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1 Tim Curle

Tim Curle is so full of talent. While playing with Josh Groban, you will find yourself watching him perform as much as you watch Josh. He is a master of his craft. Let us hope that Josh knows that Tim is about the best asset he has ever added to his band and to make sure he doesn't lose him to another artist.

Tim is the greatest. What a nice guy and great to watch. He has to know how to play so many things! He was a real asset on Josh Groban's last tour. - anetnut

OODLES of talent and such a really friendly, fun guy - an integral part of Josh Groban's concerts - DON'T EVER LEAVE TIM! - jancuk

Tim is the most creative Percussionist I've ever heard. You RAWK Tim. Keep up the good work. - Jerusha

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2 Ray Fean

Ray continues to show his versatility as a crack percussionist with Celtic Woman. In addition to conventional drums, Ray excels on the Bodhran and such diverse percussion instruments as spoons! He puts on a marvelous show!

Ray Fean is the fantastic percussionist from the Irish group Celtic Woman. He has fans across the globe. If you've ever seen him in action, you know why he is nominated here!

Touring with Celtic Woman @ 10 months each year since 2005, Ray must be the hardest working percussionist on the planet! Modest and great with fans, he deserves it!

Ray is as much responsible for the success of Celtic Woman as the beautiful and talented girls. His energy brings out the best in them.

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3 Neil Peart Neil Peart Neil Ellwood Peart, OC (born September 12, 1952 in Hamilton, Canada) is a Canadian-American musician and author, best known as the drummer and primary lyricist for the rock band Rush. Peart has received numerous awards for his musical performances.

Neil Peart isn't just a drummer for a rock band, he's an incredible percussianist - perhaps the best that ever was. Even if you don't like the music try and listen to all of the sounds he creates in a given song such as Xanadu or listen to a solo such as Rythm Method.

Neil Peart is without a doubt the greatest drummer of all times and probably the greatest percussionist of all time as well. From the xylophone to cow bells he makes music with anything his drumsticks strike. He is the Professor of percussion.

Pearts number 1!!!! Hes a total legend! - fireinside96

Without a GREATEST percussionist! The complex compositions are untouchable! La Villa Stangiato, Xanadu, Neurotica just to scratch the surface.

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4 Ray Cooper

Ray is amazing. Is there a percussion instrument he can't play? The guy is a ball of energy which makes watching him play live, especially with Elton, a great experience. He's also played with all of the top musicians/acts over the decades which is testament to his great skills.

Ray is not only the best...but also performs for the best! Most instances...steals the show! His energy is contagious!

At 72, he has the energy of a twenty year old and the talent beyond anyone I have ever seen. Number one in my opinion.

Best I have ever seen

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5 Evelyn Glennie

She is full of musicality and is truly special. The is one of the best solo percussionist of all time.

See YouTube "how to listen with your whole body" Evelyn Glennie

"Even though she cannot hear, she plays her music beautifully from her heart."

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6 Sivamani

He is the best ever percussionist from India, we love him so much!

He brings people to the concerts..

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7 Joey Jordison Joey Jordison Joey Jordison, is an American musician, songwriter, and record producer best known for his work as the former drummer and co-songwriter for the heavy metal band Slipknot as well as guitarist in the Horror-punk band Murderdolls.

He is one of the reasons Slipknot ROCKS SO HARD!

If he is the greatest drummer how come he's not the best percussionist

Don't forget about chris and clown from slipknot. they are both very good at percussio. And phil collins!

8 Dave Holland
9 Brad Dutz
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11 Javier M. Barrios
12 Courtney Audain
13 Robin DiMaggio
14 Sheila E.
15 Ian Dogole
16 Trilok Gurtu V 1 Comment
17 Chris Fehn V 1 Comment
18 John Henry Bonham

Any modern drummer can produce a heavy sound with a double-bass drumset and amplify their sound with complex equipment, but one man and one man only reached the apex of drumming ability, working with a single-bass drum and nonetheless inventing the technique of a triple-bass drum beat. Not only was Bonham an excellent drummer, he was also an excellent teacher and father to his son Jason, who was able to fill his shoes at the 2007 Led Zeppelin reunion concert. That alone is evidence of the powerful force that was John Henry Bonham.

What the hell is wrong with you people. No one deserves to stand in the shadow of Bonham. There are great drummers out there, but Bonham is the sole creator of modern percussion. This is not a point of discussion, it is a conclusion of history.

Led Zeppelin. Moby Dick. How, how, how is the mighty John "Bonzo" Bonham NOT on this list? Consistently powerful and resoundingly present, Bonzo deserves the top seed of any drum ranking.

19 King Errisson
20 Jamie Muir
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