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1 Mario Kart 7 Mario Kart 7 Product Image

BEST RAINBOW ROAD EVER! But... sometimes I feel like I wish I could do more than just race online and those other stuff, 3D EXACTLY WORKS GOOD IN THIS GAME!

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Should be top I have it and it is brilliant and only 2,000 coins and it's the golden kart

If you like mario and racing game this would be your favorite one, but theirs mario kart double dash

2 Super Mario 3D Land Super Mario 3D Land Product Image

This game fun I played it a few times I made it to special world 4 or 5

The only thing I hate about this game is Princess Peach, having to rescue her, having to listen to her voice and having to see her cry when kidnapped by Bowser. I don't know how that even happened. Maybe Princess Peach was frozen asleep. I prefer to rescue Luigi.

Nonetheless, I love this game. I am still a beginner of this game.

Awesome game, so much fun to play and I love the 3 dimensional concept of it. Definitely reminds me of the legendary Super Mario 64.

This is the only 3ds game so far that makes me want to play it again and again. I like Mario kart 7 as well but it isn't the same (and also they cutted out waluigi). My vote is on super Mario 3d land

3 Super Smash Brothers Super Smash Brothers Product Image

This game is so addicting! This game should really be #1! It is so fun to take with you, even on vacation. You can customize your Mii, you can use custom items on your characters, too. Best game ever! Should be #1!

Even though this game hasn't come out yet, I still think this will be the best nintendo 3ds game

Oh gosh is this game addicting. Even after you've unlocked all the charecters, there is is still TONS of replay value. Smash run was one of THE BEST ideas ever. Most characters are unique, with the exception of Lucina, Dr. Mario and Dork Pit. My favorite is veteran fighter Ness. I wish all fighting games were like this! The customization was a very good idea, and Ganondorf can FINALLY have a sword! The Mii Fighter is a very fun idea and I already have over 10. Overall, this is not just the best 3ds game, but the best fighting game EVER!

It's ALREADY on the list dummies! It's at number 5!

4 Fire Emblem: Awakening Fire Emblem: Awakening Product Image

This game never ceases to amaze me. Its difficulty ranges from easy to extremely hard and has loads of customization for each character and the many classes. Great storyline, Nice graphics, a wonderful soundtrack, and you could find yourself playing this game many times without getting bored.

Possibly the greatest game for the 3DS so far. Otherwise, one of the greatest RPGs available right now!

If you know true gaming, then you love Fire Emblem: Awakening. Who can forget the intensity of losing teammates while at the same time falling in love with them!? The best 3DS game, and one outstanding RPG. As of right now, it's 7.R.. for real. Once you've tried it, you'll play it over again many times. Get this to Number 1!

A great storyline, detailed characters, brilliant soundtrack, a fun strategy game. It has difficulty to suit everyone. Makes you think things through too, especially on classic. It's also quite nice to use old characters on spotpass. Overall one of the best games on 3DS, and games in general.

One of the best entries of the franchise. Solid Tactical RPG and the new mechanics are pretty good. Good replay value and good content. Best 3DS game.

5 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Product Image

This is really fun I beat it twice same with the master quest once

It's the best video game ever made and now it is on the 3DS so tell me why it wouldn't be number 1? I understand why it is number 5 because all the other games came out before this so decorulez97 didn't add it but it will hopefully soon be number 1...


How can this be the best of all time? I always get bored with this game! Many other games do time travel better than this game does. I have the right to criticize it because, yes I beat this game. The side quests suck and tend to be really boring. What is the point I'm trying to make? It isn't worthy of the best video game of all time. Not the best Zelda game either. Tell me, what did Ocarina do right? Sure, it had all these Mechanics, but Majora's Mask has the same ones, and it's a much better game. The 3ds remake was my last temper...

BY FAR the best game EVER! Can't put it down! I've loved the Zelda series of games since I was 9 and I'm now 22! This definitely deserves top spot!

6 The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Product Image

This great game is a masterpiece, and it needs to be remembered as much as A Link to the Past is.

Why is this only number nine? It's an awesome game. Definitely deserves to be #1. Finally we have a Zelda game with no companions and freedom of choice. Best Zelda game since Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask (they are also on 3DS, but I don't think remakes should be above a new game).

Hands down my favorite Zelda game since Wind Waker. So why wouldn't be at the top? In my opinion, this IS the the number 1 3ds game. And one of the best handheld games I have ever played.

My brother gave this to me a while ago, I'm stuck on a part because I have to have to move a rock to get to the place I need to go.

7 Animal Crossing: New Leaf Animal Crossing: New Leaf Product Image

This game deserves to be top 5. The layout of the game is just great! You can do whatever you want without anything getting to crazy.

Not a game for the hardcore gamer, but that is what makes it so special. Animal Crossing is one of those games that you will enjoy most if you put as little effort as possible into it. Once you realize that, it becomes not only super relaxing but super fulfilling as well. I often find myself becoming proud of my town and attached to my villagers. Animal Crossing is the only game that has ever done that for me.

I don't understand why this isn't even higher on the list! This song has the number one soundtrack of the 3ds games and that feel good gameplay that makes you want to revisit it every day! Not to mention it has that way of making you feel like a terrible person whenever you don't play it for a long time because you get so attached to the characters and the game!

Fantastic game. Have invested hours and hours in it and haven't got bored! The communities online are amazing too if you need help with stuff or looking for items. Nothing negative to say at all, after two years still my favourite 3DS game!

8 New Super Mario Bros. 2 New Super Mario Bros. 2 Product Image

Actually, no.
It's one of the worst.
You lose very easily! Then all your hard work is gone and you have to do more hard work. So no. This game should get deleted off the list.

Great game. My friend just got in and its really good.

The best, but then again I only have three 3ds games...

This game has the best power-ups of all time

9 Pokemon Y Pokemon Y Product Image

Although I was bothered by the Fairy-type, which I find OP, everything else they added was amazing.

Greatest Game 4 ads EVER

Amazing new Pokemon game with 3d!

This game was incredible. Deserves to be in the top ten

10 Kid Icarus: Uprising Kid Icarus:  Uprising Product Image

THIS GAME IS AMAZING! I can't believe this game is not in the top ten. Seriously, this game is one of the best games of all time! I LOVE IT! If you don't have it yet, you should definitely buy it!

Choosing one game is impossible, but I'll cast my vote for Kid Icarus because it's something new. Sure, there were two Kid Icarus games prior to this, but a) they look like they were completely different from this and b) they came out twenty years ago. The characters are hilarious. I especially love Palutena and Viridi. And the online multiplayer is super addicting. One more thing, you can definitely tell this was the same guy who made Super Smash Bros. The checklist works the same way, the Boss Battle works the same as All-Star Mode, and the Idol Toss is just like the Trophy Launcher or whatever it was called from Melee.

This is definitely one of my favorite games that I've ever played! It's got great gameplay, lovable characters, a good story that does not interfere with gameplay at all, it looks great for a 3DS game, and its got a great sense of humor! What more could you want in a game?

This game is amazing, it is my favorite game of all time. No final fantasy 7, ocarina of time is not even a competitor

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? Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Product Image

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11 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Product Image

I kinda feel bad voting a game that was originally on the N64 for a 3DS list, but I would feel worse not voting for it. Majora's Mask is easily one of my favorite games, if not my #1 favorite, of all time. Plus, being able take it on the go is a pretty amazing feeling.

It's a great game! I can't tell which is better, OoT or this!

Better than Ocarina.I love you Majora's Mask,I love you with all my heart!

This game is pretty fun but hard

12 Tomodachi Life Tomodachi Life Product Image

This game may be interesting at first, but after a few weeks of playing it, it gets old really fast. I also am a bit confused. Why is the island split up into a big one and a tiny one?

From the day I slotted in the game card, I wasn't able to stop playing. Then it was Animal Crossing: New Leaf and THEN Tomodachi Life. The possibilities in this game are ENDLESS. Your islanders keeping you busy, opening new places, experiencing a Rap Battle, falling in love and eventually having a baby! It also has interactive activities, such as magic shows and your Tomodachi's dreams. It is so fun, and I recommend it to anyone who loves role-playing.

Tomodachi life SHOULD be in first place, because this game is so fun, it is so addicting. I was begging for this game and I got it. People kinda hate it because of love but, love problems is what makes the game even BETTER. So everybody you should play this game because it is so GOOD. You will love and play it and play it everyday.

I love this game with all it's funky weirdness. You could live next door to Shigeru Miyamoto and have your siblings fall in love with a fictional character from one of your favorite book series. It's so weird, but oddly fun to me at the same time. I don't regret buying it at all.

13 Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Product Image

Probably the last and only game luigi will get for the 3ds. Plus this would be more at the top if it wasn't for the difficulty for catching the ghost

This game has it all. More mansions, more enthusiastic ghosts, great graphics and sound editing for the console, and it's just plain fun.

Best to play at night like I was when a magnitude 6.0 earthquake hit California.

This is a very good game. My aunt gave it to me while I was in Alaska, and I have been playing it ever since. I have not gotten far, but the Poltergust is remade, and the Mansion is very intruiging. This game should be a lot higher; at least in the top ten. GET THIS GAME

14 Pokemon X Pokemon X Product Image

It's amazing and beautiful and much better graphics than Black/White

Just by looking at the trailers, I think it will be a great game

It's Pokemon.. What else?

Best pokemon game, much better than those awful rby games that just sucked.

15 Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Product Image

Fighting huge monsters is really fun!

Really fun, games never ends

16 Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Product Image

Come on, luigi usually doesn't get his own games, but theirs a million luigis in this game

It was alright... I preferred Partners in Time if I'm being honest though... Luigi was hilarious in this game though!

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time is much better than Dream Team.

Its all about Mario and finally they make a luigi game

17 Kirby: Triple Deluxe Kirby: Triple Deluxe Product Image

This game is Kirby perfection! I do not have a single complaint about Triple Deluxe. It is my favorite 3ds game that is not a remake and also my 3rd favorite Kirby game. The visuals are the best in the series, the soundtrack is awesome (as usual), best mini games since Amazing Mirror, the story is surprisingly better than expected (at least for Kirby standards), and getting 100% completion was refreshingly difficult. For me, it was probably the biggest challenge to complete since Super Star. All in all, Triple Deluxe is a perfect game for any 3ds owner.

Why wasn't this on here?

This may not be the be-all, end-all Kirby game, but I still wish it was higher.

Heck yeah, I love playing this game, So fun

18 Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Product Image

I love this Pokemon x should be updated to let primals and rayquaza with dragon ascent join


Fun fun fun

Fun, but why can't they update X and Y? I LOATHE the Kalos rules...

19 Star Fox 64 3D Star Fox 64 3D Product Image

I love the N64. It is such an inspiration to the 3DS. Star Fox 64 is a wondrous, heavenly video game and its 3DS remake? A modern classic! Now, let's see these classic N64 video games and their 3DS remake.

There is Star Fox 64 3D. There is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. Can't there be a Super Mario 64 3DS?! Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64 is my favorite video game of all time.

I agree with the above comment! The 3ds needs to come out with n64 originals. I would love to see them release Kirby 64 and donkey kong 64 on 3ds. Although I think the reason super Mario 64 is not on 3ds is because it was released again on the original ds. Still though, it would be cool to have a version on 3ds with enhanced graphics.

20 Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Product Image

I really like this game, I like that you can decorate houses in anyway you like!

Don't kill me but this game is better (in my opinion) than Animal Crossing: New Leaf, because this doesn't rely on real-time

Oh my gosh! It looks SUPER fun! Except from all of my online friends are playing it :(

This game... Is actually really fun! I love the Happy Home Network and the custom designs mean you could create a Mario level, a Chanel boutique, a Pokemon pixel art store... The amiibo card feature is ok, I suppose, although not necessary.

21 Pokémon Omega Ruby Pokémon Omega Ruby Product Image

This should be higher than Pokemon x and y this is one of the best Pokemon games

Pokemon x and y are my worst Pokemon games


I love this game definitely one of the best Pokémon games of all time this should be higher

Should be higher than X and Y for sure. Hoenn over Kalos? I don't think so. Best Pokemon game after the Gen 2 Hoenn games.

22 Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition Product Image

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition is a fighting video game developed and published by Capcom for the Nintendo 3DS handheld game console. It is a port of the console game Super Street Fighter IV.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition plays much like the console version, Super Street Fighter IV. It plays like a traditional fighting game, utilizing 3D backgrounds and 3D characters on a 2D plane. It has two primary modes: single-player and multi-player, the latter mode which supports both online and local play. Other modes include Team Battle, which supports up to eight players; Replay Channel, which allows players to view and share replays with others online; and rival battles, which features a dialogue sequence between two characters which depends on who they are. The battles take place between two opponents, of whom each have their own health meter that the opponent has to deplete by attacking each other. Players win a match by either depleting the opponent's health or merely ...more

23 Mario Party Island Tour Mario Party Island Tour Product Image

This game is pretty fun but not as fun as mario party 5 and 8, but it not bad

Mario Party 1 gets a 7.4.

Mario Party 2 gets a 7.2.

Mario Party 3 gets a 7.0.

Mario Party 4 gets a 4.6.

Mario Party 5 gets a 4.8.

Mario Party 6 gets a 1.2.

Mario Party Advance gets a 4.6.

Mario Party 7 gets a 1.1.

Mario Party 8 gets a 1.5.

Mario Party DS gets a 1.7.

Mario Party 9 gets a 1.3.

Mario Party: Island Tour gets a 1.0.

I can't believe Island Tour is on the list. This game sucks! And why is Princess Peach in this game?! Why is she playing soccer & baseball with her hair down & in a dress?! I am going to hate Mario Party 10 & beyond.

This game is also top 1 on "Worst 3DS Games List". And there's almost nothing decent about this game. Princes Peach had no reason to be in this game. Rosalina does since her design is much more beautiful, as well as her voice and her appearance and even her attractiveness.

Princess Peach is one of the most important characters in the Mario series, what do you mean she had no reason to be on the game - LarrytheFairy

Another One Of My Video Game Guilty Pleasures

24 Pokemon Sun Pokemon Sun Product Image

This should go way higher. The game looks to be the best in the entire main series so far.

Vulpix is better than sandshrew.


Admit it XY fanboys
Gen 7 is best!

25 Metroid: Samus Returns Metroid: Samus Returns Product Image

A return to form with its throwback to the sidescrolling days of super metroid, fusion, and zero mission. Finally a chance to play a full Nintendo remade version of the most obscure game in the metroid franchise that connects the original and super metroid to 1 cohesive plot.

This is easily one of the most visually stunning and smooth running games on the 3ds in both 2D and 3D modes. This game is definitely on par with the likes of A Link Between Worlds, Super Mario 3D Land, and Mario Kart 7. Give it a year or two and this game will no doubt be a quintessential part of any respectable 3ds owners collection.

Falls into the same "Samus becoming ridiculously overpowered during the late game" trap as all of the other ones, but the amount of new features it has makes up for it in my opinion

(however, the Metroids' patterns definitely could have been a bit less predictable if you ask me)

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