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41 WCW VS. NWO World Tour
42 Bomberman Hero

I love everything about this game! The story is cute and the gameplay is fun! Not to mention the music is amazing!

43 Mega Man Legends

This game actually wasn't very good...

44 Jet Force Gemini

I wanted to vote for this underdog of a game but being honest Ocarina of Time was the better game so I voted for that. This game though is so unique and rewarding. The soundtrack was amazing and the worlds were filled with hidden secrets and detail. Many people never played this amazing game.

Very underrated game. One of the first third person shooters and the gameplay is fantastic

Get force gemine has wonderful adventures to be completed

Man! One of the best video game soundtracks i�'ve ever heard! Fabulous epic story... a whole new fantastic universe just waiting in the game pak... simple... it�'s another rare game... what else could I say? Well, it�'s in MY top 3 N64�'s! - Jaime Antonio, Guadalajara, Mexico

45 All-Star Baseball 2001

Why is the case picture so small?

46 Cruis'n USA
47 Wave Race 64
48 Bomberman 64: The Second Attack!

Most people have never played this, and it's the forgotten Bomberman game in the N64 trilogy, but it puts a new twist on the Bomberman formula that is definitely welcome. It brought back multiplayer mode and, in my opinion, easily has the best graphics of the three. You can even do co-op in story mode! If this game had been released earlier, it would have been a huge hit.

49 Bomberman 64
50 Mickey's Speedway USA
51 Toy Story 2
52 Knockout Kings 2000
53 NASCAR 99
54 WWF Wrestlemania 2000
55 Space Station: Silicon Valley

Best N64 game of all time! It's so unique and fun, one of my favorite puzzle platformers of all time!

56 Buck Bumble

Right about now, it's time to rock with biggity Buck Bumble - shawnmccaul22

This game is terribly underrated. - shawnmccaul22

57 Mortal Kombat 4

Oh come on, many people diss this game but it's time to face the truth - MK4 is a cult classic! Revolutionary game for that time

I have to admit the N64 wasn't exactly loaded with good beat-em ups but this game was pretty special.

58 Doom 64

Songs in the Xbox 36O are really sleepy, 64 version is better action for me

59 Blast Corps
60 Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness

Best Castlevania game ever released, the storyline explains everything needed to know about Castlevania. It's basically 4 games in one once you completely it one time around.. Completed it over 30 times, still completing it to this day.

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