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21 René Descartes: I think therefore I am

The comment about the " olympic runner " is the comment that doesn't make sense. If you think that you are a olympic runner it proves that you exist otherwise you wouldn't be able to think your own lie. The quote of Descartes is about existence because you think ( no matter what you are thinking ) and not about your thoughts of something. If you understood the quote ( and I'm sure you don't ) you would have said " Just because you think you are an olympic runner, doesn't mean you exist ". Does that make sense to you?

After analysed every radical doubt he came to the conclusion that one thing is sure ; that he exist. His saying " I think therefore I am " was true even if he was dreaming, even when his senses played tricks with his mind.It was even necessarily true because it's impossible to deny it without being in contradiction with yourself ( if you're saying that you have doubts about your existence it proves in fact that you exist otherwise you wouldn't have a doubt to begin with ). You can't ignore the existence of your thinking because it's with your thinking that you can get doubts. Therefore thinking and I ( my existence ) are the same. A proven selfidentity that has a body and mind.

Doesn't even make sense. Just because you think you are an Olympic runner, doesn't mean you are.

Pretty bland sentiment on sentience. Most life forms have it.

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22 You must sacrifice your comforts of today for your greater tomorrow

To live life to the fullest, sacrifices has to be made

Just clever for clever's sake. I'm not sacrificing jack today because my tomorrow will be enriched by not sacrificing it.

Stupid! Like you know what day will be tomorrow? You can be dead tomorrow. I say ; Carpe Diem!

23 Not all things we don't see aren't there - Mauka Ramsy

Everything is controlled by the brain. Everything! The reason people talk about 'heart and soul' is because the heart is a palpable organ that you can feel at work. You might as well say liver or pancreas instead.

It is evident that we can not see God and His angels also the prince of darkness cannot be seen though we see the effects of this powers

The existence of reality doe not depend on sight

This is one of those sayings that you have to believe in blind faith because the quote itself doesn't prove anything true. Medical science knows for instance when you take a substance like LSD what mechanism in your brains does you see things that aren't really there. Bodychemicals like dopamine, serotonine, adrenaline, nor-adrenaline and neurotransmitters of glutamate will alterate your toughts, memories, imagination etc.. Even when the substance is not in your body anymore you can have afterwards imaginary toughts ( flashbacks ). In other words, we know how the mechanism in our brains works for the things we see or imagine to see.

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24 It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not. - Lm10

I have spent my life being hated for what I am but as Socrates said in Apology, "and I would rather die having spoken after my manner, than speak in your manner and live." I would rather be hated for what I am and hope that someone out there loves me for what I truly am than deceive someone by having them love me for what I am not.

I'll take whatever love is thrown my way before whatever hate is thrown my way any day of the week.

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25 I like your Christ, but I don't like your Christians because your Christians are unlike your Christ - Gandhi

Whoa. Never heard of that one, but it's a good one to explain how people can do evil in the name of good.

26 Karl Marx: Religion is the opium for people.

So true. It's a shame that Lenin has tried to eliminate the " opium " with radical acts. Karl Marx was a pacifist and wrote this just to make a point about organised religion that was part of the political structure at that time which people followed blindly without thinking about the hypocrisy of it. It prove that he was right after all when you see that nowadays most of the confrontations in this world are still religious conflicts.

Karl Marx was at the first place a theoritician. His writings about the revolution was not about starting a war but about a unite of the proleterian class ( the working class ) through unions ( those were still theories ) and that once the united class would be big enough it would be inevitable that a transistion of power would accure. Organised Religion had much power over people and in politics in those days. An atheist like Karl Marx was aware that as long people believed in " organised religion " a lot of people would never follow his theories about socialism just because he knew that religion works like a very addictive drug ( opium in this case ) in the mind of those " addicted or brainwashed to god-theories " people. The alienation ( Hegel ) of yourself and worship of a outside-human power created by the people works like a drug, like opium ( Feuerbach ). We all know that those two philosophers were a major influence in Marx's writings ( dialectic materialism as opposed to ...more

Not a pacifist, more to the contrary. He believed that a revolution, which is a forceful transition, was inevitable, and the only right continuation of society. Religion dulled the workers pain and postponed this transition, most the same way a drug like opium would have.

This is much similar to Nietzsches way of thinking regarding both religion but also alcohol, as these things work as anti-catalysts to change - they make oppression and bad situations tolerable and delays change.

27 Always smile, that is the best way to cover the troubles behind your face.

Hmm... N never share your troubles in front of anyone except your CREATURE...

Hmm... That almost broke my heart... - Britgirl

You can run all you want, but you cannot hide.

That's true...but I don't like it

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28 The easiest way to live a simple life is just to put God first and believe that there is certainly a day when you gonna meet Him and held accountable for all your deeds.

Surely there us judgement day. We'd better search for God in Jesus Christ.

It sounds like a side-swipe at religion to me.

Sounds like a cop-out to me.

This is one of those quotes that Nietzsche would reply as " Christianity is the religion of slaves, sheeps who follows the flock ".

29 You were born inside your skin, so you might as well make yourself comfortable
30 I am more afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion than an army of lions led by a sheep - Alexander the Great

"he described what kind of leader he was.

31 Ichigo: If fate is a millstone, then we are the grist. There is nothing we can do. So I wish for strength. If I cannot protect them from the wheel, then give me a strong blade, and enough strength... to shatter fate.

Yes! It is idealistic, but how I would live complete control over my destiny.

32 What goes around comes around

In other words : Karma. But does it really exist or is it really true? I've never had any proof of it. A nice quote but also a fantasy.

I wish it were true.

33 When dwelling on the negative, never entertain your thoughts. Let the thoughts entertain you.

But negative thoughts aren't generally entertaining. Critical thoughts can be entertaining, but they just get moved to the Comments section, or deleted all together.

Killed it that's a master piece prince garreth mokoena and tapiwa takavarasha

34 Know your true enemy, for it is no one else but you yourself, do the right thing. - Chaitach .S

And the right thing is? More ponderous nothingness that doesn't take into account life's complexities and diversity of opinions on what is right and wrong. I think the world desperately needs to go nuclear, but watch the opposition. What about gun laws? Drug use and decriminalisation?

Ths worst enemie and battle is fighting with yourself, exactly do the rigbt choice.

35 What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

Well, Quantum Physicisists claim that if you miraculously had infinite lives and infinite attempts you could jump from the Empire State Building and free fall through the concrete ground below, so all Quantum Physicists should start literally putting this theory to the test. Hint: Concrete is ALWAYS as hard as concrete, no matter what.

Ponderous and pointless. There's plenty of things that you can't determine the outcome of.

Best thought-provoking quote ever.

Love this quote, so simple.
So many of the motivational words and phrases are aimed at the removal of the rusted shackles of inaction or depression draped over our beautiful silvery spirit.
Even when we are given the keys to freedom there is still a dark passage to traverse to arrive at the place we dream of.
The words are absorbed into our brains but need to connect with spirit, will, heart, desire and convert to action. These are all encountered in the dark passage. This is the most difficult part of the journey and the most rewarding.
Like most things in life it's only when you let go that you achieve your nirvana. It's not hard... You just need to believe that what we call fail is just another fork in the road.
Get on with it.

36 The Fourth Doctor: What's the point of being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes?

Well, go poop yourself at a party then.

37 Jonathan Franzen - What you haven't done by 30, you're probably never going to do

That is not true. Examples could be cited, but really, do you not have enough imagination to understand that the opportunity to grow and achieve is not limited to the age of 30?

So stupid! Life doesn't stop after 30!

38 Socrates : What you don't know will not harm you

That's a classic! It's like all those questions for instance about god. Nobody can't proof his existence ( even if you believe in god ). So, why bother? Why should you fear if he exist or if he doesn't exist? You don't know, so, don't know the truth will not affect you or do you harm.

39 Seneca: Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.

Written more than two Thousand years ago but it still apply for today.

40 Everything I do changes things, everything I don't do makes a difference.

One life, one chance, and this procrastinator implies you do nothing with it. Comedy gold.

Hey, I'm down with laziness and apathy.

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