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1 Isobel

The video is pretty amazing. The black and white style is done very well!

I love this song very much and the video is no less great - Alexandr

The video is pretty awesome!

2 All Is Full of Love

Bjork impressed me once more here - Alexandr

3 Army of Me

Its mind blowing... I just love its music... Its starting and the way song ends... Its just totally awesome

I love the story and effects in this video - Alexandr

4 Mutual Core
5 Black Lake
6 Lionsong
7 Human Behaviour
8 Triumph of a Heart

Ahahahahaha Did you see what that cat is doing? LOL
Now I love Bjork and cats even more - Alexandr

9 Wanderlust
10 Alarm Call

I love the wild animal/jungle theme. It fits the song perfectly as well! Amazing

I love its locations and Bjork's shark teeth - Alexandr

The Contenders

11 Earth Intruders

Weird but still great - Alexandr

12 Pagan Poetry

I can see why this video was controversial, but it felt natural. It was explicit but natural? For some reason when seeing singers such as Nicki Minaj being half naked all over the place it's uncomfortable and I wonder why they're doing it, but when Björk does it, it feels fine and normal

13 Bachelorette

I love Bjork's creative ideas in her videos. This one is special - Alexandr

14 Oceania
15 Innocence

Reminds me Enigma style a little bit - Alexandr

16 Hunter
17 Joga
18 Cocoon

Just WOW. Enough said - Alexandr

19 Possibly Maybe
20 Big Time Sensuality
21 Hidden Place
22 Utopia
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1. Lionsong
2. Black Lake
3. Mutual Core
1. Hunter
2. Pagan Poetry
3. Oceania
1. Alarm Call
2. Isobel
3. Army of Me


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