Greatest Piano Concertos of All Time

What are the 10 greatest Piano Concertos of all time?

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41 Samuel Barber - The Piano Concerto, Op. 38
42 Prokofiev Concerto. No. 2

Probably the most difficult of all piano concertos, but that's not what's important.. But the great emotion Prokofiev gives us, seems like a different side of Prokofiev (quite different from the first or third concerto at least). To me it feels like anxiety and longing.

Absolutely one of the greatest underrated concertos in the repertoire. Incredible wonderful.

You need to like Metal til fully enjoy the first movement. that's probably because its higher on the list.

Mental whirlwind. Sad it's st 47.

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43 Dohnanyi Piano Concerto No. 1

One of the best openings!

44 Mendelssohn - Piano Concerto No. 2
45 Alexei Haieff's Piano Concerto

This piano concerto No. 1 sounds like a very exciting mix of Shostakovich pianoconcerti with a Stravinskian neoclassical style. There is only one recording available, on Naxos with Leo Smit as the soloist.

46 Hummel's Piano Concerto In a Minor

An absolute masterpiece - achingly beautiful melodies, dazzlingly passagework - this concert o has everything. It inspired composers like Chopin & Mendelssohn and deserves to be far better known.

47 Max Reger - Klavierkonzert op.114
48 Rachmaninov's 1st Piano Concerto
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