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21 Canadian

Canada is obviously the best by far. They got the most awesome race in the world, Native American, and they like burgers and hockey. Also, they speak French. I'm American but I vote for Canada cause their some awesome, just unknown.

22 Czechoslovakian
23 Greek

By far the best.. I am German and I still say so..

Greeks are hospitable since antiquity, it's in their blood. They are always happy and friendly. Also don't forget that Greeks are the descendants of Ancient Greeks... What can simply be cooler than that?

24 Finnish
25 Serbian

The people are so misunderstood. Great people great country. The recent past has been horrible, but the people are some of the nicest and most hospitable that I've ever met, and I've been to 24 different countries.

26 Australian

Country to live & enjoy.

27 Portuguese

Nice kind help people when they are in need

28 Albanian
29 Lithuanian
30 Welsh
31 Belgian
32 Puerto Rican

We have the most beautiful women, great food, great beaches, and we have a great history!

33 South Korean
34 Thai

Are you kidding me? Seriously!? second last? Really?

35 Malaysian
36 North Korean
37 Latvia
38 Estonian
39 Belarusian
40 Spanish
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