Most Haunted


Never missed an episode. Loved the show from the start and am still a huge fan now. Love the fact that they now do investigations in some of their favourite locations with us, their fans. Fabulous people & brilliant show

This show is great entertainment with a crew that work well together and that helps to make this show easy to watch, entertaining and as they visit a great variety of locations it also makes it interesting. The live interaction shows make you feel part of the crew and even part of the family. Simply put IT IS GREAT

The Best Paranormal show right from the very start with serious investigations but with humour as well and who can forget Yvette screaming when she was scared brilliant and everyone is so normal and they love their fans as much as we love them they are simply the best

Yvette and other British investigators, mediums, and their jumpy friends search for ghosts... - IgnoreThis

Entertaining, and quite informative, this programme makes interesting viewing for the serious follower of the paranormal and a general guide for the student of the genre. With a likeable team and fascinating locations, it remains the original and best.

Have watched since the first episode. The way the team work together and are so down to earth makes the show a joy to watch. Although it's been going for many years they still come up with new ideas, and way to keep us viewers entertained and hooked.

Most Haunted... Best paranormal show ever. It's got everything, great presenters, interesting places, it's scary, informative and even funny sometimes. Roll on the next series. Can't get enough of these guys and genuine proof of the paranormal. Keep up the good work guys

I've been watching this show since day one. With almost fearless Karl and stu and over the years Yvette got braver and braver. Looking back there is some compelling evidence that ghosts really do exist. Don't stop now you're just getting started. Love you guys. Xxx

A brilliant way of showing and investigating things if a paranormal nature, there is also scientific proof as well as visual plus the whole team work so brilliantly together, from the start to the end the show is entertaining, factual and like no other show.

I enjoyed watching paranormal investigators who actually got scared every once in a while! Halloween night will never be the same!

My favourite paranormal show ever. They're really down to earth people who really care about what they're researching, and they have a true passion for the paranormal. It's not overdone like some other media sensationalised ghost shows out there.

Absolutely the best paranormal program. Iv been a fan since day one. It's created a brilliant format which so many other shows seem to have copied. I feel it's important this subject is taken seriously. With most haunted this definitely is the impression I get. Plus they come across as a bunch of such lovely genuine people the Dynamics of the group are really good.

The best paranormal show there is, great presenters and great locations and never fails to draw in the viewers, the fans have always remained loyal to the series and will continue to do so until the end which I hope will not be anytime soon

This is the best paranormal show ever made it gives everything from shocks to scares to jumps and it has always lived up to its potential as when a series ends it leaves me wanting more and more to see what will happen in the next series

Most Haunted has always been at the forefront of paranormal investigations. They educate and entertain those who are interested without forcing opinions on them. Paranormal programmes do not come better than this.

Been a fan of the show since the first series aired. Went to one if the live shows and got to meet the friendly team and crew. Keeps getting better and better, interesting locations and better technology. Fantastic show.

I have followed the team from the beginning, I have even been lucky enough to see them in action through the experiences they offer! Genuine people and for possible answers before assuming it's paranormal. Love them!

One of the most incredible paranormal programs! I've watched it from the very start and have been glued to it ever since! The team are some of the most professional people in the industry. They certainly deserve this award without a doubt!

THE best paranormal program ever made. I've watched every other one of the paranormal programmes ever made, and Most Haunted beats them all hands down. Very real, exactly as it should be done. I love Yvette, Karl and Stuart. Good luck guys xx

This show started off with a good idea 'if we don't see ghosts, you won't see ghosts' but later shows were hoaxed badly and they went from orbs to stone throwing to finding objects (old coins) thrown at them. Too bad.

Brilliant, like a group of friends "mucking" (for want of a better word) in haunted places. Believable because they don't always get much activity, but also believable because when that do it can be spectacular.

Yvette, Carl, Stuart, Fred and the rest of the team work so well together creating an entertaining and exhilarating ghost hunt whilst trying to prove there are such things as ghosts and life after death.

Watched this show for many years outstanding work by the team and the production most haunted is by far the best around I wish all the team and the production the very best keep up the outstanding work

They are the most professional, lovely team you'll ever find, putting their lives on the line at times to keep us entertained whilst looking for proof of the afterlife with nothing ever faked or put on.

This is the original and the best paranormal show and is still going strong after all these years! Everyone who works on the show keeps it very real and you know you can trust the results they get!