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1 What is the meaning of life?

Easy... None... Come on, do you think there's a meaning? NO! This all happen by coincidence, is that hard to believe? If there's something I know is that life is made of coincidences, opportunities and risks...

There is no definite answer, because the meaning of life is anything you want to do with it, and the things you do to reach your goal. - ethanmeinster

The meaning of life is the sense you are giving to life. Just " know yourself " and you will know what sense to give on life.

The meaning of life is food obviously. - Catacorn

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2 Is there life beyond death?

If there was life after we're dead it would mean that death doesn't exist. It's like saying that we go from A to B, travel from here to there. Since when is death not proven? It's the only thing that is sure. I can't understand why people who believes that are crying and feeling sad after a closed relative of them are dead. If they're so sure about it why is that?

3 Is there life on other planets?

There might be another planet like earth somewhere but nobody knows for sure - Ajkloth

Is there life on THIS one?

If you come from the christian perspective, then after Adam and Eve sinned, God said that the whole universe would be cursed. If their is intelligent life on other planets why would God punish them because of what we did?

If we go from the Evolution perspective, then the chances of use existing is infinitely hugely placed against use having happened, that the chances of it happening twice... is stupidly comprehensible. Some people would say that since the universe is infinite it will eventually hold every possible thing in it. to which I reply, the universe is infinite, but matter is not (from an evolution stand point), hence my previous point stands.

Life like ours would be only possible if we can find a planet equal with the distance of earth and sun. That would be not in our galaxy but in other one. So it can be possible that life outside our galaxy exist. An other speculation is that there could be life but in another form than our life. Meaning that it would be life adapted to the circumstances of hotter, colder, chemical gasses and so on.. planets.

4 Where does it all come from?

A fermented can of prunes from WalMart.

5 How much longer will humans dominate the world?

About as this long. (from here)...(to here)


6 How much truth does religion have regarding the creation of the universe?

No matter what we believe started it, we must except that something is infinitely powerful or infinite in existence. Meaning something must have created us or something must have been there, un-created since the beginning of time. If we say that a god created us, then the amount of chance, beauty and care put into the universe would make a lot more sense. If we say that matter is from the beginning of time then matter is infinite and so is time. If time is infinite, we cannot traverse infinity, so we would never be able to get to the present because their would be an infinity of time before it came to pass. Therefore time doesn't exist, or is not infinite which beckons the question, what started time. The third option is that time is a loop, which still requires an answer of what started the loop going.

Only the creation. Something has created all this.Even if everything is chemical and about reactions there's still the question what created all the chemicals ( even the most primitive and basic chemical ). Without chemicals there would never be a reaction and without reaction there would never be a chemical made. Because we cannot answer this questions we gave birth to the theory of a creator or a God ( without offending anyone, I think we made and gave birth of a God-theory ).

Great 👍this is very understanding and really useful

7 Where do we come from?
8 Where are we going to?

Hopefully in the right way :D - MatrixGuy

9 Can humans become immortal?

If someone says that they are immortal they can not prove it unless they show us the future in which they do not die. Whether or not they are immortal will still be in question right up until they die. If they don't die then it doesn't cut out the possibility that they will die in the future. End point: immortality is really intensely complex and we, as stupid humans should probably stop trying to wrap our minds around it.

I hope not! Experiences and surprises in life will lose their meaning.

"...consciousness in a computer."
Why are you convinced that consciousness does not survive physical death?
Does some citable law of physics preclude such a notion?
For that matter, can you cite any scientific discipline that EXPLAINS consciousness?

Though I don't believe as a whole that humans can become immortal. There are many aspects to a human and I don't think any of them ever truly die, they just become something else.
Your body will decompose and your life force will feed the soil. Your ideas and memory will continue to resonate and influence throughout the world. Your soul will wander off to wherever they do.
And your own personality, and memories... what makes you who you are...

10 What determines the fate of each individual?

What makes you you apart from the circumstances around you? What about your individuality. Your free will to choose. If you ignore your individuality and free will you're in fact saying that everything is determined including your individual fate. Yourself and the circumstances that happens around you is what makes your fate. The fact is that " what determines the fate of each individual " is wrong. It should be " what makes the fate of each individual ".

The previous answer saying "Yourself and the circumstances around you." makes me think what makes you you apart from the circumstances that you are in. If nothing then we must simply except that we are just the sum of the circumstances that are presented to a raw body that is in it self an experience to other raw bodies who all have no control over who they will become because their choices are purely random or chosen because of what happened to them in the past.

The decisions we each make determine our fate. That's what I believe anyway. - Britgirl

Yourself and the circumstances around you.

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? Why Did Hitler Hate Jews?

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11 What is the purpose of it all?

To make the best of it for yourself. The big mistake is to think that you are all or connected to all. The truth is that you just a individualistic part of all.

"The purpose of it all" is to continue to ask: "What is the purpose of it all? "
To stop asking ensures a return to savage primitivity.
Judging by certain posters, we're already well on our way.

Humanity: to question and marvel at the beauty of the universe.
The Universe: to shine beauty and splendour to humanity.

12 Is there a God?

Some people say that it is unimportant for us to now whether or not there is a god but this is wrong because if Catholics are right then all us un-believers are burning for eternity. Some say 'if your good is real then prove it to me.' But this is no more possible then proving that evolution, or the big bang is true and since it is an important thing for you to now whether or not it is true doesn't it make more sense for you to research it yourself? In the end it is all up to faith and personal experience, unless a god comes out of the sky to take all the Catholics to heaven and burn the rest of humanity for eternity... that's evidence that would be pretty hard to argue with.

There is God because God is Love. And I am sure you will not deny that there is love, that love exists if not why we live.

If our minds are limited to understand the deny or the existence of a god why should we believe in one then?

There is no God! Just prove it to me if you don't agree!

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13 What is the nature of Knowledge?

Recongnizing forms and the quantity of forms is the basic nature of knowledge.

14 How did the universe really begin?

The real question is " is there an end? ". Once you know how to answer that you can be sure that there was a beginning.

15 How can we be happy?

Just doing what makes us happy, I guess - MatrixGuy

16 To be or not to be?
17 If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

I love questions such as this. It gets your brain working and leads you to think about other aspects of life. - Britgirl

Think first of where sound comes from first.

Depends on the arrogance of the person

Yes of course there's a noise. It's proven that noise is produced by soundwaves. Vibrations produces a form of energy when they pass trough an object or material. Waves are the result when the sound hits the the materials or objects. There are many levels of frequency in sound. Ears of humans can hear a specific range of sound frequency. The sound itself or soundwaves are also related to pitch, duration, loudness, spatial locotion and the sonic texture of the object or material. Just because there's no one around to hear this sound at a given moment ( the example here " if a tree falls in the forest... " ) doesn't mean that the soundwaves aren't produced or that the energy is non-existence.

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18 Is advanced AI feasible?
19 What is truth?

by claiming that there are no absolute truths... you are claiming that your statement is the absolute truth... its a contradiction in terms

There is an Absolute Truth. Only God knows it. We could understand only the relative truth, not the Absolute truth. We should search for the truth eternally. It is impossible to be told the truth to us, because we are not perfect.

We are not capable of attaining absolute truths so that claim should be edited, however ultimate truth exists and to think just because we cannot attain it disproves its existence doesn't make sense. Our minds a great at illuding us and our senses sending us down the wrong path but that's just a hypothesis.

There can be only one truth but there are maybe more realities.

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20 Is God a spirit or a person?

He Is Both. The Holy Spirit Is the THIRD Person Of The Blessed Trinity.

To me, if God exists, he is a human. Therefore a spirit and a person. - Lesius

He is a made up fantasy by humans!

21 If we violate the Lord's Laws are we going to suffer or even die?

The laws of the " lord " are nature. Nature teaches us that only the strongest survive in nature and this can be even the stongest of mind! ( strongest doesn't Always mean force ).

22 Can we one day control time?

No we can't. Time like we know in everyday life is just a division or grouping to make it us easy. We could easily say that a summers day last 28h and a winters day 18h for instance but that would be very inconvenient. Time can be measured on a universal scale however since it's related to the speed of light. When atoms will go faster than the speed of light we would get pure energy ( a theory by Einstein ). And this we can't control of course because it would means at that moment that we can control the speed of the planets, the lightwaves, the soundwaves and so on. This would be ridiculous to say or even to speculate. To answer the question of we can control it one day is without a doubt NO because universe will stop to exist. And if we don't exist then who?

Isn't time a concept created by humans? Then doesn't it mean that we're already in control of it?
But not talking about the creation of humans called "time" but the complex meaning we imagine / see behind it : I'm pretty sure we'll be able to control time. After all, why not? - Lesius

Give me a minute...

We need this!

23 How much truth actually remained about the forming of the bible and how much history was omitted to let the church control peoples lives through religion?

As a christian I would say everything is true but we have no way of knowing

24 What is the meaning of 'Right' and 'Wrong?'
25 Does free will exist?
26 If red looks like red to me, does the same colour look any different to others?

Yes. Light is the source of all colours. They reflect selectively the lightwaves of the colours we seeing. The other selective part is absorbed. About the colour red ; light has his origins in atoms. When an electron is vibrating ( that's because of the gravity outside the atom ) the energy will rise in the atom and the electron will go from the most stabilized ( the nucleus or heart of the atom ) to the less stabilized part of the atom wich is more away from the nucleus. Because it's more unstabilized the vibrating of the electron will lose energy and create waves of light. The lenght of the wave is determined by the energy inside the atom and the energy coming on the outside of the atom. The Hydrogen atom will Always produce waves ( because of his given energy value and the temperature the energy produces for that atom) that the human eye will see as red light. So, if you looking at red you're really looking at lightwaves produced by hydrogen atoms wich is the same for everybody ...more

27 Is there something more bitter than the death?

Ignorance is not the enemy of knowledge but it's rather the illusion of knowledge that is

Yes, there is. The blindness of the ignorance is more bitter than the death!

I do not fear the bitterness of death, I fear the bitterness of life.

Epicurus : " Death is not imortant. As long you are here there is no death, and when death is there you will not be here anymore."

28 Are humans capable of more?
29 Are people good or bad?

People are nature and I don't think nature would crate something bad. The human race is just different to other animals... We are intelligent in an other way. And we are egoistic. We get born good and some of us turn bad but in everyone at the end of their lives is a good and a "dark" side.

People are essentially good. It's certain circumstances which change them. Some people are weaker minded than others though. I guess it's how strong we are as individuals that determines the outcome of the choices we make. - Britgirl

Good or bad is a pure ethic question. What can be bad for some people can be good to others. I think the best ethic answer is the one that the philosopher Kant has proposed : " If everyone would do what I'm thinking to do will it be good or bad for the human condition? ".

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