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81 Devil's Daughter

How was this not on the list? It should be in the top 30 at least.

82 Junkie
83 Running Out of Time
84 I Can't Save You
85 Children of the Grave
86 Demon Alcohol
87 Hero
88 Civilize the Universe
89 Not Going Away
90 Party with the Animals

Can't believe this wasn't added - Darren1678

91 Believer

#89 Really? what a joke, this song is a pure top 10 song only!

WHAATH? This song should be in the top 5 period... I'm not sure if it's my all time favorite but it's really hard for me to pick between Beliver, Mr Crowley, I just want you, Shot in the dark, Suicide solution, Perry Mason and Dairy of a madman.

92 Life Won't Wait

Masterpiece from the artist, could be suitable to publish in a 12 inch maxi version, but with the mind not to "destroy the song"

Amazing song that makes a perfect couple along with "Time" (equally underrated) from the same album.

An exceptional track - massively underrated!

Beatiful metalsong from Ozzy with good rhythm and a clear and pure singing voice, witch bring it to a masterpiece soundtrack

93 Rock N Roll Rebel
94 No Bone Movies
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