Greatest Nintendo 64 Games

The Top Ten Greatest Nintendo 64 Games

1 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

While my choice of games often depended on whether I was playing by myself or with friends, there are only 2 games in my mind that I could even consider for the title of best game on the N64. Games like smash bros, mario kart, mario party, and goldeneye created some of the best memories I have of playing games with my friends and family throughout the years. However, I've always found that solo experiences are the games that really took my breath away as both a child and now. The 2 games that really did this were Ocarina of Time and Mario 64. While the switch to 3d with mario 64 did the perfect job of capturing the true essence of what mario was and showcased what a true 3D game could really do, it was the pure spectacle of Ocarina that really blew me away. The way the game made the switch to 3D a non-issue for game play with it's use of Z-targeting was so simple and yet genius at the same time. The shift to a more focused look at the storyline while still keeping it bare bones enough ...more

This is a good game one of my favorite legend of zelda's since I first played the gamecube version - trains45

This is the best N64 game without a doubt, it is like a god walking among mortals. It is an absolute classic. The soundtrack is arguably the best on the console, it has great controls, Link moves around swiftly and in a controlled manor. And it has a great story line, much better then most games on the list. I'm looking at you Super Mario 64. And once you actually beat the game, there is a bunch of side quests and things to collect to keep you going for a long amount of time. Needless to say, this is the best Nintendo 64 game out there and a must buy for people looking to go on an epic adventure in the world of video games! - mtndew37

It's amazing, full of plot twists, lots of action, plenty of touching moments, great controls, great graphics, wonderful bosses, awesome dungeons, and overall a great game. Did I forget to mention that it has lots of action, plenty of touching moments, great controls, great graphics, wonderful bosses, awesome dungeons? Also don't forget the plenty of touching moments, great controls, great graphics, wonderful bosses, awesome dungeons.

2 Super Mario 64

The N64 does not have the best graphics I agree. But even if you weren't born in the 90s, or even weren't alive at that time, it gives you a hatred for this sick generation. You crazy PlayStation maniacs don't understand this nostalgic feeling. Nintendo is a company, not of graphics, or the best console of the year, but of nostalgic feeling, and that's exactly where the core of Mario Brothers is. The only bad thing about Super Mario 64? No multiplayer. But that's okay, because you and your friends can take turns throwing that dreaded penguin off the cliff. In my opinion, the N64 is a better console than the PlayStation 4. Not graphics, not games, not how many women you can kill on Grand Theft Auto, but for NOSTALGIA! Super Mario 64 has so much complexity, and the graphics of its time weren't heard of, it was phenomenal. And it still is. Take a break from the politics, the bills, the stress of this world, and Hillary Clinton rallies, and just drag out your dusty N64. Bring back the ...more

Too many great games to choose from but I pick this. The best games for n64 are this, ocarina of time, goldeneye, perfect dark, conkers bad fur day, banjo kazooie and tooie, paper Mario, donkey kong 64, and starfox 64. - themetalfan666

This video game is the top 1 best video game ever because of its graphics, voice acting, levels (especially Shifting Sand Land and Snowman's Land), the music, the controls, being on the N64 and the perfect gameplay! I can't believe this game gets so much hate! IGN gave this game a 9.8 & etc... This video game deserves 10000000000000/10 stars. There's nothing I don't like about this video game at all! It's so perfect and it has the best secrets in a video game EVER! The N64 has the best video games ever, especially Super Mario 64! Its boxart is perfect! Everyone vote it up, please! This game is the epitome of fun and I especially love the Wing Cap music out of all other music tracks. This video game is way better than every other game. It has no flaw at all! Please give me 10000 thumbs up at least.

Why does this game get so much hate? I have nothing against it!


MUSIC: 10+/10.

GAMEPLAY: 10+/10.

GRAPHICS: 10+/10.

Please respect my opinion. This (besides its younger cousin figure, Pac-Man World) is the greatest video game ever!

I always hated Princess Peach for both stupid reasons and etc, but here she was not too annoying.

3 Super Smash Brothers

Smash bros a good series this what started it, this or melee was my first smash game I ever played, I owned melee so I played it more, I do remember playing this one before at a friends house as a kid, it quite fun, - trains45

You take Super Mario mix it with some Metroid and a little of The Legend of Zelda you get the greatest n64 game, no question - anthonybecerra831

Super smash bros deserves a cartoon show they would be a team like the justice league the x men and the avengers Mario would be the leader and mega man would be second in command it would be like shows like captain n the video game masters and video power and it would air for ten seasons Mario and luigi would be the cool guys donkey kong would be a character that loves to fight he would over the top captain falcon and link would team up mega man would use the same powers and his favorite band would be styx and there would be romance between sonic and amy it would be a fun and cool show

Smash Bros. is number one to me! - Stephen2

4 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

I finally got to play this it kinda hard on a first play through - trains45

I don't know. I've always found Ocarina somewhat overrated because everyone seems to like it for the exact same reason. I find this to be a bit under-appreciated because I think that this just has so much more to offer.

A Great Sequel To Ocarina Of Time

In my opinion Majora is better than ocarina. But ocarina of course steals the show. Has to be top 3 easily! The only reason why people say that Majora's mask isn't that good is because their comparing it to much to ocarina of time. In fact, everyone seems to compare everything to Ocarina of time! Majora's mask is(in my opinion) underrated. Plus the side quest are better than Ocarina, don't even argue. But the true reason why is...IT'S SO SAD! I'll have you know that I played Majora's mask, and I only cried for ovr 24 hours!

5 GoldenEye 007

The best First Person Shooter ever. A magnificent musical score; challenging and fun missions; neat graphics; and an unforgettable use of stock sound effects from movies and T.V. (the enemy grunts are pure gold). Oh, and the multiplayer mode is insanely fun. Remember, Oddjob is banned! (especially on "slappers only").

Best Fps EVER And One Of The Best Games Of All Time

I grew up off this game and it never got old -

This game pretty much summed up my entire childhood...

6 Mario Kart 64

This is nowhere near the best mario kart game, but it's just all around fun when playing multiplayer

WO. This is the most awesome game ever! SHOULD BE 1st! Yeah I love Mario! It us like the best ever! The tracks are pretty cool and I like special cup the best as it is so much more complex compared to the other tracks..

I wanted to vote for Ocarina of Time... because its such an amazing game. But then I seen this one and remember all the times when I would play it. It is so much fun. - MrGmo7

Countless hours of racing with friends back in the day, loads of memories! Trying to get lightning to make your mate small before the jump and trying to boost through the hole on the beach, very competitive and never gets old even in 2013

7 Banjo-Kazooie

same here mrgmo7 I wanted to vote for star fox. but I remember d just how fun this great game was. how I always played it had the best music and gameplay. and when you finnished the game there was always something to do left. even if there wasnt it was still fun as! - browney115

Top of the top. This game may not be as complex as other games of its genre, namely banjo tooie or donkey kong 64, but that is what makes it so great. It isn't tedious at any moment and it is fun to play time and time again. Unlike tooie or donkey kong I don't ever get bored in this collecting game. It also isn't as repetetive as super Mario 64 and it doesn't require months of time like OoT.

I really love this game. It has really good music throughout the game. And it really puts a challenge to finding all the jigsaw pieces and music notes. Overall a really good game.

This game is so awesome. Banjo Tooie is MORE AWESOME

8 Paper Mario

My FAVORITE game of all time. It has such a large replay value and a story that will keep you hooked. The different partners and their abilities make for some unique puzzles and on top of that this game has a killer soundtrack. A truly 5 star game!

I just love how they mixed RPG elements with a superb platformer! Paper Mario all the way! - Oreanta

This might be the greatest RPG game of all time. It has great replay value and can be played over in many different ways. - babbott15

When I die, I want this in my coffin

9 Donkey Kong 64

FAVOURITE FUDGING GAME EVER! I love the game and how it's goodness lasts a long time. My cousins and I bonded so much over our shared file when we were young 'uns trying to get every golden banana. It's the kind of game where you can finish the game and fight the final boss battle and whatnot, but wait! There's still more stuff to do! Its also got huge levels and interesting characters. Mother of mercy

My favorite game of all time. Amazing music, great graphics, HUGE world to explore, 5 awesome characters, and good controls. Every inch of this game is a sight to behold and every banana collected feels like a true achievement in this immersive adventure.

I was going to get this game but I realized that I need an expansion pack but I can get it another time

This adventure competes directly with Super Mario 64. Mario is beautiful, but DK just felt so alive and original. I choose Donkey Kong! - RubyParagon

10 Star Fox 64

Easily the best game of all time and not repetitive like the Mario and Zelda franchises

Well, it began the Star Fox franchise, but I don't know what this game is like so I don't know about my thoughts on it. So I don't know why I'm commenting. - MarioBros11

How the hell did this fly up to number 49, by the way no pun intended.

The original star fox pushed the limits on gaming. This game did that and more. #11? This is one of Nintendo's finest.

The Contenders

11 Conker's Bad Fur Day

This game is absolutely fantastic. Still holds the place as the funniest videogame ever made along with Monkey island and just like that games delves into terrific pathos and tragedy and actually pulls it off without seeming out of place. Plus the gameplay is perfectly functional although has dated slightly just like most n64 3d platformers.

Oh and the multi-player is on the same level as goldeneye - togutas

Conker's Bad Fur Day has got to the greatest game I have ever played. It has the most hilarious moments in all of gaming history and has a bitter-sweet ending. Sure it has its problems like the difficulty of some levels, but it just makes the game all the better. The music is just beautiful, I find my self humming that over-world theme Windy over and over again. It is just the best game on the N64 and beats all the more modern games out of the water.

Conker T. Squirrel is THE greatest video game character of all time. The story was a very well told tragedy that was very funny. The multiplayer was, I belive, the greatest on 64, surpassing even perfect dark and goldeneye. And the graphics were simply amazing.

I grew up with this game for 9 years I think is should be a less number with this list I always like conker I got all the series Conker pocket tales, diddy kong races, and the reloaded one yeah I love conker - SmoothCriminal

12 Diddy Kong Racing

Seriously how at all is this number 16. This is way better then Mario Kart or any of those racing games!

This game needs to be higher on the list. - evoxpisces

I don't see where's the good in this game. This is so bad. I can assure you nobody played this more than once in my town.

This is the worst thing I have ever heard of.

13 Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

Best Kirby game
(even beats star allies)
the game would be a lot better if Meta Knight were in it.

This game is far the best Kirby Game too! - kinnij7204

OoT is my favorite, but this deserves higher.

I love this game and it deserves to be higher

14 Banjo-Tooie

I actually played this game before playing Banjo Kazooie, and this game was what got me into the series. This was my childhood, this game is what made me. The storyline, the action, the puzzles, the adventure, it made the game so complete for me!
At least in the top three for me.

This game is probably the best n64 game there is besides ocarina of time and super mario

How is this not number one?

The best rare ware game on the Nintendo 64 period

15 Pokemon Stadium

The Mini-games in this game are incredible! The Sandshrew Dig game is the greatest! Rattata run is great too. Such an epic game!

If you didn't have certain mons with certain attacks the game would punish you for playing with your favorites. But watching them moving and not just showing their backs in battle was the best thing ever as a kid.

LOVE this game should be higher on the list

Its all about those mini-games. -

16 Pokemon Stadium 2

Nobody will agree with me when I say this, but this is my favorite video game of all time. Great mini-games, big time challenge, and a helpful school. Free battle is where I spent my whole childhood and imagination.

Both Pokemon Stadium games are amazing.

I agree this game is amazing I love it I'm suprised it didn't get 5th

I WILL agree with you - dusk_taker

17 Perfect Dark

Easily better than Goldeneye and easily the best shooter on the 64. This game was very revolutionary at the time and still holds up pretty well today. You have extremely smart AI in the multiplayer mode, Amazing weapons that had more than 1 way of shooting, you had lots of fantastic maps, and you had a silly storyline that was silly but very interesting and fun. LOTS AND LOTS OF CUSTOMIZATION. Not only is this basically the successor to Goldeneye but it was 100 times better, the only thing bad about this game is the frame rate when there are so much going on at once in the same room, luckily the xbox 360 version fixes this problem. - Ultima_Wielder

Look this game is far superior to Goldeneye 007,with far more replay ability better lighting effects high polygon models a better story.
It had lots of other modes to play and far improved multiplayer, as it actually had artificial intelligence really.

Bad frame rate and poor story. Fix these things and you have yourself a perfect game! Hell, even with these things the game is stunning! The weapon variety, the soundtrack, the various game modes, Co-op and Counter-op (still yet to see that mode elsewhere) and the multiplayer... sigh...

Pretty much like a sequel to Golden eye. Overall was an awesome game. -

18 Mario Party 2

Best Mario Party Period Funny Costumes And Funny MiniGames

The mini games kinda suck

This is my favorite Mario Party game... EVAH

Mario Party games suck, and this comes from someone who loves multiplayer.

19 F-Zero X

So fast and so much fun! This game was perfect in it's simplicity. Nintendo made the right decision to omit weapons and complex track design. Instead, this game focussed on having a super slick framerate and clear (but basic) graphics. One of only a few racing games where every vehicle handled completely differently. This game rewarded practice ; mastering sliding round corners, boosting and jumps were absolutely key to success.

How can this game be so far in this list?!

Amazing game. Needs to rank higher. - evoxpisces

Mario & Princess Daisy needed to at least make a cameo in this game.

20 WWF: No Mercy

You don't have to like wrestling to like this game, one of the best multiplayer games, especially the royal rumbles

Best Wrestling Game Of All Time And A Great Caw

For it's time it's the best wrestling game ever

Best wrestling game of all time. Skipped so much school and pulled my first all nighter playing this. As a kid, reinacting what I saw in the attitude era was the coolest thing in the world. REMAKE PLEASE!

21 Mario Party 3

I like Mario party 3 more than Mario party 2

Best n64 Mario party

Its wayyy better than MP2, MP3 has more characters but I wish I could transfer the fun MP2 minigames into MP3

22 Yoshi's Story

This game was terrible; a far cry from the near perfection of Yoshi's Island on the Snes. Despite multiple level paths to choose from; it's possible to complete the game in a couple of hours. The game is so easy it's almost insulting.

Such a fun game! Not apreciated enough

I Love Yoshi

23 Doom 64

Songs in the Xbox 36O are really sleepy, 64 version is better action for me

24 Mario Party

One of the best Nintendo 64 games ever! This game is so classic & what I call back in my generation!

Mario party is awesome!

You can play mini games for rounds of 7 straight games! - PianoQueen

The worst Mario party game but u gotta start somewhere!

25 Pokemon Snap

I love Pokemon very much how much you

Everyone has different opinions, but in my opinion this is one of the best n64 games ever made. In fact, I bought my n64 to play THIS game!
Sure, I love tloz:oot, goldeneye or Mario 64 but what I like about this game is that this is very unique, and todd snap, who has not been recognized a lot in the animation series, is the main charecter. It's a very innovative game, it is my 5th favorite Pokemon game
5:this game

26 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
27 Pilotwings 64

Game that defined N64! Great game.

28 Killer Instinct Gold

I liked it how in Gold you can do combos while opponent is falling so, that means you can continue doing combos until opponent falls on ground but, 1 and 2 didn't really have that.

29 Duke Nukem 64


007 is very good but DN64 is far the best FPS in the N64!

30 Toy Story 2

What the heck are those two comments - CrypticMemory

My penis hurts

mine too

31 Duck Dodgers

FROM THE 24TH AND A HALF CENTURY (raspberries) - Maddox121

32 1080 Snowboarding
33 Tigger's Honey Hunt
34 Harvest Moon 64

I LOV dis game, so much fun!

35 Pokemon Puzzle League

'Puzzle League'? Really? - MarioBros11

36 Quake 64
37 Star Wars Episode 1 Racer

This game is hard, but very good.

38 WCW/NWO Revenge
39 NHL Breakaway 98
40 Ridge Racer 64
41 Rayman 2: The Great Escape


Why is this game ranked in the 20's. It is such a great 3D platformer

42 Bomberman Hero

I love everything about this game! The story is cute and the gameplay is fun! Not to mention the music is amazing!

43 Bomberman 64

Look how long his eyes are, dude! - MarioBros11

Very underrated game! Not my favorite N64 game but it should be WAY higher. Top 10 in my book.

44 Mortal Kombat 4

Oh come on, many people diss this game but it's time to face the truth - MK4 is a cult classic! Revolutionary game for that time

I have to admit the N64 wasn't exactly loaded with good beat-em ups but this game was pretty special.

45 Cruis'n USA
46 WCW VS. NWO World Tour

2nd Best WCW Game Peroid

47 Mario Tennis

This game is great!

Mario Tennis Aces on the Switch - MarioBros11

48 All-Star Baseball 2001

Why is the case picture so small?

49 Mega Man Legends

This game actually wasn't very good...

50 Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

Just as fun and exciting as the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Great soundtrack, funny story, memorable characters, tricky platforming, exciting adventure, and pretty tough boss battles. I just wish Konami would make a comeback on the Nintendo Switch.

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