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81 Don DeLillo: Just because you have a talent, it doesn't mean you're under any obligation to use it

Free will and self-determination personified. I bet there are 1,000-times more people who were more profound than anyone on here, but couldn't care less about infamy.

82 Kurt Cobain: Teenage angst has payed off well, now I'm bored and old

Fame and resignation personified.

83 Philip Roth: Why speak about such negative states in your novels? Because they exist
84 Norman Mailer: Sometimes a man loses the best part of himself in his excrement

The great author being as bleak and dry as he could be.

85 Maynard James Keenan - Learn to swim and I'll see you down in Arizona Bay

The great man wants change, but the harsh fact is that if you can't swim, whilst avoiding Great White Sharks and Crocodiles, the human race is dead inside 150-years.

86 Epicurus: Death is not important. As long we are here, there is no death. And when death is there, we will not be here anymore.

True! Embrace your life, do the best you can with your life because when it's over it's really over. There is no afterlife or Paradise. Also proves that Epicurus didn't believe in God or Gods. The only faith is life itself and do everything you can or will to enjoy it.

87 Sappho: To die is something evil. That's the will of Gods. Otherwise they would die too.

It's like todays beliefs. We believe in a evil and egoistic god but we're saying he is good and that he cares for everyone but when our life is over we don't get any proof of a supposed afterlife, just blind faith. And god never dies. After we are gone there will be other believers to praise him. I don't believe in god but most people believes in that something evil because it's made up with the lie that it is good.

Difficult to understand when you read it the first time. She doesn't deny gods but she thinks that they are egoistic and evil. Love this one.

88 William Blake: The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.

True. Sometimes with excesses you will be able to understand your mistake after a certain period. And understanding your own mistakes is the beginning of wisdom.

89 You cannot calculate how many seconds the present is

Yes you can. We can calculate time on a universal scale. We can calculate the lifetime of atoms and reactions based on the universal timescale. It's a calculation to make it us to understand since time is relative. Your logic doesn't make sense. First of all ; a second IS the calculation ( from there on you can calculate half a seconds, tens of a seconds, Thousands of a seconds etc... ). Second ; you cannot deny the existence of the present without being in contradiction with yourself. It would be like saying that you are not an existing entity and therefor never be in a past or a future since you do not exist (! ? ). And third ; you're saying that all that exists is past and future ( the deny of a present and the acceptance of a past and future isn't possible in physics and even in quantum ). Existence of the past and the future are " really " illusions! There's only memories for a past. What was doesn't exist anymore and what will be doesn't exist yet. Only NOW exist for real.

...Because it's already in the past...
So how can there be a present? All that exists really is a past and a future. And what I'm typing now is already history! Does this mean that the FUTURE is already in the past?!
Wow! - Britgirl

90 Philosophy is all in the mind...

So? It's with your mind that you are able to think about things that you are observating, that you can think how to verificate those things, that you're trying to explain the meaning or purpose of those things, that you try to explain so that you can have a knowledge about it. Your mind is connected with your brain, so it's obvious that philosophy is in your mind ( or comes in your mind ).

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