Elvis Presley

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Elvis Presley was a American musician and actor. Known as "The King" He was mostly known for his number 1 singles including "Heartbreak Hotel" "Hound Dog" "Jailhouse Rock" "Love me Tender" Elvis debuted in the movie "Love me Tender" and focused less on his music and continued that way. ...read more.


Elvis was a phenomena. He arrived on the rock a billy train in a flash. His presence in public was mesmerizing due to his charm, good looks and charisma. He had a God given talent and loved to sing southern gospel songs with his friends. His personal life was tragic not unlike many of his admirers.Through all of his faults he maintained a following of millions of fans around the world. No mortal being is perfect and Elvis said it best when asked how the image compared to the man, "Lets put it this way, it is very hard to live up to the image" (Elvis Presley at Madison Square Garden press conference)

Well I think Elvis should take the number one spot as he changed music with his own style of music this now called Rock and roll. Before Elvis music was a joke.

I'm not saying Michael Jackson is not up there with his dance move's etc

But Elvis gave us rock and Roll had changed the world. Long live the king!

No one has ever come close to his charisma, extreme talent, versatility, good looks, and his downright generous character. There will never ever be another Elvis Presley, he was one of a kind and the very best entertainer in the world. His contributions to music have influenced every rock band from Robert Plant and Led Zeppelin to every other musical talent in the rock genre. He will always be " THE KING" for a reason.

What can be said that has not already been said? He definitely had it all! One of a very few who's voice actually got better with age. He was selling out venues literally until the day he died. What made Elvis the greatest was his ability to sing ANY song from ANY genre and brilliantly make it his own. He made you feel the song. Unbelievable what he accomplished in a mere 20 years of performing and actually less than that recording and touring. Just phenomenal!

The last line says it all. "Elvis Presley is the greatest entertainer to ever what this earth, period." Michael Jackson could dance better than anyone that I have ever seen, but as far as the voice, looks, charisma, vocal range, and shear raw talent, Elvis Presley had no equal. To rank him 2nd is a mistake.

Although I myself am not a huge Elvis fan, I cannot deny his musical importance. Simply by shaking his pelvis and singing in a velvety deep baritone, Elvis changed rock 'n roll forever. He set the stage for other legendary rock acts like the Beatles. Elvis is still played worldwide and his contribution to American culture cannot be overlooked.

Literally everyone who followed him copied him. He was/is one of a kind, did his own thing and we'll never see his likes again in our lifetimes. He IS the King of Rock and Roll and those who disagree are far to young to realize that. Those of us who grew up in the era of Elvis, know it as a positive.

In my life span of 73 years, I have heard and seen the best of the best... And I can honestly say, without reservations, that Elvis Presley was the best entertainer and singer of the 20th century... Everything that came after him actually took from him and incorperated it into theirs, which is and was the ultimate way of showing respect for his music. So many would have never even been known if it wasn't for Elvis. Such a contribution has never been know before or after him... Just Saying...

Over rated, but talented. Presley gets to much credit for Rock and Roll, due to the fact so many other talented black artist were denied the opportunity he received because of the color of his skin. So many white artist of the era stole, copied and tried to emulate the creative genius of so many others!

Elvis will always be the best entertainer of all time not even close with Jackson. Elvis brought together blacks and whites in music his voice was multi dimensional he could do 3 different voice pitches alto bass and tenor in a single song. He could sing gospel and blues besides rock n roll put simply he was the best 1968 comeback special proves it.

Elvis Presley will always be the greatest entertainer of them all. Coming from a poor background born in Tupelo. Him as a kid and teen was very shy. But became the most honored singer of them all. He also had a beautiful voice more than any other.

Elvis is without a doubt the greatest ever period. He died 40 years ago and people still play his music everyday. He is the biggest Influence on many of yesterday's and today's biggest stars. He will live forever In the hearts of millions of fans.

Elvis is the most popular entertainer of all time. Sure everyone has an opinion, yet facts say it all. Elvis was the king and sold more records than anyone in History. Yes, even more than Jackson.

Elvis, was not the greatest singer in pop music nor was he the king, he tried to dance (unsuccessfully) and sing like other black entertainers before his era (which was influential to him), and His popularity base, was mostly "white". Prince and Michael Jackson are both the most gifted artists, throughout generations past and present.

Elvis is the one and only KING of music, Elvis could sing any type of music and put more feeling in to a song than anyone else by far.

It' s not even close. Elvis commanded an audience like no other person. Sold out performances in Las Vegas, a billion records sold and counting. He changed America like no other entertainer. As John Lennon said "without Elvis, there would have been no Beatles". Long live the "King".

Who is the greatest singer? Is debatable. Who had the greatest voice? Is not! Elvis stands alone! From "Jailhouse Rock" to "How Great Thou Art" he is the standard bearer of all singers.

MOST no1 singles, albums, most gold, platinum, multi platinum singles & albums. THE complete package.
Everyone else after him should have sold 3-4 as many records as Elvis just to equal him as the world's population has grown accordingly since his time. NO ONE has been able to do that.

No one will ever come closer to Elvis Presley he is the best singer all times and the greatest entertainer ever, so the one and only King of music

Elvis Presley is by far the best singer that ever lived. Michael Jackson the best dancer by far. The Beatles the best group, no-one else comes close the these 3 Super Acts.

Everyone remembers where they were when he died, you can't say that about any other singer. He had a voice and a range that encompasses everything and everyone.

elvis is worldwide known the most popular singer of all time the most no1s the most gold records the most gold albums and most records sold. the king forever

Elvis sold more records than Michael Jackson in about half the time. The Beatles sold more records than Michael in about one fourth the time. Look it up folks.

Elvis is in several Halls of Fame. He served his country in active duty, not in special service. He has influenced just about everyone who has come after him.

Nobody has ever been greater than Elvis and nobody ever will! He was beautiful inside and outside, incredible talented and one of the warmest and most caring human beings ever