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Michael Joseph Jackson was an American singer, dancer, and songwriter born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana and passed away on June 25, 2009. He donated (at least) a remarkable 500,000,000 dollars to charity. Michael is also known as The King of Pop (a title given to him by Elizabeth Taylor) or under ...read more.


Michael JACKSON IS THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER OF ALL TIME. Just the fact that the homeless little kids in the streets of Asia know Michael Jackson's music and dance, this makes him the most influential and famous entertainer in the world. I doubt these homeless kids (who have no shelter, internet and television) know who Elvis or The Beatles are. Michael Jackson's fame and influence can never be paralleled.

I'm only in my early teens. I was 4-5 yrs old when Michael died but I have heard about him all my life. I love his music and he inspires me and everyone who knows and loves him. I love his songs and voice and talent. He could dance, sing, beatbox, you name it. He loved to help people. Especially children who are going through rough times like cancer or an illness. He showed people that it doesn't matter how old you are, you can still have fun and help people at the same time. He visited hospitals and donated money to charities. You could go anywhere in the world and say these two words, Michael Jackson. Immediately you will get people who would respond because he is the only entertainer to be known world-wide. He proved that no matter your circumstances if you persevere you will be given something much better in the end. He taught to heal the world and to make the world a better place so our descendants will have a better world. Michael Jackson was the greatest and most talented man ...more

I have seen them all. The Beatles. Elvis Presley. Everybody on the music scene today. And hands down Michael Jackson is the greatest talent this world has ever seen and will ever see. If you think "Thriller" is the best example of his talent you have seen nothing. Michael is a triple threat -- singer, dancer and songwriter and is outstanding at all three. There has never been somebody who did that. Watching him perform is a religious experience. Just watch his fans -- crying and fainting. And on top of this untouchable talent is a heart full of love for everybody. I am sad to think we will never see this again.

Michael Jackson didn't make music about sex, drugs or alcohol like today's music. He made music about love, beauty and children. He saw the good in everything. He was so strong with all the allegations and lies. Somehow he managed to keep a smile on his face. At some point he broke, because he's human. He turned to music to help him with all of it. I love him and admire him. He saved many lives and never took advantage of it. I love you Michael! Thank you for everything that you've done.

He had everything. He was the most amazing singer and dancer who had intensely charismatic stage presence. Women and men screamed, chanted his name, and fainted at his concerts. He had a profound connection to his audience because he challenged people to be their best and conveyed the urgency for us to take care of the planet. A remarkable soul who stands in a class all his own, and the world will never see anything like him again. I will always miss his presence in the world.

This man is the best of joy a real thriller remember the time is history no time for monkey business time to beat it Bieber Billie jean was bad now I'm trying to heal the world by starting with the man in the mirror your just another part of me because we are the world got something to say say it to Dirty Diana or leave me alone or it gets dangerous... Speechless or is it human nature

Thus man had a GREAT voice. His dancing and wicked performances sometimes make people forget that this guy could sing and sing REALLY well. No one can match him in Who's Loving You (which he did at the age of 10 or 11) and no one can match him in Earth Song (which he did in his last '30s). And no one can cross over so many music genres as fluidly as him, he could do soul, pop, rock, hard rock, funk etc. Plus he was totally original with his voice, specifically the vocal hiccups he is known for.

He was the complete package: a supernaturally gifted singer and dancer who gave explosive onstage performances and had enormous, enigmatic charisma. The day he died an enormous quantity of energy was emptied from the world, and I think this is because for those of us who loved him, a part of ourselves was also lost. I will always miss his presence in the world. It is extremely unlikely that the world will ever see anything like him again.

Four halls of fame: Dance, Rock & Roll (twice), and Songwriters, 20 Guinness World Records, and an unparalleled appeal to the poorer countries of the world, some 3 - 4 billion people. Nobody, and I mean person in my lifetime can come close to that.

He also had an immense depth of artistry and emotion.

Michael Jackson was the first and will be the only performer in the entire history of humankind to have encompassed and appealed to ALL walks of life on earth - whether be it by race, creed, religion, socio-economic status, sexual preference, nationality, gender, age... you name it all, he is the most popular person that ever walked on earth

From winning 8 Grammy's in one night to countless awards and acheivements being a single man entertaining thousands in one night to writing some of the greatest music of all time to being the most iconic person of all time to creating the moon walk to making thriller and saving an industry it self to having the biggest heart to having the greatest story for any artist to simply being the king of pop, and maybe even music from being the scrawny African American kid playing at clubs in Indiana to becoming the greatest entertainer of all time that's Michael jackson

Michael Jackson's performances, now only to be seen on video, are magical. Many of his songs have brought me to tears. You just feel the love that he expresses through his incredible, God-given, amazing talent. You also feel the love he had for his fans, for the forgotten, for the wounded. Michael Jackson was filled with love, with soul. Amazing person.

Michael is number one for a good reason; the man is perfection. His voice, his dancing, his short films, his humanitarian efforts, his LOOKS... the list goes on forever. How could you not love Michael Jackson, like, is that even humanly possible?

He was amazing and is missed by everyone around the world. If he could have seen all the tears and sadness that occurred the day he died he would have seen how beloved he was. He was the most amazing artist ever. The gorgeous voice the gloves and the wardrobe. He was just breathtaking. I shall miss him for the rest of my life

A supernaturally talented soul with profoundly powerful onstage performances. He bathed people in stardust wherever he went, and inspired people to be their best by example of his humble and gentle nature. There has been an enormous void left in the earth since his departure from it. We were, and still are so unwilling to let him go.

I'm just 21 yearsold which is so far from his era, however, I'm inspired so much by his music which he put entire sould and heart into it. What he had done not only has changed the face of music industry but also healed the world with so many beautiful inspiring messages to people, especial to children in the world. I would say he is not only a musical genius, but also a most beautiful gift that God gave us. All of the masterpieces that he created truly come from his pure beautiful sweet heart. Most of my friends prefer to listen to the music nowadays but I would rather to listen to his songs all day long and help inspire me so much. Love him always and forever.

Just watch him in a side by side video comparison with any other artist. He put on a artful show of dance that everybody wanted to go home and practice what they just witnessed. Even if you don't like his music, you have to admit you let out a few "WOWS" while watching him perform.

He strived to be the best and he did it! No other name comes up more often when other entertainers are asked who influenced them than Michael. He was a big influence to the world! He was a big part of my childhood for sure. When he passed it felt like we knew him personally. Gone but never forgotten. His music, videos, and legacy lives on for generations to come!

It is impossible to put this man's genius into words. You simply have to see it to belive it. He makes your innermost feelings rise to the surface and spill over like a waterfall. The way he connects to people is on a soul level. I believe that SINCERITY was the secret of his success.

Michael Jackson was the most talented dancer to ever live, hands down, but to rank him over Elvis Presley as the greatest entertainer is a mistake. Elvis had more vocal range and power, he could sing any kind of music (4 hall of fames says it all), has sold more records, 33 movies, the first entertainer to be broadcast via satellite world wide with over a billion viewers; he had the looks, the charisma, and the raw talent to truly earn the the title "the king".

It's just Michael Jackson, no one comes close. This man is in another league and nobody quite knows where that league is or how to enter it. There will never be another Michael Jackson. He was a musical superstar and truly gifted genius.

The man personified magnificence. He moved in and out of time and moved us with him. He was so spiritual he was misunderstood, but the pain brought out his best for us to experience and enjoy. We love and miss you Michael.

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Michael, Michael, Michael... such a kind, sweet, and misunderstood being. You couldn't stop his feet.. each dance move was electrifying and untamed. His vision was like no other and anyone could see that from his charity donations to his music videos... and if you look back in the 70s... little Michael was FUNKY! His beauty was incredible... Lord this man was fine! He is the greatest performer I have ever seen... - purpleneverland

Michael has the highest attended tour for a solo artist, and the only artist to place 3 times in highest attended tours with Dangerous, Bad, and HIStory. There's a reason people came to see him. Not only the greatest entertainer, but artist as well.