Paranormal Lockdown


I watched Nick when he was on Ghost Adventures, and I was excited to find out he was doing another show. He and Katrina have a great partnership, and even the one camera man they have with them gets in on the action. I love that they spend three days at locations, giving them ample opportunity to document evidence and making them more in tune with their surroundings as the hours tick buy. This show will definitely keep you on your toes!

I have to be honest I love both Paranormal Lockdown as well as Ghost Adventures. These are at a tie for me. I honestly feel they both are truly trying to understand the Paranormal scientifically and they are both real. The only difference between both show is that one of them can handle fear better than the other. Also remember that one cast member of one of the shows started his career on the other show so it leads me to believe the other show can't possibly be fake or they would never had lasted that many seasons on that show. I believe that person left the show due to personal issues with another cast member and if that was the case I could respect that decision. I watched both shows from season 1 episode 1 so I kind of have my belief in why I feel that way and I would have done the same if that was the case.

This show is interesting to me because Nick & Katrina seem like very relatable people. It feels like I could be on an investigation with them. They seem very genuine & normal, not overly dramatic or too excited. Although Nick tends to be a little bit over articulated, at times. After all, it is his show, so he wants to sound & act very professional. I'd like to see him let his guard down & sound a little more natural when he speaks into the camera. Katrina, on the other hand... Seems to be extremely genuine. I feel like she'll sound & act the same whether the camera is there or not. They are both admirable & fearless investigators. Nothing but respect for all they do.

Discovery Inc. will not show this series in the USA for some unknown reason in 2018. I have sent many text and emails to them, but they refuse to answer. I believe they have told Nick and Katrina not to say anything about this situation. In a recent Tweet on Nick's Twitter page, Katrina told the fans that she had one more event in 2018 that she would be with Nick. To me that means they will not be filming a 4th season of Paranormal Lockdown due to what Discovery is doing to Season 3. Something is very wrong with this situation and no one is talking about it. They premier in England on a low power, over the air, antenna based system called Quest Red, but seem to have cancelled it in the USA. I think Nick and Katrina have given up on a US premier and are doing other projects that don't include Discovery. I'm dumping the tier on my cable that includes Destination America, because if by some chance it does come back on, I don't think it will be back on that channel, besides I can get ...more

This is the absolute best paranormal show on television today!. I love that they stay 72 hours to collect as much evidence as possible and if the evidence is inconclusive they leave the audience to use their own judgement. Both Nick and Katrina show a true passion and love for investigating things unknown which is felt during each episode and I love watching them together. I also love that when they have other people in their field on the show to explain new devices, techniques or to just help on investigations. I will keep watching them both...I also love Rob the cameraman!

I've been in paranormal investigation for 17 years. When investigators don't know what they are doing or are faking evidence, it is quite obvious. It is clear Nick, Katrina, and Rob are the real deal. Paranormal Lockdown is hands down THE BEST PARANORMAL SHOW currently on television. No over dramatization, great use of different kinds of equipment. Always seems real, never fake. No asking for communication and then running screaming when it comes through. Great show, look forward to it each week. Thank you for keeping things serious and professional.

Paranormal Lockdown with Nick, Katrina and even the cameraman Rob are the best! Top paranormal show out there. They don't go through a location screaming and pretend to be oppressed or possessed. They investigate the whole location and are not afraid to do it alone, while staying calm either. Just great investigating with great evidence. You feel that you are right there with them because they describe everything in great detail and talk things out together to really get to the bottom of each location. Keep up the great work! - Merrily

As an investigator myself, spirits don't always present themselves when you want them to. Spending a couple of hours in a place is sometimes not enough to document activity. Nick and Katrina's new concept of spending continuous days and nights in a place is the exact thing the paranormal world needed. I've investigated with Nick a few times and am glad he has created his own way of investigating and discovered new devices to help us communicate with the after life. Nick and Paranormal Lockdown are #1 in my book!

Paranormal lockdown is the best show out right now Katrina and Nick are amazing they spend time at each site and don't run around screaming when something happens. They genuinely want to find evidence and answers for the client even the camera guy is great and sometimes helps Out. They make a great team they respect each other's thoughts opinions never put each other in danger they have a such a great dynamic together which only makes the show worth watching more!

The voice overs at the beginning of each episode are well written, excellently read and exceptionally more creepy than other shows. Nick is genuine. He's no sideshow act dressed like a Black Ops obsessed gamer who's acting belongs in an early Roger Corman movie. He's real. He speaks normally, acts like any of us would stomping around haunted locations and, most importantly, has a genuine respect for whatever forces they may encounter. That's why Paranormal Lockdown is my favorite. His whole team is fantastic. I wish Aaron would join him.

I love the dedication present in Paranormal Lockdown. It can't be easy running on no sleep for 3 days while being filmed constantly, and yet Nick and Katrina are still 100% focused and interested in finding evidence of the paranormal. Their experiments produce amazing results and the show is intense but also uplifting and encouraging at the same time. Keep up the great work, guys. YOU ROCK!

I love Paranormal Lockdown! I love the fact that they stay on location for 72 hours and are able to get so much more evidence. Nick and Katrina have a great working relationship and have a lot of respect for each other. They are very professional and they are not over dramatic like some of those other paranormal shows. I look forward to watching each new episode and I Even watch their re-runs! Keep them coming!

I have investigated with both Nick and Katrina at several very scary locations on his Nick Groff Tour events.. They are both very professional and honest in their approach to the paranormal, and are both genuinely nice people. They are not out to try to impress with how great they are; they are more interested in helping others to have a paranormal experience and to get decent evidence while so doing. I trust that when they say something happened, even off camera, it really did happen. I don't feel that way about too many people. The show is the best.

I was skeptical at first but the way they approach each paranormal case is much more believable. Ghost Adventures is good, don't get me wrong but every case they go on they treat the spirits as if they are all evil. Even before they get in there. Nick and Katrina go in with an open mind and put the pieces together to see what they are dealing with. It's not so much drama. Their evidence is great and I love the way they work together!

This is the best show out there. I have watched a number of them, and while most seem like they are embellished, Nick and Katrina tell it like it is. They don't manufacture evidence or make a huge deal out of something which is not. I love the format, and I love the fact they share their thoughts and experiences outside of the lockdown. I am a fan of both the show and Nick and Katrina. Amazing individuals. Keep it going, please...

My favorite paranormal show. I like the length of the investigation. It gives them quality time to document their findings. I enjoy the dynamic between the investigators Nick and Katrina including the cameraman Rob. They take their job seriously and seem very dedicated in discovering all the information and evidence they can. Keep up the good work. My whole family enjoys watching.

Paranormal Lockdown is hands down a welcome sight when it comes to paranormal television! With Nick and Katrina at the helm, you just know the integrity of the evidence and overall production of the show is pure T.V. gold every time! I'm so glad that these pros have taken the chance to work together and put things right for the viewers at home. I can't wait to see what their next adventure holds for them!

I love the format of this show! I love that they stay in one location for an extended period of time, rather than just one short overnight "lockdown". The partnership between Nick and Katrina is entertaining, and I love how they analyze their evidence. They collect evidence to answer questions, not to see who can be affected in the most disturbing way. Hands down my favorite paranormal show to watch!

I think Nick and Katrina do a great job investigating and remain calm with paranormal activity. Their reactions and information that they give make the paranormal more believable. I certainly believe as I have experienced the paranormal myself. I have always thought that Nick should have had more time to express his feelings of the paranormal activities when he was on Ghost Adventures!

Paranormal Lockdown is the one show my teens and I cannot miss. We are glued to the T.V.. I love how the really investigate they don't run around a summarize their experiences. The idea is original I love seeing how each location is examined and we see it basically come alive. It is the one show I feel gets the whole picture.

I can't get over how bada$$ these guys are to spend 72 hours in a place only most of us could simply look at and run the other way! Not to mention dealing with the decrepit and dangerous conditions of the places. I have enjoyed watching Nick and Katrina over the years in other shows and am glad they are now together. They make a great team and I love their state of the art experiments and tools!

So glad to see Nick back. I used to watch him in ghost adventures. I love this show. It's surpassed ghost adventures by far. It's something about the show that makes it seem more authentic, and him and his partner seem more professional. They don't jump and scream at every noise. They spend multiple nights in the investigation and the equipment they use is amazing.

This show is amazing I've seen things with Nick and Katrina that I've not seen an any other paranormal shows it's so interesting it's not just following around in rooms it's using equipment experiments interaction and I love the fact that they stay there for three days I don't think things happen enough if you're just in and out in one night this has been a great creation kudos Nick you've done really well and Katrina you rock on

This is the best paranormal show out there! I've been watching these types of shows for years, and I think what Nick and Katrina are doing, is really doing it right. Spending 72 hours at a location, is a smart idea. I have done investigations before, and ghosts show up when they want to, so sometimes it can take a long time. Great job you two!

Love love love this show! Nick and Katrina make a great team - they balance each other out really well. And I like the dynamic where they really do look out for each other. They don't throw one another to the wolves just to get a better piece of evidence. It's not about that with them. You get the sense that they really care about what they are doing. It's more than just a paycheck to them.