Michael Jackson

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Michael Joseph Jackson was an American singer, dancer, and songwriter born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana and passed away on June 25, 2009. He donated (at least) a remarkable 500,000,000 dollars to charity. Michael is also known as The King of Pop (a title given to him by Elizabeth Taylor) or under ...read more.


The King of Pop's career has been surprisingly overlooked by many critics including Rolling Stone Magazine! MJ's music is still hear on the radio and on the dance floors today; his version of rock, which can be hear in "Beat It" has never been imitated an is impossible to imitate. He was bigger than most of the artist we put such an emphasis on.

Michael Jackson is the best artist of all time PERIOD. And once and for all, would someone please explain why they name these countdowns as the "greatest music artists of all time" but then compare a band to a solo artist?! It makes NO sense. They do NOT belong in the same category! Simply put, Michael Jackson was initially part of a band (Jackson 5) but peaked as a solo artist. You can't say that for any of the Beatles members. Not one of the Beatles members managed to break away and obtain the same fame, success and recognition as Michael Jackson. They simply aren't talented enough. So, in other words, Michael Jackson, ALONE, can achieve even more than the Beatles as a band could. And Michael could entertain all races, ages, genders, etc. He can sing, dance and put on a classic show with his signature moves, singing and outfits. Another thing I notice is that these countdowns fail to consider or point out that Michael had to overcome racism here in the US but still managed ...more

Michael is the greatest not only because of his undeniable talent for singing, dancing, writing, producing and many others, but also because he changed forever the meaning of being an artist, an entertainer. He broke all racial barriers, he impacted the whole music industry and the whole world to be honest. His accomplishments are too many to be listed here. He's the most influential artist of all time. Every artist that came after Michael follows his legendary blueprint and his name will be remembered and celebrated forever. He literally saved the music industry and the american economy with his album Thriller (the world's best selling album), and this same industry depended of his name and still do to this day. Even after his death he keeps breaking records. His impact was so big that people feel the need to find "the new Michael Jackson" and keep comparing current artists to him, but we all know none of them is not even 0.5% of what Michael is. Talented, original, revolutionary are ...more

On my opinion, Michael Jackson should basically be considered the King of Music. He has went through more contributions to help music than anyone else. He has won more Grammy's than any other artist in history, and that's just a start. With the worlds biggest selling album of all time also. Jackson was a major icon for not only fans, but the tabloids. He went through a lot with the child molestation case, which was 100% false. The child accuser admitted it was a lie. That definitely took a turn in his career, causing him to write songs about racism, peace, love and most importantly, his feelings. He will forever be the best in my opinion. And for whoever doesn't like him for whatever reason, maybe they should go listen to his music.

His life itself is 10 volumes of legendary achievements. Started in the 60's - had a number 1 while he was a kid, shared chart space with Elvis and the Beatles, Then in the 70's - Dancing machine and the album Destiny, introduced a whole new world of dynamic pop with the album - Off the wall, the freshest r&b album ever made, then in the 80's Thriller extravaganza - 30 million sold in US alone, Thriller becomes the global Halloween song, kids to this day imitate Billie Jean, fuses rock and r and b with Beat it, wins 8 Grammy awards on a single night, joins Quincy Jones to create immortal sounds including the humanitarian anthem - We are the world, releases Smooth Criminal - a song that can be played with a violin, a drum, a guitar or even with your mouth, patents the lean shoes, 5 number ones in the US, anthem Man in the mirror hits a chord, Dirty Diana a modern marvel, moves to 90's with New Jack Swing, Superbowl becomes an event, Iconic Remember the Time video, beat boxes Who is it, ...more

I understand why the Beatles are ranked #1. But in all honesty, Michael Jackson can't be ranked. He is just.. Michael Jackson. Unique in everything he is. An artist, a human being which never can be replaced in any way. From amongst artists the Beatles indeed were #1. But Michael Jackson is Michael JaCkson. He made his own genre. His own style, his own what in literally every detail of his work and lifestyle. His music is timeless. Every hit he made in the 80's would be a hit today. That is Michael Jackson. There is the world of music industry. And then you have the world of Michael Jackson. a very, very lonely world.

People of all ages, races, genders, and geographies adore the music of Michael Jackson. Travel to any corner of the globe and the people there will say, "I love Michael Jackson," and then start singing and dancing in MJ style. The sales numbers reflect this phenomenon. Even after death, Jackson continues to outsell The Beatles. The Beatles have a specific market of upper middle class, middle-aged North Americans and Europeans that purchase their music. Even Elvis Presley's fan base remains specific to North American music markets. The only time Presley left the United States to tour was to play dates in Canada. Michael Jackson has left an indelible mark on the entire world of music entertainment--songwriting, composition, producing, business, staging, choreography, film, screenwriting. He has no equal, boundary, or frontier. If anyone remains on the fence, take a listen to Michael Jackson's Off the Wall. The strongest song on the album is Michael's own Don't Stop Til You Get ...more

Michael Jackson is the only artist in history to have 5 albums in the "greatest selling of all time category." The Beatles and Madonna have only 3. Michael Jackson has two albums (thriller and bad) that both outsold the bestselling album of the beatles (St. Peppers). Indeed, to date estimated sales of thriller are around 100 million copies. St. Peppers (i.e., the best-selling album of the Beatles? A mere 20-30 million.)

I am sorry, but a from a pure objective sales standpoint, neither the Beatles nor any other artist from a pure objective standpoint is in the same league as the King of Pop. Also, let's not forget Michael's legacy on modern dance and not just music. In the end, there is no artist in the history of this earth who has sold more music than Michael Jackson. There is also no artist ever than has had such a profound impact on modern dance as well. There is no music artist that had such a profound impact on television, video, and video games (MTV, Captain EO, ...more

The thing about Michael Jackson is that he was a master of each discipline, whether it was singing, dancing, composing, or creating videos. He was a phenomenal singer, even just as a kid. His vocals were insane at such a young age. Just listen to "Who's loving you" which has almost become a black culture standard within singing arenas to truly judge whether someone can truly sing from their soul or not. MJ could have focused on singing alone and would still have been noted as a one of the best ever.

Michael Jackson, if he wanted, could have just been a dancer and been considered one of the best ever, if not, the best. MJ was so energetic, yet clean and tight in his choreography and has influenced so many artists today in that regard. He was quite versatile also. If you watch videos from the Jacksons' variety show in the 1970's, you can see him tap dancing, dancing exactly like Fred Astaire.

As for composing songs and creating videos... the work he has left speaks for ...more

As a person that studies music of various genres such as mideval, romantic, baroque, modern, etc. With 20th century music ultimately was my favorite. I had my favorite bands, artists, etc. The Beatles were the greatest band of all time. They set the bar for future bands, and were influential, influencing bands and even artists including Michael Jackson. The Beatles may not have been the greatest musically, but they were legendary. That's why they deserve to be number TWO. How come they're not number 1? Because Michael Jackson existed. Michael Jackson is the only artist to surpass the Beatles. Michael Jackson and the Beatles were equally musically talented. Michael had the better voice, and composition skills. 1.The Beatles were the better songwriters(debatable) and musicians/instrumentalist.

2.Michael Jackson had better entertainment with iconic videos such as Thriller, and Smooth Criminal, put on the better live performances such as Motown 25, Bad Tour in Wembley, and others, ...more

Yes! It's painfully obvious Without a doubt the greatest "entertainer". See? I didn't say greatest "singer" or greatest "dancer" or songwriter or producer. It's the fact that he was the best of having all of those feats. There are better singers out there then MJ, hell even modern technical dancers would wipe the floor with him. But it's the fact that he carried all this talent and was the best to ever do it. Look at Super Bowl's halftime in 1993. He stands still for 2 MINUTES, turns his head for a milisecond and the crowd goes into frenzy. He's also the best selling black entertainer of all time. Third best overall, but that's only behind the white-dominated Beatles and Elvis. Worldwide, michael is the true king of music. The smallest hud in an isolated island won't know lucy in the sky or jailhouse rock, but they'll moonwalk the hell out of a billie jean sequence. So yeah, "entertainment" wise, Michael Jackson is in fact, the greatest entertainer of all time.

Best dancer of all time, best singer of all time (Tie with Freddie Mercury), awesome song-writer, most awarded artist of all time, most charitable artist of all time (+300 000 000$ when he was alive and a total of 500 000 000 to this day), you can tell he was a good actor if you watch the Bad and the Thriller clips. He have the best selling album of all time, Thriller with more than 33 millions sells in the U.S and 110 millions worldwide. He broke racial barriers for black artists during the 80s and for every other black artists to come. He's considered by most as the best entertainer of all time and his without a doubt the most famous men of the 20th century, maybe of all time.

Number 1 for Sure.

Some people kept saying he doesn't change music history. WHAT THE HECK!?

Here are 5 Ways He Changed Music History.
1. Broke Down Racial Barriers making way for black artists to rise up on the music scene.

2.Created a new way of dance which was simple for people to dance yet so mysterious and beautiful.

3. Influenced MTV through epic short films
4. Influenced Music Fashion through Military
-Inspired Jackets and the one-hand glove.

5. Inspired Many of Today's Musicians including Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Celine Dion, Justin Bieber and Alicia Keys.

Oh my god. Why are the Beatles over Michael? No one should be over Michael jackson. He's the greatest. Michael was at number 1, then he drops to number 2! Wow! The Beatles fan base is nothing compared to Michaels!

You bumped mj out of number 1? Michael Jackson was the greatest of all time. 3 albums in the top 25 of greatest selling, won the most grannies in one night, broke racial barriers, the most awarded artist, highest selling remix and studio album ever, has the highest attended tour of any solo artist, has the most number 1 hits off an album, used a quarter of his salary to build hospitals in Africa! The most unique artist ever, an inovator of pop genre! It should be Michael Jackson, the Beatles, then Led Zeppelin! Remember thus, the Beatles accomplished things as a group. There was only one of Michael!

Michael Jackson was great, don't get me wrong. But come on, The Beatles are by far better! Jackson produced ten albums over 29 years, arguably three of which were great albums, the rest ranged from good to mediocre. The Beatles on the other hand were prolific, producing far more music of much higher quality in seven years and evolved from album to album. At their best they made masterpieces of music and art that changed the shape of music, at their worst they still produced catchy, but still very good pop songs. Jackson made very good catchy pop songs, the Beatles made pure art. Also the argument that Jackson was more popular is a pathetic argument, of course his music is going to be very popular because it is catchy and accessible and also just because something is popular it doesn't make it good. Besides in that same vein of argument the Beatles are arguably more popular as they are the highest selling artists of all time. Also accolades don't mean as music awards were barely a ...more

Michael Jackson is the best! I doubt if the Beatles deserves that spot, ones again the most overrated band of all got its way, well ok, however rankings are nothing, Michael Jackson is way better no need to compare, He compose songs which stimulates actions, whenever he aims for helping others and putting it on his songs, he never fails to get others moving and get them to act, stand up and make a change... Musicality, voice he has everything an artist should have.

Too many people on here vote based on whats more popular, not on what is actually better. Popularity means nothing! McDonalds is one of the most popular food chains on the planet, but you would have to be bloody mad to call it brilliant food. Michael Jackson will of cause be extremely popular because his music style is catchy, easy going and accessible, but that don't make it brilliant.

Also look up Bob Fosse; Jackson pretty much ripped of his whole look and style from him.

Who cares if a artists can dance what does that have to do with how good music is the beatles made the best rock music ever they also made the best rock albums ever who cares if you can dance to there music they are the most influential music artists of all time the three best music artists of all time are number 1 beatles number 2 elvis Presley number 3 led zeppelin

Michael Jackson at #2! Come on, He released the BEST-SELLING ALBUM of ALL TIME, with timeless hits like Billie Jean, Beat It, Smooth Criminal and more. He is also the most awarded artist ever with 23 World Records, 24 AMA's, 13 grammys (8 won in 1984), Etc... Although The Beatles are amazing for a pop group, Jackson was an amazing solo artist. And for ALL you rap lovers, you might wanna listen to his music

MJ is the only artist to have top 10 hits in 5 different decades 6 if you count his J5 days, has sales of 1 billion records worldwide (confirmed haters) his estate generated 2 billion dollars in earnings alone, he is the most awarded artist of all time, top 10 in vevo certifications, had 2 billion views in total on his vevo channel..

The Beatles don't compare to MJ but let White America hype them, deep down they know Michael is the greatest!

Easiest the greatest musician of all time. Why? Because he started his career when he was like 7 or 8 years old and he sang like an angel. Later in his solo career, not only his singing was great and his songs as well, but these dance moves he had. No one can dance like MJ and that is why he will always be number 1.


Michael Jackson should be before the Beatles! They're good but what are they the kings of? NOTHING! The King of Pop is the best entertainer of all time. This is ridiculous. He should be #1!

He is the greatest artist of all time not the Beatles. The Beatles are suppose to be number two and Michael number 1. You can go anywhere around the world and ask them about this legend they will tell you everything you need to know about him. he's music was too popular and he was too influential. Even today he's music is still loved more than other artist. He is by far the richest dead person.