4 of the best musicians of all time, simply put they were incredible. Then pink Floyd came and practically made their own genre and ...more

There's the Beatles, than there is the rest. Remember when the Beatles were looking for a record deal they were simply told that guitars were on their way out... A mere 6-7 years after the so called king of rock'n roll came on the scene.
They changed everything including America with an appearance on the Ed Sullivan show which inspired every band from Floyd to Sabbath, even penning The Rolling Stones first #1. I agree with an earlier comment made that only musicians can really appreciate what the Beatles did to music. Their song writing is simply light years in front of anyone. It has world wide appeal and is appreciated by everyone from musicians to children. Absolutely rare, absolutely on their own... Simply untouchable.

In the year 2060 the airwaves will still be filled with songs of the Beatles. In the year 2060 there will be nobody playing a single rap/hip hop song by barely talented people speaking not singing lyrics which are stale and old and not memorable with time. This genre produced by a bunch of egotistical, self important nobodies that even dare to think of themselves as geniuses with the likes of Lennon, McCartney, Elvis, Sinatra, Springsteen. No they do not even deserve mention by name they are so lacking in talent, creativity and the ability to sing.

These are the best singers and band playing people of all time just as stated. It's not a surprise that they got 1st! I've listened to them since forever and they are the most greatest players. I know everything about them and they have rocked ever since they started their band. It went from a small Liverpool band to the greatest band of all time! They were unspeakably unstoppable to beat. There really is nobody to replace this band. They've played 211 songs and I have listened to each 500 times (or more.) I love them all equally because everyone of their songs are special to me. Paul, George, John, and Ringo RULE THE WORLD OF MUSIC!

Whoever wrote that they were overrated is an idiot. They are the only band to have the top 5 songs on the billboard top ten list occupied at the same time, yesterday is the most recorded song ever, and even 50 years after they broke up, people are still listening to them and buying their albums. The two members alive today still put on shows, and they are always sold out.

The Beatles created music that changed the course of music for decades to come. Their music was great and inspiring. They had lots of variety too. The soft and spiritual song "Long,Long,Long", the hard rock "Helter Skelter", the strange "Revolution 9", the singsongy and cheerful "Martha, My Dear", and much, much more. Each member of the Beatles contributed so much to the band, that if one dropped out, the whole band would crumble. Their teamwork was extraordinary. The world is lucky that the events that led up to the Beatles went exactly as they did, or we wouldn't have had their amazing music.

The greatest and most talented group anyone reading this will have ever seen or heard of. They were/still are in a category no other group can even come close to comparing to. It was a freak and very fortunate occurrence for the world that 3 of them happened to be growing up at the same time in the same city and crossed paths, and took on Ringo after.

Just the Beatles. Just look at them. The Fab Four changed the music industry.
Their music is unlike any kind of music : there is rarely song you dislike. Sometimes you just think they're good and talented just everybody said it but there were much more than talented. They were music itself. Great musicians, great songwriters, great humour, good-looks... It's even annoning to be so perfect in so many categories. You can notice something very particuliar about their music : you can't dance to it. How much you want to, how much you try, you just can't. That's because it's not a music to dance to : it's a music to listen to. You must feel it, embrace it and suddenly evrything fits in to the right place. For 3 minutes, you just feel fine. I can't list my favorite songs (I like almost all their songs) but my favorites album are Sgt Pepper, Abbey Road and Revolver because there is not a song I love more than another in those records. Please, do yourself a favor and listen to them and ...more

I was wearing headphones and listening to hey jude. I then started having a lucid dream and started seeing ringo drum with a cigarette, paul playing bass and singing. The sight of John and George harmonizing while paul was singing gave me a feeling of euphoria. I snapped out of it and tried so desperately to get back to where I once was.

Greatest music artists ever. Invented so much in music, even sampling come from there musical experiments! Sold more records than anyone in history and still appealing to all generations even 46 years after splitting up! They are in the top 10 albums charts at this very moment! People will be listening to them in 1000 years time.

The best songwriters and they made more amazing music than any other artist on this list. They aren't my favourite but if you listen to their albums it is obvious they are the most creative and greatest overall artists of all time. I don't think Michael Jackson or Led Zeppelin come close. I'm not sure Michael Jackson should even be top 30.

Do you know why the beatles are always voted number 1 on best artists of all time because they made the best music that has ever been made they made the best rock albums ever they had more number 1 albums or singles around the world then any artist ever they have sold more music albums or singles than anyone

Not only did they have more #1 hits than any other artist in history, they felt it would be cheating if they also took cuts off of albums and released them as singles.
That is why so many guaranteed #1 smashes were never released as singles, including some of the greatest songs ever written, like "A Day In The Life", "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", and "In My Life".
If they had gone all-in on releasing singles, they would easily have garnered 50 or more into the tops spot.

The Beatles are the best music artists ever and these music artists are better than Michael jackson elvis presley Led Zeppelin chuck berry rolling stones the who Jimi Hendrix bob dylan beach boys ray charles Pink Floyd the kinks buddy holly james brown doors or any of the 1950s to 1960s music artists

Greatest music artists of all time. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr thank you for forming the Beatles and making such beautiful songs like Hey Jude, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Strawberry Fields Forever and many more. The greatest band ever and the best in the world.

Who changed pop music more than the beatles? which band had songwriters as bold as Lennon and McCartney? Which artist holds the responsibility of influencing countless mainstream bands and artists more than the beatles? You guessed it, NO ONE! I mean I could go on... they recorded some of the best albums and songs ever, and Beatlemania is arguably one of the first and strongest fanbases in the world. If you remove the beatles from the world, music would be so bland and colorless, even through tough times and fights the beatles created some of the best music this planet currently has! The beatles, forever.

The beatles are number 1 because they made the best music ever 20 number 1 singles 19 number albums nobody made albums like the beatles every album they made sounded different and they changed music along with elvis presley and led zeppelin they are the 3 best ever nobody will ever top them

If you punch in the best music artists of all time the beatles are always number 1 because nobody will ever top them they made the best singles or best albums they have more number 1 singles or albums they any other music artists and they were together only 8 years

I just listened to the beatles first album please please me and that album is 53 years old and its still my favorite beatles album they really are the best artists of all time than led zeppelin and elvis presley

The Beatles are the best ever. Eminem or Michael jackson and queen and Linkin Park and Metallica should not be in the top 10 artists ever. Beatles elvis chuck berry Led Zeppelin rolling stones the who buddy holly bob dylan Jimi Hendrix beach boys now that's a top 10 read rolling stone magazine the best music magazine in the world top 50 artists of all time.

The Beatles are always rated number 1 of all time because they are the best ever than elvis presley number 2. read rolling stone magazine top 50 artists of all time Michael jackson number 35 Eminem around number 80 queen 52 nirvana 27 Linkin Park didn't make top 100 so stop comparing any of these artists to the Beatles and elvis and Led Zeppelin and rolling stones.

Why are the beatles always number 1 well lets see they sold more albums or cds than anyone they have more number 1 singles or albums 19 number 1 albums they are the best rock group or artists in the history of music they made the best rock albums ever every rock group wishes they could be half as good as them and they are voted number 1 in every top artists when you compare the best artists of all time

One of the most influential bands of all time, Many of the greatests artists have even said that The Beatles are the best and second to none. The Beatles experimented with many genres, their lyrics dealt with many issues people faced during the sixties, their lyrics were meaningful, their music a lot of the time had double meanings and I could literally go on. - Mun

Bob Dylan, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Elvis, The Rolling Stones, Eminem, Queen, Led Zeppelin, and Michael Jackson are all amazing artists but The Beatles will forever be the kings of music.