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81 Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!

This game suck balls. and it has bad graphics. (IGN rated this game 8.5/10)

82 Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy

This should be WAY higher!
And why is Punch Time Explosion at number 8?!?
This is much better!
(Punch Time Explosion is good, but should be at 18 or something if it HAS
To be in the Top 20)

83 Boulder Dash-XL 3D
84 Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

THIS MADE MY FEELS HURT. It just basically smacked me in the face a million times. But I loved it so much, so it deserves to go up on the list

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85 Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir

A great game with a great story and gameplay! - willykid

Planning on getting this eventually - llamabaconllama37

86 Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
87 Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7

Oh my god! YES! HARRY POTTER! Love the culture and magic, this game should be top 1 for sure.

88 Tales of the Abyss

This game reminded me of when I was playing Final Fantasy 7... Which is really a good thing. It had a kick-ass main character who starts out as a nOOb pretty much, and then matures as the story progresses. Since it's a "tales" game it's got the active combat you would expect and god the anime style is amazingly detailed & colourful... Even though the actual 3D models weren't as pretty to be honest.

Yet what really made it special was the story, the originality and the whole experience honestly. A great rpg in terms of gameplay, characters and music... In-game graphics are decent... So honestly buy this game play it for over ten hours (you'll love it or it's not your style) and then come back and vote for this :D

89 Bravely Second: End Layer
90 Face Raiders

It was AWESOME, and so addicting!

91 Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS

It's Mario maker on the 3ds, pretty self explanitory

92 Angry Birds Trilogy
93 Shinobi

2nd game I got for the system, but I like the game.

94 Pokemon Rumble World
95 Mario Golf: World Tour

94?! This deserves to be much higher! - DaisyandRosalina

96 Style Savvy: Trendsetters

This game is so much fun! You start as an employee at a Boutique and later you become the manager. You get to rename the store. Then you are in charge of buying the clothes for the store and decorating the store. Every time you make someone happy, some happiness gets added to a jar. At night (in the game) the happiness gets put into the moon. Every time there is a full moon, you unlock more things. There are also places on a map that you can go to. You have an apartment and that is where you can change your clothes and makeup. You get the clothes at the buyers center and the makeup at the makeup place. You can also get your hair done at the hair stylist. You can decorate your apartment with things in the furniture store. To buy things in this game, you need the money from the customers at your store. This is a great game!

Best game ever and like the only game meant for girls got it on Christmas and it rocks

97 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate

I avoided this game like the plague for a year due to terrible reviews. Even though I am a huge Castlevania fan, I have to be choosy about my games due to limited time to play them. I bought this game recently on a whim and I am SO glad I did. I would've never gotten to experience this gem of a game if I didn't take the chance. This game is phenomenal! Not only is it one of my favorite Castlevania games but it's my favorite 3DS game of all time! It combines every that made Lords of Shadow awesome and everything that made the traditional Castlevania games awesome and is a perfect blend of the two. Fans of either really should check this out! - evoxpisces

98 The Denpa Men: They Came by Wave

Where the heck was this? - TheRobertsFamily3

Agreed it's a very underrated rpg

Oh yeah I'm gonna put this on 1

I heard its good

99 Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth
100 Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

Mind bending brainteasers meets epic courtroom action? Yes please. Seriously, Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton are some of the best game protagonists. They both deal with mysteries, and they both point. I have this game burned into my memory.

It needs to be higher on this list.

I have never played a video game with a better story.

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