Michael Jackson

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Michael Joseph Jackson was an American singer, dancer, and songwriter born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana and passed away on June 25, 2009. He donated (at least) a remarkable 500,000,000 dollars to charity. Michael is also known as The King of Pop (a title given to him by Elizabeth Taylor) or under ...read more.


For most of my life, I had never given a second thought to Michael Jackson. One day, however, I found myself sat in my bed watching Michael Jackson's Thriller music video- I instantly became hooked; I ended up watching all of Michael's music videos during that night and then went on to watching his first interview with Oprah
Winfrey. Now I am not a super fan of Michael Jackson, I do not live and breath michael jackson, I find him incredible because he had amazing talents which were recognised by the whole world, and he still stayed humble. He was so majestic as well man.

Michael JACKSON - singer, dancer, composer, performer, writer, choreographer, producer, actor, businessman, philanthropist, visionary who affected many other fields, king of pop,
Artist of decade, generation, century, millennium, the most selling single artist of all time, maker of the most selling album of all time, the first and only artist to have a top 40 song during the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, and 2010s in the Billboard 100,
Mentioned many times in Guinness World Records, in 2006 named as the most successful entertainer of all time and the most famous living human being, owner of more than 500 awards in artistic and humanitarian fields - which is more than anybody else has, inducted into Halls of Fame, owner of Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, humanitarian, warrior for children´┐Ż's rights, voice for the voiceless children, holder of Honorary doctorates, devoted father of three wonderful children, lastly, an amazing human being.

Michael Jackson is a legend! He is a most famous person in the world ever. After his death three of his albums sold more than any new album which was the first time a catalog album has ever scanned more sales than any new album. Jackson also became the first artist in history to have four of the top 20 best selling albums in a single year in the United States.

No one has done more for the welfare of sick and orphan children than Michael Jackson. No one brought people of all races, religions and cultures like him. No one broke the racial barriers in the entertainment industry, opening the road for hundreds and thousands other Black artists like Michael Jackson. He is our new era Messiah.

He loves all livings in this world. Always have the vision to spread love to heal the world. Actually in these days when we have far more than enough terrorist attack, it is not hard to imagine that having more love among people, races and religious, the world would be a better place.
Michael is not only the greatest entertainer of all time but also with a big warm heart of gold that the charities he supported and activities he had run far beyond anyone from that industry

He was a soldier of God, and I hope that his fans will remember him for years to come for not just his great music but also his pure soul as a human being as a humanitarian he followed gods word and tried to get people to listen to him through his music. Let's not forget, continue to play his music, LISTEN and "make that change"

he's the best he spread his message by his music - no matter if you are black or white, heal the world, man in the mirror
just great
i love you mj - iluvmjacksonore

He is the greatest entertainer the world has ever known but Michael was also a wonderful human being. I never had the chance to meet him because I was too young when he passed away :(
Simply by listening to his music, you could feel that he had a big heart. He helped so many people all around the world and spend his entire life to make this world a better place for us. Thank you for everything Michael, I Love You!

He is one of the best most living persons in the history of music because of his great work and generous helping of the poor. Michael Jackson may he forever live in our heart because he is one of a million and a man with heart of gold.

No artist, singer, musician, dancer on heaven and earth would never take his place! The greatest entertainer ever known to mankind

He is not only greatest singer but also a greatest humanitarian. He is the only singer who gave lots of money to charities. He gave many inspirational songs and dedicated his life to music and his fans.

Thank You for listing Michael. I'll do my best for him to get over the first place of the list. Because HE WAS IS AND WILL REMAIN THE HUMAN BEING THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN!


I think he's the number 2! Michael was the most sensitive human being ever! He was sweeter than heaven, and I can't believe he was here on earth between us. Michael is an angel, he inspired me to be a good person. I was a bad selfish person many years ago and then I met Michael and my soul felt tenderness about him, his words were divine love & his voice was like a warm hug from god. I fell in love with MJ and He saved me in every qay a person can be saved so I think he is the best person ever only after Jesus.

Making black or white... so courageous he was! Love him for the compassion he had for all the children and human beings on the earth. Moreover he had bubbles and more pets.

He's not only the king of pop, but he's true genius. No one can be compared to Michael Jackson. We should all respect him.

Michael was, is and will be the greatest man that stood on Earth... He was so loving, caring, humanitarian and Wonderful! He was an Angel... Sadly, God took him away too soon...

Easily one of if not the best man that ever lived, such a humanitarian and loving person. Gave his all to the world and the world threw it back at him with force

He was the most talented performer and the sweetest person of all time. He had a very pure soul and changed the world with his music. We offer him everything!

Michael Jackson was so amazing in the way he moved and sang. Also, he gave a lot to the less fortunate and that's what makes him the greatest of all time.

The greatest entertainer of all time and there will never be any like him again. RIP King of Pop!

He is someone who can't be described in words he deserves no. 1 position..

This man here on the image made the whole world unite with his music... Finished the racism... Healed the world... Made the world a better place... The most famous person ever...

Can we PLEASE get Michael Jackson to pass Jesus? He was an awesome singer and just do it! :D

He tried to heal the world, but the world did not understand him.