Jeff Lynne


A music producer is responsible for how a recording sounds. That's what Jeff did when he produced a record. He had a sound in his head and he worked on the recording until it was as close to the sound in his head as he could get it. It didn't hurt that he is a consummate multi-instrumentalist, and could play and sing on the records he produced, in order to get them to that high standard he has in his head. Now he plays almost every instrument on his own albums, which must be great for him.

What else could I say that hasn't already been said? The man is a genius, point blank. His production and songwriting on ELO records shows much innovation, brilliance, and a genuine love of music; you can hear the absolute passion put into every single record, even if a song or two here and there are spotty (the worst ELO song is still head and shoulders above most music from the time period). It is so refreshing to see he's recieved the accolades he deserves, and I think the delay in this is a result of his musical ideas and concepts being a bit too ahead of their time, and being too ambiguous to truly appease what could be considered the most opinionated and critical genres of music (classical and rock, respectively). We are now in a time where it has its place. Thank you Jeff Lynne, we will carry on your legacy.

Even those with years of formal education in music stand in the shadow of Jeff Lynne. He hears the music in his head, interprets it, plays it, records it and then produces it so that the world can enjoy it for evermore. A master craftsman second to none. To be at the top of his profession and still performing/producing after 50 + years in the business is incredible. When the greats in music want to work with Jeff, you know he's the greatest of them all. All credit and respect earned and well deserved.

I was on another top ten list and I saw jeff lynne wasn't in the top 50, I mean that's a disgrace, that Dr Dre shouldn't be in the top 3, but in MY list I include Jeff as number two cause he helped a lot of artists out with music, including Harrison's Cloud Nine album which was his comeback.

First he creates ELO and orchestral rock. Then he produces every living Beatle- individually and together. He writes Free Fallin with Tom and gets Roy Orbison to the top ten again. I recently found he rerecorded ELO songs and released a compilation. Most people doing so has the motive of cutting other band members out of the picture and taking performance royalties. Not Jeff. Jeff did it because he wasn't happy with the originally production and felt the songs could be improved with all of his life experience since the 70s. The man is incredible.

Del Shanon, George Harrison, Paul Mcartney, Tom Petty, Beatles, Roy Orbison, Regina Spektor, Joe Walsh, etc, etc, etc... Sir Jeff Lynne is the best... I think...

Jeff Lynne managed to be apart of so many top hit songs, and helped so many people out including Tom Petty, George Harrison, the Beatles, and others. He was extremely talented, and there is no one else like him. In my opinion he can go even higher than this 4th place spot. I mean this guy after so long made a new album, "Alone in the Universe", and it is an amazing album. He is truly amazing.

A who's who of record producers. A marvelous genius at knowing what he wanted to hear and then working at it until he got it. His obsession with the recording studio has been and still is legendary. With his writing and producing chops Jeff Lynne has given the world dozens of albums and hundreds of songs in which to enjoy the experience of life.

From his influential work with The Move and ELO to his helping resurrect Roy Orbison's career to the monumental success of Tom Petty's Full Moon Fever and George Harrison's Cloud 9 to just recently Bryan Adams we've not seen anyone with Jeff's magical touch and long standing prowess ever in the history of music producing. He was even tapped to do the reunion of the Beatles, a monumental task.

This man is music. His work is perfection completed in a genius mind. I can't think of anyone with more overall talent in music creation whether it be his own or for someone else, he produces every emotion a human can experience through sound. Absolutely brilliant.

Jeff owns Melodic Rock, his song writing is flawless, timeless (proving that today) and it's about time he gets his just dessert. Who else other Than George Martin would be allowed to paint on the Beatles? Listen to the string work on Face the Music or Out of the blue and you have your answer...

Ever since he started producing Idle Race records by buying the same trousers as the producer of their first album, Jeff has brought a wit and charm to every record he has graced. Too often dismissed as simply copying the Beatles, he has evolved production to a fine and varied art, whether with the orchestra rich sounds of ELO's heyday, the synth-pop of Electric Dreams or the well-crafted rock of his Wilbury days. A true genius...

Jeff Lynne hands down. Producer of legends and a legendary talent himself. So many incredible artists have trusted him with their music including George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, and Roy Orbison just to name a few. Talent and class.

Besides having a great set of ears and technical prowess, Jeff knows how to arrange a song, get the most out of any song or melody and forms a great rapport with his fellow recording artists in studio. Awfully humble, but far more clever and talented than any current wunderkind out there today.

Revived Roy Orbison, George Harrison, Paul McCartney album Flaming Pie nominated for Grammy, songs with Tom Petty legendary Free Falling and Learn to Fly! Chosen by the Beatles to produce Free as a Bird and Real Love.

There has never been a more talented producer. I consider him to be #1 in the field. His music and direction come from his soul even when his heart may not be fully involved. If I had the opportunity to meet any one living person of my choice, it would be Jeff Lynne so I could thank him for his music.

For 30 years I've had the same 200 songs in my digital playlist. I just recently noticed that about 1/2 of the list is linked to Jeff Lynne. Either as a writer, composer, producer or contributing artist. Regarding Jeff's work... I can't get it out of my head. In my book, he is #1.

Jeff Lynne has resurrected so many careers, and now his own is back on a high. Jeff is the best songwriter, singer, musician, and producer, ever to walk the face of the earth.

You don't get to produce the people he has produced by accident. A seriously talented man who has the respect of his peers as a producer/musician. Certainly deserves to be in the top 10 of all time.

Jeff Lynne is to modest and shy to promote himself. A nice bloke. Not only he is a great producer, he is also a great singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. There's no other in this list who can say that. I think he deserves to be ranked 1.

Jeff Lynne produced 'Free as a Bird' by the Beatles, he managed to take an out of sync John Lennon cassette recording and build 2 beautiful Beatles recordings around it. When you can impress Paul McCartney you're doing something right. His classic ELO work is second to none. Unlike some of the producers on here Jeff co-wrote most of the hits he produced and played and sang on them too.

Deserves a Knighthood for his contribution to music over the last 50 years. Still going strong and still delivering. We love you Jeff.

Should be in top 5! Everywhere you looked during the George Harrison, Dylan, Clapton, Prince heydays you found Jeff. Just look at what he did with the "Concert For George". Fantastic and very emotional!

The only people who don't vote for Jeff Lynne don't know Jeff Lynne. They know & love the songs, just might not know Jeff's involvement. Like Free Fallin' and several more Tom Petty hit songs. Slipping Away and several other Dave Edmunds songs. You Got it, and several other Roy Orbison songs. He resurrected George Harrisons career on Cloud 9, and almost made Bob Dylan sound human on the Wilburys. And when it came time to put the Beatles back together, it was George Martin who said to let Jeff Lynne work on Free As A Bird. He has made Del Shannon, The Everly Brothers, Joe Walsh and Bryan Adams sound great. And I haven't even mentioned how good he made himself sound in his wonderful Electric Light Orchestra. The real vote you should have is... who's in second behind Jeff Lynne.

Jeff Lynne is at the top of his game and the best record producer that not everyone knows exists. But for those of us who do he has been writing and producing the best pop music for over 50 years not just his own music but for many other notable stars.