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21 I Don't Know

Since this was their first track it should rated in the top 10. Still and will continue to rock forever.

One of the best opening tracks on any albums, as well as one of the best metal songs ever in my opinion

What a way to kick off the Blizzard Of Ozz album!

One of the best songs ever written and played!

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22 Thunder Underground Thunder Underground

Should be in the top 5. one of the best hard rock songs from ozzy

23 Symathy for the Devil

Whoever suggested this could have at least spelled it right - dubsinthetubs

24 Nightmare Nightmare
25 Suicide Solution Suicide Solution

What are you people crazy? One of the most memorable and controversial songs in all of Metal history and it is not even close to top ten? Perhaps there are too many Sabbath songs here. I thought this was a Ozzy solo top 10 list not a Ozzy/Sabbath list. These sabbath songs don't belong here because they spoil the songs he did as a solo artist that deserve to be in the top ten. Also did any one listen to "Facing Hell", don't see that one listed?

Whoa, this should be higher or maybe it's just cause anything by Ozzy will rock! "Now you live inside the bottle, The reapers traveling at full throttle.." This hits heavy, man, and strangely there's a sense of poetic beauty to the entire song.

This top ten list is a butchered atrocity to ozzy's heritage. Mercy on your fool souls

This was a hard choice, 'because Ozzy has loads of good songs on this list.
I chose this one because it was low on the list- and it was the first Ozzy song I heard.

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26 Perry Mason

Ridiculous subject for a metal song, but this really is one of Ozzy's greatest tunes. Overblown keyboard intro and riff, catchy verse and possibly the biggest chorus in the world... Ever. Fat production and some swift noodling from old Zakk. WE NEED PERRY MASON!

Sheesh, this song wasn't even on the list. Oh well, it's the best song he's done.

This just cooked. Ozzie just Wales.

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27 War Pigs War Pigs

I think tony iommi should get more credit to this song not ozzy, tony formed it and wrote this song. But I still like ozzy's and dio's versions of this awesome song of the 70's to the 80's.

The opening tunes in this song are kind of chilling, but that's half the reason it's such a great song. And it gives us a taste of how evil war and murder really is. Deserves more credit!

I agree that this song should be in the top ten. It was a revolutionary sound for 1970.

How can you tell me this song isn't in the top ten

28 Mississippi Queen

Did an excellent job on this classic. The only Ozzy song I like. - mgenet

29 Gets Me Through

Great song with a fabulous intro and lyrics. This masterpiece has a very decent rhythm and a message to humanity. It talks about every artist having an image for stage.

Good intro and great song so under rated. Should see it live on budokan.

30 Lightning Strikes
31 Rocky Mountain Way Rocky Mountain Way
32 You Can't Kill Rock and Roll You Can't Kill Rock and Roll

Gee what a surprise, Crazy Train #1. Listen just because a song is over-played doesn't necessarily make it good. Yeah I thought Crazy Train was awesome too when I was like 15, but now that I've grown as a true music listener not to motion an Ozzy fan for the past 25 years I can tell you there is a lot of amazing Ozzy songs but the best of them all is You Can't Kill Rock n' Roll, try listening to it I mean really listening.

I like almost all of Ozzy's music and Crazy Train is one of my favorites. It has everything, great riff, verse, and solo. It is overplayed which makes hardcore fans dislike it. I am a hardcore fan and I like this song. Personally, Diary of a Madman is my favorite - Edgelord

There's a lot of great Ozzy songs but none greater than this one, just listen to it and you will see.

This song is so underrated! Thank you Ozzy for decades of keeping rock-n-roll alive!

Ozzy fan from the beginning. I've just come back to this song recently and I can't stop listening to it.

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33 S.A.T.O. S.A.T.O.

What an underrated song! Give it a listen, and you will probably agree.

Shouldn't be this far back not well known but still a great song

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34 The Ultimate Sin The Ultimate Sin
35 Latimer's Mercy Latimer's Mercy
36 Breakin' All the Rules

This should be at least at top 6 along with crazy train, I don't wanna stop, fly high again, I don't know and hellraiser.

Best guitar (Bass) and percussion. Needs to be higher on the list

Awesome song should be top 10.
This list needs: Thunder underground, hellraiser, suicide solution ("ENJOY life"), See you on the other side(great song), I don't wanna change the world(And I don't want the world to change me) also war pigs!

37 Trap Door Trap Door

This is just the best song of him. This song should be at least the top 10. He sounds really evil.

38 The Almighty Dollar The Almighty Dollar

Greatest Ozzy Osbourne song hands down. Reflecting on how screwed up the world is all because of money. Great lyrics and riffs.

39 Born to Be Wild
40 Secret Loser Secret Loser

This song is the best post-Randy Rhoads song and is a great driving songs.

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