Greatest Olympian of All Time


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21 Eric Heiden

How is a guy who won 5 gold medals in a single games competing at totally different distances not #1 let alone even on this list. Can you imagine Usain Bolt winning his events and then 1500, 5000 and 10000 m?!

22 Apolo Anton Ohno
23 Mark Todd
24 Abebe Bikila
25 Gracie Gold V 1 Comment
26 Mo Farah

An amazing long distance runner. Great. Please vote

One of the best and still to remain on top

27 Cathy Freeman
28 Dhyan Chand V 1 Comment
29 Edwin Moses
30 Greg Louganis
31 Kristin Otto
32 Mary Lou Retton
33 Wilma Rudolph
34 Misty May Treanor
35 Mia Hamm
36 McKayla Maroney
37 Gabby Douglas Gabby Douglas


38 Gracie Good
39 Mo Huilan

She was the greatest AA gymnast that China ever produced.

She had PERFECT form and the highest level of difficulty in all four disciplines: vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise.

Had she not got robbed of her score on her double twisting Yurchenko (when every one was doing the single twisting Yurchenko), she would have been the Olympic AA Champion. - Rexbrooks

40 Kim Rhode

One of only 6 people in the history of the Olympics to medal in 5 games in a row and the only person in a position to make it 6. She is the only one of those six who had to change sports when her event was discontinued.

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