Arvind Kejriwal


He changed the course of entire country in less then 1 year. Every youth now knows what is good and what is bad? He is alone bringing entire nation together and one is fighting all other corrupt forces which are very powerful like, all corrupt politicians, all corrupt parties, and corrupt media. He is great.

He is the only hope for India to save from corruption. GOD bless him and make him successful in his mission of clean India.

Arvind Kejriwal is modern day Gandhi. He is fighting 2nd freedom movement against own people to get rid of widespread corruption in India.

I have not seen Buddha, I have not seen Gandhi, But I have seen a similar kind of soul in this Man in a much more worst condition, he deserve to stand at the top of list.

He is fighting alone against Indian corrupt politics. Many Evils Power are trying to demolish him but still he is stand against them.

Arvind is greatest revolutionary man of our generation since independence.. Entering politics makes him even better than gandhi in Indian politics...

He is the crusader of the fight against corruption. His selfless work will be remembered always. He is the pioneer, who stand up to change the politics.

He changed all India politicians and their dirty politics, no matter what public facing only busy with doing corruption. He shown ground reality to all politicians.

He is the person who created wave in the country against corruption and also returned faith of people in politics

When all politicians of India are giving money to media for marketing. kejriwal is only man who don't pay and he is fighting for common man.

He is trying to bring change in system. He wishes to see smile on each face by eradicating hurdles and making their life smooth by eradicating corruption. His efforts are worth applauding because he puts himself whole heartedly for achieving his goal. God bless him always for his good causes.

The only person who understand and fights for the problems of a common man without any self gain.

To infuse change in a system infested with huge vested interests, you need someone with great determination and great character. That's him!

Most honest people in the world. India is proud to be son like Arvind.

The best politician in the Indian history!

He is my inspiration. Before listening to him I was also hating politics like many. But he made us believe that honest politics is possible.

Today's Indian Politics Arvind Kejriwal is the honest person in Indian politics.

He is honest person in corrupt system. May he will make the India better place to live without corruption

Arvind is fighting for us but many people did not recognised him. I think he is a big fighter like Gandhi ji. I did not saw many of them those names are appearing above but I saw a god in Arvind Kejriwal. May God give him power for save humanity.
We love him.

A real hero rest all seem fake in my opinion. He is by heart working to evade corruption from India.

He deserves what we people are still ignoring. He has changed political agenda among political parties... Kudos to him...

Arvind teach us how can politics be for common man... It is not for vip but it is to serve the common people of our nation.

One of top dedicated and corruption free leader of India. By the people, for the people.

Not possible to explain the man in some words
He has taken the onus to fight against all the power houses of nation in the favour of common man all on his own
Great Great personality of our time
The best of modern era

He is a fearless, Honest and a great human being. We love you AK and with you always.