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1 Polish

We are the riders ballers and the realest ever

2 British

I'm an American but British people are pretty great, you know. The only thing I dislike about them is the fact that they still have a monarchy but who cares about that, it's not my country. But still, we're equally screwed right now so I'll just choose Brits.

Gotta say british are nothing special...

I am sorry, but british are AWESOME!

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3 Russian

Many say that Russians are unfriendly and never smile, but I have never met kinder people. My Russian friends are caring, friendly, always helping, even self-sacrificing. They don't care about money, they care about their family and friends.

They beat up everyone who went against them. The oldest standing superpower from Ivan III to Putin and on.

Strong nationality with a lot of history culture

4 Brazilian

This people are amazing

Watch him rolling a.k.a Neymar jr

5 Irish

I like the Irish people. They are friendly, funny and they have always good mood.

The Irish are the best people.

6 Italian
7 Japanese
8 American

Bit lower than I thought... oh well I guess we are pretty messed up

I may not have been born here, but I love this country more than any other. I am American at heart.

Do we suck that much? Because we're low down here

Surprised we're not #1

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9 French
10 Swiss

I love me some SWISS cheese *licks lips*

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? Algerian

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11 Austrian
12 Filipino

Yes Filipino is great and very hospitable. Filipino-Irish and Filipino-German are perfect combination. Mixed of these nationalities are superb. I love Ireland

Filipinos are so amazing peoples...

I am proud to be a Filipino! PUSO PARA SA PINAS! Haha!

13 Chinese

So proud to be Chinese! - keycha1n


14 Norwegian

I was born in Oslo, Norway but my nationality is American because my parents are American

15 German

Heil Hitler! We are the master race!

I'm 100% Russian, but look. I even voted for German. I just love everything about them. I mean, not their past, like in the 1940s, but otherwise, they can be really great. Ick Vaad!

16 Swedish

They are the Chuck Norris of nationalities

17 Dutch
18 Turkish
19 Canadian

Canada is obviously the best by far. They got the most awesome race in the world, Native American, and they like burgers and hockey. Also, they speak French. I'm American but I vote for Canada cause their some awesome, just unknown.

20 Argentinian
21 Hungarian
22 Czechoslovakian
23 Greek

By far the best.. I am German and I still say so..

Greeks are hospitable since antiquity, it's in their blood. They are always happy and friendly. Also don't forget that Greeks are the descendants of Ancient Greeks... What can simply be cooler than that?

24 Australian

Australia is the Hot Hell that everybody says that it is, but it is still pretty good.

Country to live & enjoy.

25 Portuguese

Nice kind help people when they are in need

26 Finnish
27 Serbian

The people are so misunderstood. Great people great country. The recent past has been horrible, but the people are some of the nicest and most hospitable that I've ever met, and I've been to 24 different countries.

28 Indian

How could Indians not be on this list. They go all over the world to help economies. Indians have done a great deal of work in New York, London, Melbourne, Chicago! And Dubai, Doha, and other cities use South Asians as their fuel for better infrastructure. In many foreign schools Indians are toppers!

Most beautiful

29 Albanian
30 North Korean

Funny joke

31 Lithuanian
32 Scottish

Very friendly people.

33 Welsh
34 Belgian
35 Puerto Rican

We have the most beautiful women, great food, great beaches, and we have a great history!

36 South Korean
37 Thai

Are you kidding me? Seriously!? second last? Really?

38 Malaysian
39 Latvia
40 Estonian
41 Belarusian
42 Spanish
43 Dominican
44 South African
45 Icelandic Icelandic
46 Somalian


47 Slovenian
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