Ghost Adventures


Ghost Adventures is an amazing paranormal show. Defiantly a much watch! Great hunters, always something new, the three guys that are on it are very passionate and entertaining. If you love ghost shows with a lot action this is the show to watch.

There's no question that Ghost Adventures is the best paranormal reality show on television. It has been for years, and just keeps getting better and better every season. The crew treat each other like family, not only co-workers. They are all very entertaining and each bring something different to the show. They use cutting-edge technology and are very informative as well as entertaining. They have turned a lot of sceptics into believers, and they are always able to get some great evidence, as well as debunk things that are not paranormal. Looking forward to watching season 14 and many more!

The absolute best in paranormal investigations. The places are creepy and interesting, just the right amount of background info, the crew are likable, knowledgeable and not too serious. It's a serious subject but humor is needed in such environments that are overflowing with terror. I believe 100% because of this show and the reality of the unknown.

Ghost Adventures is the best ghost hunting show in my opinion. I love Zak, Nick, and Aaron. Even though Nick left, its still a really good show. I feel like they are more real and thorough with where they are investigating. They don't assume a thump in the dark is automatically a ghost or demon, they try to debunk it, and most shows like that don't bother to do so.

I like how they use multiple cameras and have audio placed throughout their locations during investigations. I also enjoy the little history they tell us. They always seem to have new locations to go to and at times upgrade or try new equipment. I really wish they would try and use Steve Huff's Portal in their future investigations.

I have been a loyal fan of Ghost Adventures ever since I first saw their documentary; which was first aired on the Syfy channel. I was so excited when the Travel Channel signed them up for their first season. I introduced their incredible show to all my friends and family. Let's just say we are all loyal followers and enjoy how Zak and his awesome crew of investigators make us part of their lockdown experience.

Dear Zak,

If you are reading this I just first want to say thank you for reading my letter I know you have a busy schedule, but I have some things to say to you. I was a skeptic even when I was 7. My friends would say "oh there's a ghost! "and I wouldn't believe them at all. It wasn't until I was 12 when I somewhat believed ghosts. I knew they were there but I was still skeptical. This year I started believing ghosts. I saw my mom watch a show called Ghost Brothers and I was interested. It was my favorite show, but my T.V. provider got rid of the channel they were on! I was so upset, because I wanted to watch a scary show but not Ghost Hunters, because they seemed so boring. Then I heard of your deadly possessions show and tried it. I'm 16 and it scared the carp out of me. I wished you had another show that wasn't as scary, and my wish came true. I got up one morning and I saw my mom watching you on T.V. with a younger looking guy and a bald man. I was confused and my ...more

By far my favourite paranormal show, very entertaining, they present believable evidence not automatically putting every little noise down to paranormal activity but debunking a lot of what they witness which makes the stuff they can't explain all the more credible they use lots of gadgets to back up their claims and most of all they do not scream at every little noise..which drives me nuts... The team are great they take things seriously but are the first to laugh at themselves when things too wrong, I must watch every single UK/US paranormal show and ghost adventures wins hands down

This is an excellent paranormal team, and in my opinion, the best of them all! Each episode offers irrefutable proof of life after death as they continue to capture live and residual sounds, ghostly images and actually communicate with the spirits on a regular basis.

I have been following this show since day one, seeing technology improve and bridge the gap between the other side and are reality. The guys are always in cool locations and getting amazing results and evidence, making for great television and understanding the paranormal.

I owe it to my sister for introducing me to one of the BEST show! Their evidence are realistic and downright chilling. Zak, Nick (until season 10), Aaron, Billy and Jay have really cool personalities too which makes the show even more EXHILARATING!

Ghost adventures is exciting and honest, this show has gotten me hooked on the paranormal and asking questions. I appreciate that they share history and new locations to me and still deliver a haunting tale and great evidence.

This is like one of the only paranormal shows I watch and enjoy. These guys hold a massive place in my heart. I love the whole crew. They are amazing and so is the whole show and everything. Such a loveable show.

I love this show, I have been watching it ever since it has been on T.V. , and I do have to say they are the best so far, they always debunk stuff and hit it right on the button, I like the succubus episode

Absolutely brilliant Show! Very entertaining & interesting Definitely not fake They always try to disprove any activity, before assuming it's paranormal, so are upfront & honest with everything The guys are so good at what they do They use the best equipment for the job & in doing so regularly get amazing audio & visual evidence Really can't fault the show its awesome! Defs number 1 for me!

The best among the rest and viewers can see its real... Love Zak how he talk as well as the others you can see the real fear that they are not faking. Very professional at the same time not boring to watch unlike others.

It is definitely the most credible and genuine Paranormal Reality T.V. series I have watched so far. I can't believe I am nearly finished with watching all of the episodes. This is what reality T.V. is supposed to be. Genuine and not staged!

Love Ghost Adventures addictive to watch. The guys talk to the viewers as if you are there with them, amazing show, You will see hear and feel the spooky hunts and walk through with the Guys in Ghost Adventures.

Amazing crew! Wish I could do the show with them, genuine honest lovely guys with some outstanding evidence! Also I watched too much ghost adventures on you tube and ended up dreaming about them that I was part of the crew haha

Best ghost hunting show out there. I love watching it every Friday and watching the reruns because I always see something new that I didn't catch before. Keep up the good work guys. Love the show.

This is the best ghost T.V. show out there. Zach, Aaron and Nick know how to put on an excellent performance in gathering research, witnesses and in investigating... Thumbs up for GHOST ADVENTURES!

Ghost Adventures is my #1.. 100% I love how they, prove every thing they hear and and see, if paranormal or not. If they know it's not paranormal they will debunk it. Best one yet! - Lmms

They Made Me Skeptic To Believe In Ghost. And They Sure are Loyal In there Works on Paranormal WE LOVE you And respect your affords Keep up the Good word You now have fans In Pakistan Also

Hands down the best paranormal investigation show out there...Zak, Aaron and Nick were awesome...miss Nick on this show but his new paranormal investigation show is also top notch

I just started watching a few years ago. I like it better now that the guys have grown up a little. The change to include Billy and Jay has been a good thing, too. Still miss Nick.