Greatest Philadelphia Phillies Players

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21 Greg Luzinski
22 Shane Victorino
23 Chuck Klein

How is this guy not on the list already?

There is clearly a generational bias here because if Klein had played in today's era and put up the numbers he did he would probably be ranked in the top 7. I think this is a pretty solid list, but the non-inclusion of Klein is sad. Early in his career, he was a CONSISTENT 35 HR, 120 RBI (5 consecutive seasons of 120+ RBI), and batted AT LEAST.337 in his first six seasons.

It was hard to pick a best season because he was so consistent early on, but I'm going to cite his 1932 numbers:.348 average, 38 HRs, 137 RBIs (Your move Chase Utley),.404 OBP, and a jaw-dropping.646 SLG. It is a crime not to have this guy AT LEAST in the top 10, he clearly deserves to be there.

Yes, he played in an offensive era. Yes, he played in a hitters friendly ballpark (Shibe Park). However, his WAR, which accounts for all such factors, in 1932 was 6.6 (His career high came a year later: 7.5!). To put that in perspective, Ryan Howard's WAR in 2006 ...more

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