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61 I Don't Want to Change the World

How has no one added this yet? It's so fantastic... I'd just want to sing it to people who I hate.

Ozzy's autobiography.. Kinda related to my life..

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62 Old L.A. Tonight

Best Romantic song of Ozzy. "I'm falling to pieces, pieces..." keep on Rock N' Roll! M/

63 You Lookin' at Me Lookin at You
64 Here for You
65 Love You All

Masterpiece from Ozzy osbourne, could be suitable to publish in a 12 inch maxi version, but with the mind not to "destroy the song"

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66 Crucify the Dead

Very intense song but not as intense as No More Tears. I know Ozzy wrote it specially to diss Axl Rose.

67 Little Dolls
68 God Is Dead
69 Won't Be Coming Home (S.I.N.)
70 Walk On Water

Why is this list full with Black Sabbath's song? And where is S.A.T.O.?

71 Fire In the Sky

This is my favorite solo Ozzy song ever. -

Best song off "No rest for the wicked."

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72 Walpurgis
73 I Want It More
74 You're No Different
75 The Liar

An excellent album closer for the ozzman! I could listen to this song all day non stop! The sound and lyrics fit really well, and make the album good.

76 Changes
77 Tonight

All time-favourite, simply wonderful. Always loved the fading guitar solo...

78 Zombie Stomp

One of my favorite Ozzy Osbourne songs and one of the best songs from No More Tears. Anyone who doesn't agree is insane. I love the rhythm that this song has and it's a song you can really move to. I love it!

79 N.I.B.
80 Rock and Roll Rebel
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