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Eminem, born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, is an American rapper, actor and music producer born on October 17, 1972 in St. Joseph, Missouri. Eminem has sold over 300 million records making him the bestselling hip-hop artist of all time. In addition to his solo career, he is a member of D12 and (with Royce ...read more.


He's just awesome teaches us not to judge people and how to get through I listen to him when I'm happy sad scared mad etc there's a song for every feeling you have he's just been through it all other the being a motivational poet he is also very talented with his clean lyric flow and fast raps also good beats his songs give me goosebumps and I've never had that with other artists

Lets be real people, no singer has that good lyrical capability. All they got is their voices. They're glorified instruments! Eminem is a genius who puts lyrical skill, emotion, and things people can relate 2 in his songs. Plus he has a very good voice both rapping & singing. Em is the GOAT in music period.

No singer has good lyrical capability? Bruce Springsteen? Bob Dylan? Paul Simon? - EGBrett

Is this some kind of joke? He does nothing but rap fast about random unnecessary topics over a beat that isn't even his, raps with a grating voice, even stated himself that 2Pac is better, uses homophobic lyrics, and raps about killing his wife. And he doesn't even write his lyrics, and he is higher than Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Stevie Wonder, David Bowie, and Jimi Hendrix is sickening. Black people run rap, not this god awful white poser. - 445956

Eminem doesn't even belong in the top 50 music artists of all time or Michael Jackson or queen or nirvana read rolling stone magazine top 50 music artists of all time the top 10 are in this order Beatles number 1 bob Dylan 2 elvis Presley 3 rolling stones 4 chuck berry 5 Jimi Hendrix 6 james brown 7 little Richard 8 Aretha franklin 9 ray Charles 10 those are the best music artists that ever recorded music and buddy holly and Led Zeppelin

The GREATEST ARTIST FOREVER. Let's get the slim shady to the top. Any other artist don't even stand in front of him. Love you eminem. Live on forever and keep making beautiful Music. Let haters die hating you. If a person would jump from the ego of eminem haters to their iq he or she will die. They don't even realise what they miss. But Marshall we are with you and we always will be. Love you. I'M SPEECHLESS.

Eminem is the most extraordinary musician to ever live. No artist comes even close to the emotion Shady brings to the mic. He created the best album of all time in the Marshall Mathers LP. He became the best rapper to ever live, while being the ONLY white rapper on the scene in the early 2000's. Which makes everything he did more impressive. No artist has ever beat the odds better than Marshall Mathers. The king of rap.

Technically he is inarguably one of the best rappers of all time. However as an artist in whole he's in my opinion really mediocre. Definitely not worth 4th greatest artist of all time.

Very impactful guy. He may not be recognized as the #1 artist yet, but give it a few years and people will look back on this guy and recognize him in the same group as Michael Jackson, the Beatles, and the other greats. The fact an artist that came out just 16 years ago is number 5 already really makes a statement. In my opinion his lyrics have more meaning then the others on this list by quite a bit. JUST AN OPINION

You know why Eminem is never number 1 because the beatles and elvis Presley and led zeppelin and the who and chuck berry and the rolling stones are the best music artists ever they will never be behind Eminem so don't even waste your votes on eminem

Rap music sucks every song sounds the same every beatles album sounds different the same for led zeppelin the who the rolling stones that's the best music ever so get used to it rock and roll is the best music ever recorded

Not one of the greatest Artists of all time! That would be an insult to the three bands directly below him. The greatest rapper of all time absolutely hands down, but he does not belong on this list.

If rap music is the best music why are the Beatles and elvis Presley always the number 1 and 2 music artists of all time check out rankopedia best music artists of all time voted by people there are no rap artists in the top 25 of all time read rolling stone magazine top 50 music artists of all time there are no rap artists in the top 30 only rock and roll music artists

Saying he's the best rapper is like saying someone's the best bat-boy. The former doesn't make you a musical artist just as the latter doesn't mean you're a major league ballplayer. - ByronLee

Once I listen to rap this is the worst music ever recorded rock and roll is the best music ever made the 1950s to 1960s to 1970s are the best can Eminem play guitar like chuck berry or Jimi Hendrix or jimi page I don't think so has Eminem sold as many cds or albums as elvis Presley or the Beatles he never will in 50 years will his music still be around like the Beatles or elvis Presley

Rap music is the worst music ever in the history of music who is the top selling music artists of all time the top 10 of all time are all rock and roll artists not one rap artist made the top 10 nobody will ever sell more albums or cds than the Beatles or elvis Presley the two greatest music artists in the history of music

Yeah, because rapping is SO HARD, and it makes someone SO GREAT. Gee, I bet it would be almost IMPOSSIBLE to rap! And it's TOTALLY music, since, well, look, he is talking! If this is seriously music these days, the bloody Republican Debates are music. All you need is autotune.

Listen to the beatles albums sgt peppers revolver white album abbey road please please me or any of there albums they are the best ever

The beatles and led zeppelin and elvis presley are the three best music artists of all time and chuck berry and rolling stones nobody else compares with them so get used to it

Look Eminem is the best and people don't want to admit it and they want to descriminate him for his color but is not right and everybody thinks it's a gimmick he didn't get to pick his color people are just mad he's white and he does it better then black rappers Eminem should be #1 people are saying Elvis should be over him get rid of the old boring people their music sucks

Should be #1 without a doubt. This was so easy to choose because everybody above is no where near as talented as Eminem. I was listening to "Cold Wind Blows" while typing this.

He's the best rapper and the best artist ever, one of the only rappers that both rap fans and not rap fans can both agree is awesome, and that's only because, he is awesome! - EMBIGNASPAC

Best lyricist of all-time. Great presenter. His strong opinions and his sarcastic way he sent his message to the people, Totally Awesome. Well, I can say he is the best music artist of all-time. - goodguy

I met him last week! He is super nice funny if you heard him sing not rap and freestyle you know what I'm talking about - JDagger500

This list is hilarious, Not hating on Blink, but they are over artists like: Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, Iron Maiden, Bob Marley... Oh well, as long as Eminem's in top 5 I'm happy

Not only the best rapper he is the word genius master of flows but he makes song like no one else can make tell me any other rapper except 2pac who song for his mom