Greatest Philippine Songs

Songs from the land of the orient pearl, Philippines.

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1 Ang Huling el Bimbo - Eraserheads

The song about a last dance to a love one. - aeromaxx777

2 Anak - Freddie Aguilar

A prodigal child sees the error of his ways. - aeromaxx777

3 Katarungan - Freddie Aguilar

Justice will always prevail. - aeromaxx777

4 Laki sa Layaw - Mike Hanopol

Tells how spoiling a child is wrong. - aeromaxx777

5 Halaga - Parokya ni Edgar

Tells how girls aren't meant to be mistreated when it comes to love. - aeromaxx777

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6 First Love - Boyfriends

First love never dies, I just wanna say that I still love you. - aeromaxx777

7 214 - Rivermaya

This is a song for a guy who loves a girl but the girl doesn't really pay him full attention but the guy is trying to convince/show the girl the unconditional true love he will give.

8 Bakit Ka Iiyak - Jeremiah

Tells a girl to stop crying because he is always waiting for her love. - aeromaxx777

9 Anino Mo - Slapshock

Tells a question how could a woman break a heart. - aeromaxx777

10 Elesi - Rivermaya

A song about a teen desiring freedom. - aeromaxx777

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? Nanghihinayang - Jeremiah

A song about a lost love being desired once more. - aeromaxx777

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The Contenders

11 With a Smile - Eraserheads

This song was my #1 songs of eraserheads

I love this song

12 Kasalanan Ba - Men Oppose
13 Kisapmata - Rivermaya V 1 Comment
14 You'll Be Safe Here - Rivermaya
15 Pangarap Lang Kita (Happee Sy) - Parokya Ni Edgar
16 Bilanggo - Rizal Underground
17 Lakas Tama - Siakol
18 Mukhang Pera - Youth
19 Rainbow - South Border
20 Nobela - Join the Club
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