The Ultimate Team Match

2storm Image these jerseys are Pro Bowl jerseys.

John Madden: Hello this is John Madden. I will be managing commentary today. The Snakes will be facing the Bulls. The Snakes QB is Joe Montana. The Bulls is Brett Favre. The kick return for Snakes is Devin Hester. The Bulls is Ted Ginn. The HB for the Snakes is Walter Payton. The Bulls is Barry Sanders. The Snakes FB is Christian Okoye. The Bulls is Emmitt Smith. The Snakes WR are Jerry Rice, Odell Beckham, Sammy Watkins, Devin Hester, and Terrell Owens. The Bulls are Michael Irvin, Randy Moss, Ted Ginn, Percy Harvin, and Larry Fitzgerald. The Snakes TE is Shannon Sharpe. The Bulls are Rob Gronkoski. The OL for the Snakes are Anthony Munoz, Orlando Pace, John Hannah, and Jason Peters. The Bulls Forrest Gregg, Bruce Matthews, Jerry Cramer, and Kevin Allen. And the Snakes center is John Sullivan. The Bulls John Olivia. The Snakes Cornerbacks are Champ Bailey and Dick Night Train Lane. The Bulls are Deion Sanders and Darryl Revis. The Safeties for the Snakes are Kam Chancellor and Sean Taylor. The Bulls are Brian Dawkins and Troy Polamalu. The Defensive lineman for the Snakes are Alan Page, Jared Allen, JJ Watt, and Michael Strahan. The Bulls are Reggie White, Joe Greene, Bruce Smith, and Deacon Jones. The Snakes Linebackers are Ray Lewis, Brian Urlacher, and Patrick Willis. The Bulls are Lawrence Taylor, Rick Butkus, and Jack Lambert. The kicker for the Snakes is Adam Vineteri. The Bulls is Blair Walsh.

John Madden: So let's start coach for the Snakes is Bill Walsh Bulls is Vince Lombardi. Kickoff goes to Snakes. Walsh kicks to Hester he runs forward jukes spins speeds up trucks Walsh and he is free for the touchdown on the first play! And the kick is good for Adam. Adam kicks off to Ginn. Ginn moves jukes but is took down by Alan Page they start at the 28 yard line. And now the Bulls take the field in a shotgun offense 4 wides Farve takes the snape and passes Randy Moss on the curl route 6 yard gain he is taken down by Sean Taylor. Favre goes out in I form 3 wides he snaps it and hands it off to Barry Sanders who gets 5 yards on the dive Wk. play took down by Ray Lewis. First down Farve comes out in same formation snaps it and play action Michael Irvin is streaking Farve throws INTERCEPTION BY DICK NIGHT TRAIN! He returns it to the Snakes 43 yard line. Montana comes out in a pistol 3 wides one back and a TE. Montana snaps and throws to dragging Jerry Rice for 12 yards he is took down by Deion Sanders. Montana comes out no backs 5 Wides and a TE. Montana snaps and throws to Sharpe on the corner for a 17 yard gain. They are at the 28 yard line. Montana comes out 3 wide I Form and Montana snaps he hands it off to he Walter Payton runs to the 14 yard line brung down by Brian Dawkins. Montana comes out in a pistol 4 wide, 1 back, and a Te. Play action and pass incomplete. Montana snaps in the same formation and rush for 12 yards. And the Snakes come out in goal line offense and Christian Okoye has a touchdown. 14-0 Snakes.
In Huddle.
Vince Lombardi: Hey guys get excited Favre run smarter plays. Hey wides run your routes too.
Bill Walsh: Guys you got to play D good job offense.
John Madden: So kickoff by Vineteri to Ginn he returns jukes spins and tackled by Patrick Willis at the 12. Favre comes out 5 wide snaps it throws it to Percy Harvin and he catches runs and tackled by Sean Taylor but not before a 70 yard gain. At the 28 yard line Favre snaps in a pistol and he is sacked for five yards by J.J. Watt. Jerry Cramer bad blocking. Favre steps on in the same formation he snaps Irvin does a out route and Favre passes and 33 yard touchdown pass from Favre to Irvin. And the extra point is good for Walsh.
Vince Lombardi: Good job guys excellent stop Montana pin them down.
Bill Walsh: Guys you got to step up come on play that deep ball.
John Madden: 14-7 Snakes. Blair Walsh kicks Hester gets it and returns but is tackled at the 6 by Lawrence Taylor. Montana snaps it in I Form play action. But he is sacked by Joe Greene for 4 yards. Montana snaps in 5 wide throws a curl to Rice BUT IT IS PICKED OFF BY DEION SANDERS AND RETURNS 10 5 TOUCHDOWN PRIMETIME! He returned it for a touchdown. Extra point is good time game. Blair Walsh kicks and a touchback by Hester end of the first quarter.

Bulls 109 yards passing 1 touchdown and 0 rushing yards out of 4 Passing attempts and 2 rushing attempts.
Snakes 29 yards passing and 24 rushing yards one touchdown out of 3 Passing attempts and 4 rushing attempts.

John Madden: Comes out with 5 wide he snaps and is sacked by Brian Dawkins wait NO IT'S A FUMBLE HE PICKS IT UP 20 10 5 TOUCHDOWN BRAIN DAWKINS AMAZING! 14-21 Bulls

The next two possessions are boring incomplete passes and punts. 3:53 time left.

John Madden: Vineteri punts to Ted Ginn he returns jukes and he hurdles over Kam Chancellor 28-14.

The rest is your decision tell me if you want more of these for any sport and what I can improve and if you liked this a lot I will make a league goodbye.


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