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1 Polish

We are the riders ballers and the realest ever

2 British

I'm an American but British people are pretty great, you know. The only thing I dislike about them is the fact that they still have a monarchy but who cares about that, it's not my country. But still, we're equally screwed right now so I'll just choose Brits.

Gotta say british are nothing special...

I am sorry, but british are AWESOME!

I am happy to be british

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3 Russian

Many say that Russians are unfriendly and never smile, but I have never met kinder people. My Russian friends are caring, friendly, always helping, even self-sacrificing. They don't care about money, they care about their family and friends.

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4 Irish

I like the Irish people. They are friendly, funny and they have always good mood.

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5 Brazilian
6 Italian
7 Japanese
8 French
9 American

Bit lower than I thought... oh well I guess we are pretty messed up

Do we suck that much? Because we're low down here

So friendly, caring, and amiable!

Not voting cause I think it is great, I don't think that everyone there is bad, but... some are just, meh..

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10 Austrian

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11 Swiss

I love me some SWISS cheese *licks lips*

12 Filipino

Filipinos are so amazing peoples...

I am proud to be a Filipino! PUSO PARA SA PINAS! Haha!

13 German

I'm 100% Russian, but look. I even voted for German. I just love everything about them. I mean, not their past, like in the 1940s, but otherwise, they can be really great. Ick Vaad!

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14 Swedish

They are the Chuck Norris of nationalities

15 Norwegian

I was born in Oslo, Norway but my nationality is American because my parents are American

16 Dutch
17 Chinese

So proud to be Chinese! - keycha1n

18 Turkish
19 Argentinian
20 Hungarian
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