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41 Close My Eyes Forever

I know it's Lita Ford also but a very good song! Especially Ozzy's vocals!

42 Miracle Man

How is this so low?

43 Let It Die

Badass song! Needs to be higher on the list!

It should be in the top 10 awesome lyrics!

44 Dee

You totally feel the soul of te legendary randy rhoads

45 Tattooed Dancer

Kicks ass

46 11 Silver
47 Tomorrow

The most underrated song by far. This song rips your ears apart and gets your heart pounding!

An amazing song that when you first hear it, without a doubt it'll stick with you, Ozzy's vocals are awesome and Wylde's guitar's electric, before you know it you'll be headbanging. Long live the Prince of Darkness!

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48 So Tired

I would have honestly thought this would be a fair bit higher. Not top 5, but maybe close to the top 10

49 Ghost Behind My Eyes

I LOVE THIS SONG. Enough said

50 Facing Hell

Come on I can't believe this song is so under rated its one of the best and meaning full songs of ozzy

51 Steal Away (The Night)
52 Black Rain

This is my all time favorite ozzy osbourne song ever I don't know why its not up higher on the list - coolgroove89

53 Crazy Babies

How come Crazy Babies isn't higher? This song rocks!

54 I Don't Want to Change the World

How has no one added this yet? It's so fantastic... I'd just want to sing it to people who I hate.

Ozzy's autobiography.. Kinda related to my life..

Great song from No More Tears!

55 Warning

Second longest song ever!

56 Time

Beatiful metal song from the newest album that ozzy osbourne has created

A betaiful metalsong from ozzy newest album, clear singing voice, good sound and rhythm

57 Old L.A. Tonight

Best Romantic song of Ozzy. "I'm falling to pieces, pieces..." keep on Rock N' Roll! M/

58 Fire In the Sky

This is my favorite solo Ozzy song ever. -

Best song off "No rest for the wicked."

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59 You Lookin' at Me Lookin at You
60 I Want It More
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