Bibi Fatima best lady in the beginning and ending of the world.

One of the best examples for all the women for practicing all the good actions ideal example for hijab for having women to tell to be covered and also leadership qualities, best daughter, wife and mother, may her life influence all the women in the world for achieving best in life and after life

A pious lady who stressed more on good deeds rather than good and lavish life style, indeed an ideal for women of whole world, without any discrimination on the basis of religion race colour etc.

Greatest role model in history for women and women's rights, respect, raising children, greatest mother, loving wife, and best daughter

Great personality.. She is the queen of paradise n all the women of world.. She sacrificed many things including her sons n family for the sake of Islam

The best role model for women's in Islam

The beautiful fatima, the most blessed women, the daughter of my prophet! No words to express my feelings I'm too little

The greatest role model not just for women but for all of humanity. May God send his blessings upon her-she deserves a much greater position than this.

My ideal and best role model for each and every women in the whole world she had sacrifice a lot for Islam respect for her a lot

Back in that time, god had revealed that she would be the princess of heaven after the world ended.

The best example for all the daughters and all wifes and the best example as a mother too.. Love her

She is a greatest example for women how to live life she shows as she is a real prince's of Arab world but so down to earth that no one else

The Lady of Paradise. No doubt that she is the best role model to all women in the world. Her teachings and exemplary life that she led must be read by all.

Queen of All The Women! Queen of the Women of Paradise. This lady is the epitome of grace and class.

Greatest role model for women God has created. Only one personality the only daughter of Mohd prophet of Islam

Role model for women in the world, lady of the paradise

Fatima (as) was the heart of the prophet muhammad (as). she should be the role model of our society. The west have degraded women, its all about promoting ads, making women sex pests, pleasures of men. I pray you search for the truth and get the truth. Not to follow the doctrine view of Christ will save your sins. Not mentioned in the bible. Who,. 's logic is this. The peodo priest in the Vatican exposed by the bbc.

She is the daughter of prophet and no one can enter in heaven until she does... She is the leader of all of the world as all of family members of prophet are.

Greatest Lady and Best Role model for every woman

She is the only woman who teach us responsibility of woman's in this world

May Allah shower his blessing on Muhammed mustafa saw daughter Fatima... She is the queen of paradise... For Islam she has sacrificed many thing.

May Allah shower his blessing on Muhammed mustafa saw daughter Fatima. She is daughter of Prophet Muhammad. Allah has made him a Queen of jannat. A role model for girls, daughter, wife, mother. She has got only 18 years of age and in which she taught many thing and scarifies many thing for Islam

The best woman in Islam with all best qualities of an ideal woman

Role model of all women's like mother doughter girl sister wife

I call her the first daughter sent on this earth from haven.