Nirmala Srivastava

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Nirmala Srivastava, also known as Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, was the founder of Sahaja Yoga, a meditation technique and new religious movement.


She has transformed so many people from within themselves, giving them the ultimate freedom. Her techniques are free and can be given to anyone regardless of education or wealth. World Peace start with each one of us, with our own inner peace. Through true love of mankind.

A Eternal Mother, who can blossom humans lives.

She actually transforms people into something monumentally better.

She brought about a new level of awareness and opened up a dimension of testable and proven spirituality.

For giving Self-Realization to me made my life rich and bright for now 30 years. Shri Mataji gave me therefor such a wonderful gift. Even now I still can have it and feel it, it is the peace and love and compassion within, connected with all the good qualities in human beings. I wish every person to get Self-Realisationit, the world will have real peace, it can come only from within.

Her teachings are so wonderful, so full of love for humanity! She taught a new way for self transformation, accessible to all, thus allowing a global spiritual transformation for mankind.

Shri Mata Ji by her love for humanity and with her invention of simple yet very effective and powerful meditation technique named Sahaja Yoga meditation has transformed lives of millions of people around the globe!
She said-" there cannot be peace outside, until human beings feel that peace from within first"

Mother is the savior, she has transform us.

She is the eternal one. She is our mother.

She has changed my life! Many men before her, have shown their greatness during their lifetime ( Gandhi, M.L. King, Mandela) but she has showed us how to discover our inner peace and discover our own greatness! She has teach us how to reach the state of thoughtless awareness and feel the state of bliss and connection to God. Every man has this innate spiritual potential inside himself but she has given us the keys to awaken it and really know ourselves. As a consequence we become peaceful people able to give peace to others and trasform the whole world in a better place to live! And all this for free: she has travelled around the world for more than 40 years (about all her life! ) to take her teachings to humanity!

Greatest of the great... Topmost in my opinion

She is pure love that you can feel and be aware of.

Through the method she found, people get really transformed. One get balance, peace, joy, satisfaction in the life.
It seems to be the only way to improve in the spiritual life, to avance in another stand of consciousness.

Humanity evolution at the very center of her concern.
Great spiritual personality.
Millions of people enjoy her fantastic teachings.
Deserves to be known more.

Shri Mataji transformed human beings. She enabled them to become their own master; free from the bonds of addiction, grudges, ego, self pity and guilt. She was amazingly wonderful to be with. In Her presence we would feel such love, joy and oneness. She had such a subtle and delectable humour; the heart would just burst open with it. She worked very hard, hardly sleeping or taking breaks a lot of the time and She always looked fresh and radiant. It was Her love for us and our love for Her that motivated Her. She honoured and praised all the great prophets helped us to understand and appreciate them. It is actually not possible to put into words what She has done for this world and for us all. one day all will know and bask in Her glory.

Nirmala Srivastava's teaching has helped me to evolve into a person who is much kinder, fits in with family, community, and work. I was able to quit my vices I.E. swearing, drinking, smoking, and violent behaviour. This is all through the teachings of Sahaja Yoga who Nirmala Srivastava is the founder of. We learn of divinity and embracing the essences of all worlds major religions where we live as integrated human beings working towards harmony rather than seeing our differences.

She was the greatest women who ever lifed on this earth. She brought people to an higher conscieness.

The mother of all the mothers, which make you feel the Reality, the Spirit within you

She gave to all a precious tool free of cost to make everyone the master of himself able to know his inner self/ subtle mechanism hence his own balance in life.

Shri Mataji has done so much work for the humanity. Through her work so many people got transformed, I'm one of them and not only this, but have improved their inner state by achieving a state of balance in life. Moreover, by this inner transformation people became aware of the surroundings and are trying to bring a balance in the nature as well. If we are balanced inside we can bring a balance outside ourselves as well.

A natural way to reach Self Realisation through meditation and a genuinely spiritual practice called Sahaja Yoga

Shri Mataji's heritage is the most powerful and greatest tresure that humanity has been blessed.
She had given us the way to ascent and transform ourselves by awakening the kundalini. Everyone who desire it can get it and discover a new dimension of himself and others. It's the most beautiful journey, we have then to walk on the path.

She incarnated to teach humanity the mechanism that God installed within us that enables us to directly connect with Him and all the divine knowledge. Once the connection is established and verified, healing, cleansing, clarity, balance, harmony, and joy result. Every human has this mechanism inside, and no matter what mistakes have been made, any negativity can be cleared away. Shri Nirmala Srivastava has taught humanity how to restore our own souls. Being a woman, Her practicality is unlimited. Therefore, She has left a legacy of practitioners who are passing on this knowledge in most libraries and community centers throughout the world. It's named Sahaja Yoga Meditation so a Google search will provide the places in your community whereby you can receive this connection. What greater gift could there be?

The greatest Guru. She has given us capacity to be connected with the God. It is called SAHAJA YOGA!

Shri Mataji taught us about our own inner energy and how to achieve thoughtlessness. She not only hep us to understand ourselves but guided us to live a better and happy life. Love the whole world. Know your own energy your own power and use it for the betterment of world and people. She told us all the deities from differ religion different countries are same. Definition of praying to God is not to seek money or power but to imbibe all good qualities which the diety has. She made us believe in universal religion with no conditioning of food people place. Make yourself fee and enlighten your spirit. We can't thank her enough. She helped us to understand our own body spirit.
Words are not enough to describe her