Greatest Philadelphia Phillies Players

The Top Ten

1 Mike Schmidt

Over 500 career HR's and a ton of gold gloves at third base. Carlton is 2nd best in my opinion then Robin Roberts 3rd.

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2 Steve Carlton

Great guys on this list but I have to say Steve is the best on here
- Razor79

3 Chase Utley

Plays defense and offense. Will never forget his 5 homeruns in the 2009 world series against the Yankees.

He's had some injurie problems as of late, really a shame. Him and schmidt probably the best all-around players in Phillies history.

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4 Robin Roberts
5 Richie Ashburn
6 Ryan Howard
7 Dick Allen
8 Jimmy Rollins
9 Roy Halladay
10 Pat Burrell

Pat Burrell struck out way to many times to be on here. All the time the bases had runners and he had a chance to score for the phillies he struck out. He was almost a automatic out. He was a embarrassment - Sabbath

The Contenders

11 Ed Delahanty
12 Grover Cleveland Alexander
13 Cliff Lee

Pat Burrell shouldn't be on the top 400 phillies list. He never came through and struck out more then Ryan Howard! Burrell was terrible

Ok you are talking about pat burrell, this is the comments for cliff lee

14 Jim Bunning
15 Larry Bowa
16 Manny Trillo
17 Jim Thome
18 Darren Daulton
19 Curt Schilling

He didn't get along with some teammates but he was a awesome pitcher in 1993 especially - Sabbath

The bloody sock is what he is most famous for I think. great pitcher though - RPD6478

20 Pete Rose
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