Greatest Paranormal TV Shows

Searching paranormal hot-spots, haunted houses, prisons, and hospitals in the dark using night-vision cameras, EMF detectors, digital voice recorders and the like are the stock in trade of these shows. Some are evidence driven and try to capture ghostly phenomena on film, others aim for suspense. Some bravely face the unknown, others run from every sound they hear or imagine. Some attempt to debunk the claims while others embrace the myths. Which show makes you uneasy in the dark?

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1 Paranormal Lockdown

Paranormal lockdown is better than any other paranormal show out there. First they don't run through the location as quick as possible and then investigate with out results, and inform the clients of little or no evidence. And leave every question unanswered. They don't also run through the location screaming and attempting to due bodily damage to themselves claiming to be oppressed or possessed either. Just good investigating with great evidence. And current and new information about the location and its paranormal activity. Nick and Kat are # 1.

The absolute most real show. It's about paranormal investigation and that's exactly what they do. They don't showcase and over exaggerate or do any play acting. If their findings are questionable, they leave it at that for us to draw our own conclusion. I don't feel that any sensationalism is being rammed down my throat. They don't try to call demons out by threatening them. Their behavior is very respectful to whatever may be out there. A good show should be honest just as they are doing. I like the fact that they are using devices created by others in the field that I follow and give them the due credit not only verbally but by having them appear on their show as well. By working together it makes them better and hopefully leads us closer to learning more about the paranormal world for those of us that lack the talents of physic mediums. I hope they continue their work and continue working together with others as well. This show is not supposed to be adventurous, it's an ...more

While watching the first episode I was a bit disappointed, they had weak evidence and nothing really happened, but now, after I've seen the whole first season, I'd say it's the best Paranormal Investigation documentary I've ever seen. Their evidence seems legit and they try to remain calm. They're doing a good job describing their feelings, the smells, just the environmental stuff in general that's relevant to what they're doing.

Nic is real Paranormal Investigator! No Drama!

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2 Ghost Adventures

BEST ghost investigation show on T.V.! Zak, Nick and Aaron are VERY entertaining. The show is very informative. Great locations, believable evidence, spooky and fun. I was bored to death (no pun intended), with the other ghost hunt shows. But these guys are professional as well as personable. Oh, and they are HOT!

So far my #1 Paranormal T.V. show. They always get awesome evidences which is not fake or tampered including shadows, EVPs, and demonic possessions; you can learn history from every location, and these guys know how to run a show. I notice that they are limited to investigating only in the US so it would be good if they go international.

There are several reasons why Ghost Adventures is the best ghost hunting show on T.V.

1. They get a lot of history that happened at the location.
Listening to the history itself is a little freaky to know what happened at these locations. They get as much information as they can so there more stuff to investigate.

2. They FIRST try the debunk there evidence. When something odd happens, they don't jump to the conclusion that it was paranormal. They first try to see is it was anything natural that would have caused it. Sometimes they'll show a different angle, making it so you can see them, proving that it wasn't them that make any noise.

3. They will admit something. If one of them accidently hit something, they admit it. That shows they are being honest.

4. The different types of equipment. They many different types of equipment to use that will help them catch anything paranormal. It's very impressive.

5. This show is very convincing. This is the ...more

Love it ❤

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3 Ghost Hunters

This T.V. series focuses on helping individuals or groups who have claims on being affected by unexplained phenomenon. Some of the episodes are quite credible but a handful of them are not so much. As a paranormal reality T.V. series addict, I would say this is a 50% genuine and 50% sham. It seemed like some of the places the investigators inspected were so highly and frequently active as compared to those notoriously haunted locations. Hence, this had made me wonder their credibility. To be real honest, some of the paranormal occurrences are just too hard believe.

Jason, Grant, Amy, and other TAPS members investigate the claims... - IgnoreThis

This is the best show hands down! They're honest, they truly try to find out what's going on. They attempt to debunk before assuming it's paranormal. So when they actually find something it's legit, meaningful, and exciting! Love the crew too!

Loved this show!

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4 Ghost Asylum

Those guys are just as good if not better than Ghost Adventures. They come up with unique and new ways to CAPTURE ACTUAL EVIDENCE. They don't always succeed, but when they do, its chilling. I've only been able to vatch 4 or 5 episodes of it and id love more

Ghost Asylum is the only paranormal investigation show we choose to watch anymore. This group of men provide entertainment, scientific information, historical facts, and bring the show to life with their sense of humor, camaraderie, and honest evaluations of the results they collect. All of this without being foul mouthed and offensive like many of the other shows currently on the air. Ghost Asylum is so much more realistic and entertaining that we watch the marathons over and over rather than watch any other paranormal show. We can't wait for the new season.

This one by far should be #1 so much better than ghost adventures


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5 Most Haunted

One of my favorite shows in the world, it never gets boring and gives all opinions in the belief of the paranormal. Its made and hosted by amazing people who are really very nice. It's a really great T.V. show, for me the best in paranormal television!.

The Original and the best paranormal programme ever produced - It left the rest of the Flock following the Herd. They have always pushed them selves further in investigations bringing in new technology and going more scientific what every season doing away with acclaimed mediums as they did not want to get a bad reputation by the press by those who are not genuine. MH always have and always will remain loyal to there fans and pushing for More Investigations (Series & Live) which always draws in the viewers of Believers and Sceptics alike - no other paranormal programme comes close or will ever come close to the record number of fans who remain loyal to the series and have followed it since Launch in 2002

Real people, real places, real stories. Most Haunted has got to be the best there is. The team are always striving to improve their technology and equipment, always seeking to push themselves that little bit further for the viewer, and always honest and open about their emotions. As the viewer you really do imagine you are there with them. And even better, now you really can be if you join in one of their open investigations. Awesome programme!

The very first and the very best of its kind. rose holman

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6 Paranormal Witness

This is one of the most scariest shows on the T.V. screen! My gosh I don't know how those people went through that, because if I were them I wouldn't be living at all! It seems so unrealistic but at the same time how could you not believe it!

This is hands down the best paranormal show on T.V.. Not only are the stories incredible, but I find this show goes out of their way to find stories that are unique, and surprising. Most episodes offer something new that you have never heard before. I don't like investigative style ghost shows because they just have too much motive to fake things with ratings and all but shows like paranormal witness or a haunting are just regular folks telling amazing stories of what happened to them.

Great show with facts that make the paranormal out to be true with undeniable occurances that are non fiction. I'm the biggest skeptic you will ever meet and after watching the paranormal witness show, I am sure that there are paranormal witnesses that exist in our society. They are the eyes and the mouths that speak to us for the ones who no longer can. Crime solving with a spooky twist. Love the show!

Really scary

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7 The Dead Files

Steve is the bomb, his research skills alone make this show worth checking out! I don't like the boyfriends choice of hair style, looks like he was slapped a few times in the face.

The best show ever Amy is a true medium in every since of the word. The real deal.

A really unique way to explore the history of a house/town/event using old fashioned research and fact-finding that very often supports Amy's (medium's) findings. Interesting from start to finish. The follow-up episodes are a must-see, too.

Best paranormal show on T.V. by a mile. I love how we got the whole history of the home, the area and the family. All the other shows seem to leave people high and dry. The investigations are excellent, it's informative, you actually learn a lot about a lot!

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8 Ghost Hunters International

Barry, Kris, Susan, Joe and others travel the world investigating ghostly claims... - IgnoreThis

Absolutely loved this show. I really miss it a lot.

Greatly miss this show. seeing other countries with paranormal activities going on


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9 A Haunting

I love the show I own all of the seasons and I have watch them probably a hundred times first show I fell in love with since ghost hunters which got very boring very quick I love the reenactment it really shows the story best show ever I wish they would have it on more

Grew up watching this show after school... The stories they tell just made me love the fact that I was so into the paranormal. And then I also knew that there are others out there that seem to be attached to the paranormal in some way like myself

Watch this every time it hits the air. I like the real thing and you can tell this is real. It does happen. There are a lot of haunted places. They should tell them before they let them buy the house. I could watch it every day. It's the real deal.

Shame they ended the show.

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10 Ghost Mine

Love this show! Between the incredible stuff the paranormal team capture on camera, the drama of the search for gold and the cool history of the mine, plus seeing some of the mining process and what it's like inside them - just great show. So much to love here - wish there was more. It ends after season 2 but they really should keep following the team to the winter mine in Arizona they intended to work at - that place was super creepy and had great potential for the next season.

Besides digging for gold, the ghost hunters dig up the history surrounding the mine. I thought they would haved interviewed a local Mason. I'm interested if the energy readings still would lead the miners to the gold in Arizona. I hope they strike it rich.

Loved this show! Don't understand why they got cancelled. They got great evidence and story line was amazing. Rather bring this show back and lose Ghost Hunters.

Great evidence. Great cast. Great history. This was definitely the A-Team at work! Bring it back!

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11 Destination Truth

Destination Truth has proven and claimed its rightful title throughout its years on paranormal reality T.V.. Never have I been so thrilled and entertained by the investigations they have made. They never seize to amaze by capturing bizarre evidence on tapes. One thing that set this T.V. series aside from the others is the fact that they investigate more than the supernatural. They dare to venture out into the wilderness to document mythical creatures and traditional folklores. The fact that I never grew tired from watching this show is a proof that this documentary is mostly credible and entertaining.

Josh Gates is easily the ideal candidate for the title of most entertaining explorer/T.V. host in television history. Yet besides having a very fun personality he is also often very sincere. His narratives about the places, cultures, legends & etc. from his travels in Destination Truth (and his new show Expedition Unknown) are always both intellectual and passionate to the point where it's an incredibly moving experience. It's safe to say that I will always remember this show and how it was both serious about its subjects but never dull always showing to make the best of life wherever you go.

Josh, Ryder and crew investigate strange happenings the world over... - IgnoreThis

I love, love, love this show, I always looked forward to the night it came on. I love watching Josh Gates he made the show. I really miss it, I watch Expedition Unknown now for my Gates fix,lol,

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12 Paranormal Cops

Short-lived but intensely evidence-driven show with real-life detectives... - IgnoreThis

It was one of my favorites... Very sad to see the show get cancelled. :(

Really miss this program. It was informative, full of suspense, and kept you expecting to hear the Tommy knockers at any moment. Bring it back to begin the search in the other cave.

I like that show!

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13 Paranormal State

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW! Best paranormal show I've ever watched! They get into the really good stuff, real stories and way better investigations than ghost hunters (they are amateur compared to this! )

College students Ryan, Eilfie, Katrina, Sergey, et al come to the aid of the fearfully haunted... - IgnoreThis

I love how the team seems to honestly care about helping the people involved in their cases. It was great to see a group of college kids trying to get involved in paranormal research. It's my understanding that PRS is still going at Penn State.

Absolutely loved this show. By far the best Paranormal show. Way better investigators than some of the others.

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14 Haunted Collector

Haunted Collector is easily one of the more credible paranormal T.V. series I have seen so far. Although I cannot conclude it is 100% genuine, the very fact that it reminds me of "Annabelle the doll" makes me want to watch more. As a paranormal believer, I do believe that spirits do attach themselves onto objects. So, I do not see why this show is a hoax.

The Haunted Collector definitely stands out amongst the top para-shows out there. Most are carbon copies of each other which gets monotonous a majority of the time. The Haunted Collector not only provides the viewer with seen evidence, but goes beyond that. The people offer solace for the clients. When people are helped and their lives are eased of stress or oppression it goes way beyond the entertainment factor.

I been watching this show since its been on an have fell in love with it. John an his family has taught me how to look out for objects that collects the energy of the. Paranormal. I want more of this show.

Love the Haunted Collector. I find it believable and down the earth. A great team. Johns many years of experience bring a lot to the show. The best bit is they are trying to help clients and rid them of the hauntings.

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15 Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files

I love this show. I record the series and it is defiantly the best

Ben, Jael, Chi-Lan and other specialists attempt to debunk various paranormal claims... - IgnoreThis

Love watching this! Hope they can come back for a new season.

Should be listed in the top 10.

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16 Deadly Possessions
17 The Haunting Of...

I truly enjoy watching Kim in action. She can figure out what's going on at a location as soon as she steps foot on each property. I'd love to see this show stay on air.

This show was fascinating, professional, and uplifting. How the story is told, and how it unfolds, is well done. Strongly recommend bringing this show back.

Kim Russo is very good at helping people bring closure to things in their lives, Hope she comes back!

I love how Kim actually tells the bad spirits to leave, uses her crystals and gives them to people, will send good people to the light, doesn’t act like a phony and doesn’t always embelish what clients remark and build upon their statements.

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18 The X-Files The X-Files

It was just a great show. They weren't trying to convince people they were ligit. Great actors

19 Twilight Zone V 1 Comment
20 Paranormal Challenge

Zak from Ghost Adventures hosts as two teams compete in recording evidence and are judged by a rotating panel of specialists... - IgnoreThis

I can't stand Zac, he talks just to here himself.

Stupid show

Show was great! Wish it were back on the air. Please have Dave Schrader in the judge's seat..he makes the show!

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